My mum accidentally swiped her jumper over my painting while it was still wet

  1. That raises another question though (that I haven't seen in the comments): Did OP's mom's sweater have red and white paint on it as if it were some sort of clothing-based paintbrush? I don't really understand how else someone's garment could produce such markings. That red and white paint had to come from somewhere.

  2. Bob would let it dry and then unwrap the canvas. He would rebuild the frame 4 inches shorter and wrap away the happy little accident.

  3. "So I just grab old mom by the neck, dunk her in some odorless paint thinner and just (good-natured chuckle) THWPTHWPTHWPTWHP beat the devil out of her. Heh heh, you know, my cameraman Rich, is here and he always hates that part, it just makes a god-awful mess!"

  4. There are no mistakes, only happy accidents! I don’t know how this painting looked before, but it did turn out kinda cool with Mom’s jumper in the mix.

  5. Yeah it gives the painting more depth to me. Takes it from 30 minute craft project to intention, although I guess it wasn't intentional.

  6. I thought that the jumper had caused the mottled effect over everything, but I think it's just the red and white smears at the bottom.

  7. Yea likely in 15 years OP will have dozens of paintings. But no painting will have the same emotional “lol remember when Mom ruined this” vibe

  8. Random thought process... but thats how were all made isnt it? A mashup of colors(DNA sequences) each creating life as we know it.

  9. It sucks because I feel like the only way to fix it is give it a “foreground” as in creating similar swipes at the bottom of the canvas. The result might end up cool but it it’s current state I would also be furious.

  10. Yeah that’s a good idea, I was thinking about creating a thick white border to cover the smudge and then loading up some pallet knifes with the same colours used and just attacking the canvas with it.

  11. Perhaps that’s the finest part about the piece, this imperfection that reminds us that we are all imperfect and that there is no pressure to be perfect because this is an imperfect world of uncertainty, where ultimately things happen because of chance. It also reminds me of the Japanese practice of wabi sabi, which is basically the practice of intentionally adding imperfections to pottery as a subtle reminder of this very fact. For a more modern and western reference, look no further than the hit song by Hannah Montana, “Nobody’s Perfect”

  12. Was thinking the same.. Or maybe use what's there as a backdrop and paint something over it.. Trippy silhouette of mushrooms or something & make grass/ foliage or something on the bottom where the swipe is..

  13. I can get behind any hobby, but my coworker's wife quit her day job during covid and started making these at home with the intent of selling them for a living. And her husband tries to peddle them in the office for $100+ per painting. From what I've seen this effect is pretty easy to recreate. I made the mistake of complimenting one in his cubical, and he wouldn't stop bugging me about buying one ever since. Then he got fired because he spent more time watching Fox news on his work computer than he did actually working.

  14. Luckily this is paint pouring so you can just haphazardly throw paint on more canvases a million times and they’d all look the same.

  15. I see these pour paintings on Instagram all the time and all I can think about is how much paint is wasted on a fad that is reminiscent of those splatter barrel paintings you could do at the county fair for $5.

  16. It'd be kind of funny and neat if you let it dry and then use art restoration/conservation techniques to "restore" this completely new painting to the artist's (your) original vision. With some archival and fully reversible pigments.

  17. I'd be more pissed at my child that they were dumb enough to set their wet painting in a spot where it could easily fuck up the clothes of anyone walking near it. This was a easy acrylic pour that takes no skill or time and only cost materials. Hope her jacket wasn't expensive.

  18. Poor op just pursing a hobby and sad that the end result got ruined. It’s a shame and could have happened to anyone. Who cares if its quick to do, still takes effort to set it all up and buy the materials.

  19. Fortunately it looks like you do acrylic pouring which is the lowest effort form of painting you can do. Do a re pour and who cares

  20. I know it’s upsetting because that’s not what you intended to make, but that actually looks pretty awesome. So silver lining is that it’s not a total loss 😊

  21. Probably if your mother didn't do that, I wouldn't have looked at this painting for 10 minutes without interruption trying to imagine what it represents...

  22. I get why that'd be infuriating, but I honestly love the way it looks for some reason. Sucks about your hard work though

  23. I’d argue that it actually makes it more interesting. I think it’d look even better with more swipes on the bottom there. It’s beautiful, regardless!

  24. Use it as a trademark for all painting on fourth get your mom to try an recreate the accident each one will be unique but still your future trade mark “imperfect perfection” 😂

  25. Keep it for yourself. You’ll always have a memory of something you and your mom “collaborated” on. Mildly infuriating now, a precious memory years from now.

  26. To be fair though, it looks awesome. I’d love that as a desktop background or a mouse pad or even on my wall. Love the different patterns that got created

  27. Can I just say - thank the woman. It looks amazing like this. That brushed look at the bottom looks like it's been specially done! And the effects you've done to the rest are so well done. "I'd buy that for a dollar!"

  28. Ha! At first I’m like what? And she made this BEAUTIFUL MESS?! —cut to “Oh. Oh. Fuck. Yeah. Fuck” I’m so sorry!!!!!!!

  29. OMG, that is so sad! Your mom's jumper must be ruined. Do you think she can get the paint stain out? I hope her jumper didn't have any sentimental value, you can always buy her a new one otherwise.

  30. The strokes from your mother completes your painting. It should be titled "Mother's blessing towards her prodigy offspring"

  31. Honestly I thought it was part of the art, my brain just sees a path going somewhere between the “trees” that’s I how I view the art atleast.

  32. This is a lesson for you my good sir.... Next time when finished , take your art/time/love more seriously and put it up better... ;) Lol ❤️

  33. I'm in a big family and growing up my mom who was really a Saint would invariably do something to drive you crazy. Throw out your favorite thing. Set up a job for you, that you didn't know about till the day of. Make you hang out with another moms kid that you didn't know/like. Anyway things could get heated usually one way because my mom didn't really hey angry like that (which could sometimes agrivate you even more) and so a common phrase on my house became "Don't yell at your mother" from my dad or usually timed perfectly by a sibling right when you're about to explode.

  34. In high school me and a half-bully were both very proficient at pottery. One day during lunch hour we sat in the pottery room making some works on the wheels next to one another. We got along in the pottery room on mutual grounds, despite him being popular and me being loser outside of the art room.

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