Left my wine glass outside overnight and found hundreds of bugs in it today

  1. Little red wine + dish soap set out overnight can basically cleanse your house of fruit flies. They love the fermented fruit smell of wine, and the dish soap disrupts the surface tension so they can't just land on top of the fluid.

  2. That works with regular fruit flies, but I once bought some bananas from Amazon and they had these crazy fruit flies that would not go for the regular traps. It took me weeks to get rid of them. The only thing that worked was getting one of those sticky traps and putting a piece of rotting mushroom stem in it. I have no idea where those flies were from, but I’ve never bought bananas from Amazon again.

  3. It reminds me of a time I had many fruit fly traps out. One in particular a glass mexican coke bottle with honey and water at the bottom filled with generations of fruit flies and their bodies and larvae soaked in the honey water for months. When I finally threw it all out in a trash bag it went in upside down and I leaked dead fruit fly juice everywhere inside my home in my couch on me

  4. back in college, a friend of mine left a half drank can of ginger ale on his night stand over night. he went to take a big sip in the morning when he woke up and it was full of ants.

  5. Haha did this with vokda one time and honestly if people can have worms in their tequila whats the difference of me eating 40 ants with my vodka irn bru?

  6. This one time I drank from a glass water I had set out on a hot summer day. I was taking sips from it when I felt a tea leaf brushed against my lip so gently wiped it off with my finger. As I took a closer look at the tea leaf trying to figure out how it got there, it suddenly sprouted wings and started buzzing angrily. I think it was some sort of weird flying stick bug and it seemed to have buzzed an insect-version of a "What the hell dude" interpretive dance before it flew away.

  7. I had this happen one time. Except my sister woke up before me, sprayed the can with ant poison, and then walked away. I proceeded to wake up, walk over without thinking, grab the can and take a chug. A mouth full of dead ants, poison, and soda was horrible!

  8. When I was a kid, my dad left half a can of Pepsi outside over night. I thought it was new from that day, and took a big sip.... it was warm and crawling with ants. I'm still pretty traumatized, and this happened 25 years ago.

  9. during the summer where I live we get a lot of ants in houses trying to look for water. it's usually pretty easy to avoid an infestation if you don't leave anything out.

  10. I was working as a framer once and I left a can of raspberry arnold palmer out for an hour. I was very busy and in a rush so I wasnt paying attention and grabbed the can and took a big ass chug.... apparently a nearby honey bee nest had found the can and there was dozens of honey bees in it... this was a very unpleasant experience.

  11. Or vinegar instead of wine - they typically have the same ingredients; in fact, when wine spoils, it turns into vinegar

  12. I was once in Costa Rica, partying with some friends and when I fell asleep, I left my vodka Redbull on the little end table next to the bed. When I woke up in the morning, I nearly screamed. Almost the entire table was covered with ants. It looked like the table was moving and alive. It was horrifying.

  13. I already dumped it out, sorry to disappoint. At first I thought it was a weird film that developed on the wine, but was freaked out when I looked closer.

  14. If you have so many fruit flies in your home, you most likely have some old/rotten food/drink laying around you haven't found yet.

  15. Luckily I don’t have any inside the house. This was found after leaving the glass outside overnight. Not sure if they’re fruit flies, gnats, or what but usually there’s not much of a bug problem.

  16. Unless they're drain flies. Good luck with those fuckers, the only thing that works for me is fly paper. Had those in an apartment and couldn't get rid of them.

  17. Yep. Happened to me. Over the course of a month or so, more and more fruit flies were starting in my kitchen and I was trying to figure out where it was coming from. First suspicion was coming from the sink so I used cleaning solution and boiling water to try to flush the drain. But they still kept coming. Became pretty bad that we figured it out was coming from the rice cooker. Opened it up and closed it asap. Oh man. Tons of flies and just a mush of white/grey. Immediately grabbed a garbage bag and wrapped that shit up. Oof... Turns out someone just out back the cooker without even taking out the left over rice.

  18. Is anyone going to call out this fraud? There are nearly 300 there. And I only counted a small sample and extrapolated.

  19. if you want to get someone to do the work of finding the right answer, confidently post the wrong answer

  20. We had a fruit fly infestation so I made a Ramekin wine trap. The ramekin had a raised bump in the Middle of it, so the wine evaporated and left an island surrounded by wine. The fruit flies behaved like a load of louts, they were getting drunk, fornicating, laying on their side, and having difficulty flying off. They would line up on this island drinking the wine, and a fight would happen if one tried to cut the line. I couldn’t believe how human like their behaviour was!

  21. I worked in a grocery store and during the summer we would get flies all around our produce. Our Produce Manager started buying bottles of a sweet red wine and leaving it in plastic shot cups in hidden corners around the displays. Immediately it made a difference on bugs not buzzing in the customers faces.

  22. It reminds me of the one story where the guy drank his old coffee in his car and wondered why it was gritty and opened it and it was full of flies

  23. This is why poolside drinks need to be in sippy cups. Also so that drunks don't get broken glass in the pool.

  24. Automatic trans fluid, the red stuff, does the same thing. Pour it out thin in a pan and place outside. Barbeque in peace.

  25. I always used this trick when managing certain restaurants during the summer times. Fruit flies can be a serious annoyance and a pain in the ass to get rid of. But a few ounces of red wine in a glass, covered with plastic wrap, and several small holes punched in with a toothpick really does the trick. They climb in for a sugary treat (and the nice buzz) and can’t figure out how to get back out.

  26. Imagine being so attracted to an aroma, that you follow into the death trap despite seeing 100s of other dead bodies in there

  27. Let me tell you this. One evening I pour myself a glass of wine while I’m cooking and I set it down on the part of the counter where I keep fruit and stuff. Anyways I sorta forget about it and put my kids down for bed. Afterwards I was thinking I’d want a glass of wine and go to pour one only to see I already had one. Perfect I grab it and take a sip. I notice a bit of cork or something in it but whatever it’s wine so I’m fine. I take another sip and notice a lot of cork and it seems strange. I try to spit the mouthful back I got the glass and now I have lots of cork like stuck to my tongue and on my teeth and between my lips and gums. So I turn the light on to figure out wtf is going on. Yeah, my glass looked exactly like this.

  28. You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar, but bring wine and the whole neighbourhood shows up!

  29. Someone else on the thread counted 118. Either way I debated on saying dozens or hundreds since I really couldn’t tell exactly how much there were (and didn’t want to count them all) but it looked like a lot.

  30. Ç̴̢̛̛̛̺̬͇͓̳̜̫̳͉̘͇͔̤͎̱̖̺͓̩̫̲͚̍̊̍̍̈́͒́́̀͆̂̋̈͑̀̒̈̀́̈́̄͑̓̅́͐͐̓̐͂̋͂̓̄̀̍̋̈̉̅͗̎̓̌̆̽̓̀̆͋̚̕̕͘͘̕͜͠͝͝͝͝͝͝ͅȯ̴̡̨̝̦͍͉͈͉̙̬͈͎͓̬̜̤̤̦̖̣̖͖̤͖̹̀́́̂̃̿͑̃̅̌̾͂̈́̒̋́̕̕͘͜͠͠n̶̢̡̢̢̧̧̛̬̮̬͙͕̼̪̦͉̹̝̜͍̥͇̠̻͔̳̱͎͕͇̣̺͉͚͚͎̭̖̖̻̈́̂̈͑͆̅͋͌̈́̀̏̓̓̌̔̈́̄̽̊͛̍̒́̇̒̌́̾̒͘͠͝͝ͅs̵̨̢̢̛̛̝͕̫͕̪̣̱̭̟͎̖̹̗͔̗̯̥͍̬̮̞̻̬̖̠̯̠͍̙͎̣̝̯͎̜̰̩̫̠͔̳̜̮̭̻̼̜͌̔͒͗͑̀̍̌́̎̒͂́͗̏͆̅̏͐͌́̿̉́̈͛́̀͒͐̄̌̉̇͐̚͘̕̕͜͜͠͝͝ͅͅǘ̶̞̯̼̟͉̽̿͒̏̊͂̂̀̂̔̌̎̋͊͒̕͝m̷̧̨̛͔̳̮̱̞̯͈̹̹̥̻̝̣̟̗̯̏̏́͛̑͜͠ͅe̴̡̨̛̘̜̭̬̦̻̲̹͇̖̭͖̖̹̥̯̝͉̳͉͉͙̙̬̓̀̄̀̌̈́̎̋̍̅͛̔͑̈́̇̿̈́̉̇͑̅̈͜͜͝

  31. They were there the night before, but you were too drunk to notice. No big deal, just a few hundred bugs in your stomach.

  32. Useful tip: if you want to sleep with the window open but are worried about bugs coming in, leave a glass with a little sweet smelling alcohol like gin or wine in it by the window. Bugs are attracted to it, but, well, bugs can't handle their booze and it will quickly kill them. Just don't leave it there in the day, you don't want the bee bois to fall victim to the heinous deception!

  33. I was skeptical if there really were hundreds of bugs in the glass, so I downloaded the picture, divided the area into 8 sections and counted 56 bugs in one section. By this estimate, there's about 448 bugs in the glass, which technically counts as "hundreds of bugs"

  34. I’m going to admit I was just guessing and debating between using the phrase “hundreds” vs “dozens” but counted 10 in such a small section that I decided there’s in general just a lot of bugs in there.

  35. If you have a gnat problem inside, just do this trick. Another way to make sure they aren't able to fly away is to take a ziplock or sandwich bag, cut a hole in the corner, stick it in the drink like a funnel and the bugs can get is but not out.

  36. Excellent flytrap. I was away from my student house for a week. When I came back, there was a serious fruit fly problem because the other inhabitant forgot to take out the trash. I made my own fruit fly trap by putting some wine vinegar in a cup with a drop of soap. The next morning, there were like 50 fruit flies in it.

  37. I have left some wine out before as a bug trap to get rid of gnats and fruitflys. Mixing it with a little soap and it works even better.

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