This rock that looks like a sock.

  1. I so wish I could give you an award right now! Please take my poor person’s galleons, this is the greatest comment ever. 💰💰💰

  2. I misread the title and thought it was a sock that looks like a rock. Looked at the pic and thought, this OP is dumb, this sock doesn't look anything like a rock! Then I read the title again and realized it actually is a rock. Nice!

  3. Tell your kids (or friend's kids) that this is the foot of your brother that was turned to stone by [make up wild story] and all that was found was his foot. Also happened when you were young which explains the size, and it shrunk even more in the petrifying process (similar to dehydrated shrunken heads).

  4. Fun fact, the words 'rock' and 'sock' both stem from the Etruscan word raska which meant "the place for feet". Over the millennia, the word evolved into its two distinct meanings.

  5. This is odd. I had a semi-lucid dream last night about “Rockbottom shoes” which were sandals that had slate soles and promised to “take you back to basics” and “walking the hard way, like nature intended.”

  6. It was originally posted in another group for fossil IDing. I’ve highlighted the comment with the link the the original.

  7. I did. I gave him platinum and starstruck the comment on here that linked him but it’s lost with only 2 upvotes.

  8. you found one of the two legendary sock , your quest to find the second to make the pair complete has just begun

  9. I was about to put this on just unsubbed because I thought it was someone who folded their sock weird the realized it said sock that looks like rock

  10. I read that as 'this rock that looks like a rock' and just... huh. I also thought that it looked like a sock.

  11. First day on the internet, huh? You fell for the ol’ sock that looks like a rock that looks like a sock trick. Classic!

  12. Me, being in complete dad mode after spending the past few weeks teaching my 4 year old all about rhyming, this is all I can hear after reading this...”sock rhymes with rock!!”

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