A cast iron cauldron I found buried in my forest.

  1. That’s fascinating thanks for adding this. I love history and it’s interesting to go through what possessions were extremely valuable back then.

  2. Make sure to test it for lead before you use it for anything! Sometimes cauldrons like this were used to melt lead

  3. Nah, that's just Caldwell's helmet! Now be a good chap and send it back to Coldharbour. That's a good lad.

  4. check for witch bones buried nearby. or, like, a sous vide water immersion device. you might be cursed with foodies.

  5. I like saying My Forest, so I do whenever possible. But basically my house sits on 3 acres, 2 of them are wooded (and trashed).

  6. Aww, my great aunt had one like that where she used to wash clothes in the 30’s-40’s. It was transformed to a planter in her garden in the 80’s. Wish I had it now.

  7. Possibly used to make maple syrup. Too heavy to keep moving back and forth from home to the forest, so they would just bury them at the end of the season, and then dig them up again.

  8. From the image I thought this was an absolutely massive potato. Can't decide which is better

  9. My cast iron bed was buried during the civil war to keep it from being melted down into lead balls for muskets. This probably was too. Important things that could be smelted were buried for the families to dig back up and use at a later date. Also one NC. Huntersville actually. The bed was buried 100 yards from Latta. And was once a bed in the Dr Craven house on Mt Holly Huntersville Rd.

  10. at a certain point you need to ask yourself, why is the a cauldron in the middle of a forest, and what was it used for?

  11. Bro, do you think that you should clean it up, see if you can restore it and then use it for cooking or something else for other reasons! I am just asking.

  12. This would be an amazing find, I'd kill to restore this and use it. A cauldron that size is crazy expensive, especially an antique.

  13. Legend has it, in the mystic land of Prydain. There was once a king so cruel, and so evil, that even the gods feared him. Since no prison could hold him, he was thrown alive into a crucible of molting iron. There his demonic spirit was captured, in the form of a great black cauldron. For uncounted centuries The Black Cauldron lay hidden, while evil men searched for it. Knowing whoever possessed it, would have the power to resurrect an army of deathless warriors. And with them, rule the world.

  14. Bestowed to you by “witches”. It will bring to you knowledge you will not be able to comprehend at first, until your paradigm shifts.

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