Two hats I've had for years that I can't wear anymore because they look politically charged now

  1. It’s a Q, I’m guessing (edit: Some people would make a connection to the far right conspiracy theory QAnon)

  2. The villain in the second season of Star Trek Picard is a character known as Q. He comes from from a similarly named race of what essentially amounts to non-coperal demigod whos favorite pass time seems to be fucking with humans. OP is clearly upset with the changes that Q has made to the timeline that have replaced the benevolent, multispecies Federation with a cruel, xenophobic, human run Terran Empire that goes around enslaving and exterminating other species to "protect humanity"

  3. Trump ruined red hats for everybody. And he only started wearing them because he wanted to be able to do outdoor campaign events without messing up his carefully crafted combover.

  4. No, he only ruined red hats for the sensitive liberals that can get triggered by something as insignificant as a certain colored hat.

  5. I once gave someone the "ok" hand gesture and they were like "omg don't you know that's a neo nazi gesture they use it to identify eachother in a crowd" and basically I hate when assholes co-opt basically anything

  6. It's like in the last ten years, after decades of calling 'dog whistles' a liberal derangement, finally just embraced it and coopted innocuous symbols and gestures to an extreme.

  7. Eh, anyone who cares enough to get mad at someone wearing it is probably gonna read it, and either way their opinion wouldn't matter so who fuckin cares.

  8. No, only for the sensitive liberals who get offended over a hat being the same color as someone they don't like. Legit pathetic lmao

  9. My friend wears one that says "Make America Gay Again" here in the south. The idiot trump supporters look at it all excited before getting REALLY salty looks on their faces.

  10. I had a super fun collection of red golf hats that I'd been collecting for 30 years that I would wear to play on the course, yep that was ruined like 7 years ago now

  11. Apparently in America at this point, wearing a red hat makes you an insufferable fascist, while saying that people shouldn't wear a color makes you a good person instead of that making you a fascist. It's a really fun time right now over here.

  12. Agreed, yet there are people in this very thread saying you couldn't possibly wear this, even ironically. Sad fucking times if you ask me, times of complete idiocy and lack of reason.

  13. As a non-Maga non-Qanon regular person, I have never in my life wanted to own a red hat more than I do after reading the myriad imbecilic responses in this thread. I don't want to say we are doomed, but jesus fucking christ, we are doomed. People have seriously lost the ability to think for themselves, haven't they?

  14. This is true. People don’t read. I bought a really cool red hat that looks tattered in Las Vegas. I had to stop wearing it because people thought it was MAGA. Just disappointing that people are too lazy to read.

  15. Makes me want to go out and buy a red hat just to prove what a bunch of lunatics people are for being afraid of a hat.

  16. You could just not be a bitch and wear what you want. If people judge you for a colored hat and a letter, that's their fault for being ignorant and intolerant. But I get it, leftists hate anyone who disagrees with their worldview

  17. I don’t have enough charge to type out everyone right wingers hate. Immigrants, brown people, LGBTQ+, atheists, Muslims, self empowered women, anyone who mentions their pronouns, scientists, etc

  18. Oh my God. I work for Costco. Do you know how many people walking behind me gave me shit for having a Maga hat? Thier faces when I turn around. I feel you friend.

  19. Wonder if the Bloods stopped wearing red because even they don't want to be associated with 45 or hated on by antifa.

  20. I wish the left was radically violent, they might actually do some good in the world for once instead of letting right wing fascists steamroll them.

  21. What a fucking joke. The "radically violent left" doesn't really exist in the US. If it did, then racists like you would actually live in fear and the US would be a much different place.

  22. I have an actual MAGA hat that I used to wear sometimes as a joke before Trump got elected (mostly when I was in goth's a long story), because I thought it was fucking hilarious and there was no way that choad was going to get elected.

  23. My favorite hat I own is the Prophets of Rage hat I got at their concert like five years ago that is an exact replica of a MAGA hat except it says, "Make America Rage Again".

  24. Lmao the Q one is lit tho, most people probably won’t assume you’re waiting for JFK’s second coming!

  25. Queens of the Stone Age are one of my favorite bands ever and I have a “Q” logo enamel pin of theirs that I get nervous about even wearing on anything anymore because of those fucking lunatics

  26. lol I got a couple high visibility T-Shirts(I work construction, cheap Hi-vis is luxury) that say "I'm not wearing a mask!" from an estate sale a years back. Threw them away recently because I didn't want to give people false expectations.

  27. I used to have a red fedora that I bought in the late 90s when I first got into Linux, thinking it would make me cool. Part of me wishes I still had it; it could be terrible on multiple levels.

  28. I think you could salvage the red one with some patches around the words and on the sides or something. But yeah, that other one is done-zo for sure.

  29. Just throwing out ideas, you could possibly do fabric patches or accessories over them (like a large flower or feather) Something to avoid looking like the typical political hat.

  30. I would rock either one of them. Imagine the confused looks. First I'd have to make up some really far-fetched stories as to why I'm wearing them.

  31. Yes some far fetched story about how the hat isn't a maga hat and literally says what it means right on it. hahaha what a story, I can't imagine the tales you could spin!

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