My mom using her beliefs to kick me out for being trans.

  1. Trevor Project might have some helpful resources for you on their webpage, I think they have a list of safe havens for situations like this.

  2. I am entirely supportive of my kid, but not being trans myself, I am bound to be imperfect in my advice/support. So I looked into it online and found Trevor project and downloaded it onto my phone and his so that he always has access to counselors or people who will simply listen to him who understand his particular situation, 24 hours a day, for free. It really has been a very useful resource

  3. I’ve been pouring over the New Testament and I’ll be damned, not a single passage about disowning your transgender child. Not a thing about trans people, full stop. There’s some stuff in there about love, turning the other cheek, forgiveness, but I guess those are contextual.

  4. There's nothing quite like the love of Christian hate. Just baby and bathwater you away with all the thoughts and prayers you can handle.

  5. There’s nothing about trans people in the Bible at all. If anyone tried being trans back then they’d be stoned to death.

  6. Not even in the Old testament. Transgender folks weren't a thing back then therefore the Bible says nothing about it. It simply isn't reasonable to use the Bible to justify bigoted beliefs in this particular matter. Attended a Christian K-12 school from 3rd grade until the day I graduated, needless to say we had this conversation many times and every time the song remains the same: you cannot use the Bible to justify anti-trans beliefs.

  7. It sort of does if you look at eunuchs to which Jesus basically said “do whatever idc” and they let one into the church not long after it’s formation so there’s really a precedent for being as accepting and inclusive as possible as Christians. These people are just fucking fake.

  8. This is not mildly infuriating. It is devastating and we don’t know the entire context. I’m sorry you are going through this. Family should be there for you regardless of anything. God would not do this to his own child, imo. That’s just a place to hide behind. Not sure what city you are in or age but there are a lot of resources out there. Don’t give up. See if you can stay with a friend while you work it out. Hoping the best for you.

  9. As someone who is disabled and was kicked out by my mother due to things she found on my computer while passed out during/after a seizure... I feel ya. She took that laptop and my beloved camera and more... it's just not okay. Ever. If you ever need to talk I'm here hugs

  10. I don’t understand why parents aren’t legally punished for child endangerment and abandonment when they throw their kids out on the street. This is straight up inhumane and vile. I’m so sorry. Your mother doesn’t deserve you. You deserve love and support

  11. They're supposed to be punished. They have a legal obligation to provide for the care of their minor children. But many kids don't realize they can go to the police with this, and many kids who are thrown out by their parents also don't expect the police to help them either.

  12. I don't understand how parents could do this to their own kids. It's really heartless to do a 180 just like that. You don't have to be thrilled about it but you can be a decent human being and a decent parent.

  13. Also, if you a government id I’d recommend getting a one way to California. Probably find a ticket for under 100$ and we have a lot of resources out here from housing to health care. The police should be able to help you get your personal belongings as technically your moms should have went through the legal eviction process to remove you from the home.

  14. So if you’re a minor, this is super illegal. If you’re an adult, it’s still illegal. As an adult, you need to be given a advance notice, your belongings are to be stored for a specific amount of time and you should have access to them etc. the specific details change between states but I don’t think this is legal anywhere in the United States. go to the police they will help you sort things out. Probably not a good idea to go back to living with your mom but there are legal protections in place and you should use them instead of being homeless.

  15. My first and my only useful piece of advice here would be to call your local police department to request an officer escort to collect your things. Refusal to allow you back in to get your things qualifies as theft. Not to mention unlawful eviction.

  16. As luck would have it, not have I stopped believing in Santa clause, I have already forgiven these magical thinking morons for trying to drag me down into their religious fantasy world.

  17. My immediate and extended families got together and "voted" me out of the family. Haven't seen any of them since 2013. Most of us have this story in our lives. So GD sick of religion. It gives perceived legitimacy to be an ass.

  18. I mean, if you wanna use her "logic" against her, it seems like evil has taken root in her heart, how sad the love Jesus would want her to spread can't come through with the devil in her heart and mind like that, seems like she's the one who needs prayers

  19. Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. Just so you know, the correct spelling is

  20. There’s no hate like Christian love. I can’t stand people like her. I hope things get better for you. Some people do not deserve children.

  21. It’s just a fucking storybook, like all the other books about a “god”… seriously those man made stories are doing more harm then good these days…

  22. There sure is no hate like Christian love. Jesus has had better followers. I’m so sorry, you haven’t done anything to deserve this. Depending on your location, there are some lgbtq shelters and safe houses, and orgs to help you find housing and support. I wish you all the good luck, help, and support possible.

  23. what is this bullshit. I'm Christian and I am ashamed to see people who I share a religion with act this way, Christians are supposed to be accepting and kind but most Christians today are like this. Truly hate the way it's gone.

  24. Yah I don’t get this. Jesus is all about love and forgivness. People who do this are not Christians because they are not following Jesus teachings at all. I am sorry OP, if your under 18 go to the local CPS for help. Trevor project is a great resource: I am sorry the devil got to your mom

  25. I know this'll get downvoted to shit because no one likes the truth, but I'll say it - Religious people are the real evil to look out for in this world. Religious people (especially believers of "God") literally will do anything to get their own way, even if it means disowning someone for something as trivial as who they're attracted to ffs.

  26. I am a straight, married man with kids. I love my kids and would never treat my kids any different for being different. FUCK WHAT ANYBODY HAS TO SAY!!. I'm sorry for what I said but I'm really tired of the hate in this world. I was born and raised in NYC and I learned to love and respect everyone no matter where in the world they come from, no matter the religion and no matter what the gender. I love everyone. In the words of Lin-Manuel Miranda, "LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE". That's the way I live.

  27. Put a bible in front of her and make her find a verse, ANY VERSE that mentions transgender people. Ten bucks says she'll rage quit after five minutes.

  28. Sorry hun. You may consider getting on a trans support group and getting a gofundme together. It sucks but there are lots of trans folks her to support you. Check in with your local lgbt centers not sure what your age is but this is housing support for lgbt people’s under 24 I believe depending on the state

  29. Def listen to the comments! Reach out, research, call, someone is there to listen, to hear you and help you. Best of luck

  30. Am very sorry to hear this man(?) When I hear stuff like this from religious nut jobs, l just tell them this: "Your idea's are old and dying, very few still believe such bigotry ideas." Again I hope the best for you man(?) I don't mean to offend anyone whom is religious. This is, just what think and believe. Again I do not mean to offend anyone.

  31. I might be mistaken (I'm no lawyer), but if you're under 18, this might be considered child abandonment, which is considered a form of child abuse in the United States. You may be able to seek help from social services... although I know that probably isn't much help...

  32. The irony of the situation is that she is the evil one and you’re just another human being whose ridiculed by religious bullshit. I hope it gets better for you but that’s not your mom or mother, just another person to bring you down.

  33. Timothy 5:8 "But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever." there you have it. it's a sin to cast out family that still needs you. tell her that.

  34. Wow. Maybe your mother needs some Jesus scared into her... Because last I knew everyone was forgiven... She's the one with the devil in her, not you OP... This is why I don't go into religion anymore. Yes, I believe in a higher power (or powers), but I'm not about to put a label on it like Christianity or Islam or anything. But jeez, this is just .. she's wrong...

  35. Tell her you have fully repented. Go home. Pretend to be repented. During this time figure out what you need and take whatever you need (within reason) to make it on your own. Leave fabulously and never look back.

  36. Easy solution. She said she doesn't want evil in her house...tell her she's evil for what she's done. Tell her she's evil for following a thought process that has killed more ppl than drunk driving and cancer combined. Tell her that "God" creates good and evil, dark and light. And get an answer. You deserve one. If not tell her to (fill in the blank)...

  37. People get some very strange ideas about what is an abomination in the sight of God. I've had many a disagreement with church theologians who deny the existence of people like me who are not male or female. Genetically I am intersex, but the religious bigots tell me there are only two genders. In biblical times that was true because we didn't have the knowledge we have today. They also believed you could fall off the earth, another myth we have since debunked. I hope your mum discovers some common sense and accepts you as you are. We do terrible things to our children when we try to impose our views upon them. I am very grateful to have three wonderful children, none of which is biologically mine, but for each I love every hair on their heads and always will. I will defend their right to be themselves in all that they do even if that's something with which I don't agree

  38. Your mom sounds like a lost cause. I dont think this issue is covered under the factory warranty so I recommend just throwing this one in the trash and getting a newer one.

  39. I am a Christian mom of a transgender child who is 28 this year. When my son at the time told me he was trans, (he was 16) I told him “God doesn’t make mistakes and made you just the way you are supposed to be.” And what I meant by that was, God made you this way for a purpose! I told him life was going to be full of challenges but that I would always be there to support whatever decisions he wanted to make regarding transitioning. My relationship with God is not mainstream-I don’t go to church because they preach hate and tend to only walk the walk the hour & half on Sundays. Jesus preached love and acceptance, tolerance and forgiveness. I myself hold onto that. My heart hurts for you and I hope you can find help & support to keep being who you are truly meant to be.

  40. Yup , I'm so sorry you have to go through this God loves everyone as they are , this is the exact reason why I'm not religious cuz of how judgemental they all are but hey good news is your not alone I'm sure you'll be just fine don't look at this as I'm on the street because I came out look at it as more of an experience for God doing for you what you couldn't do for yourself pick yourself up and succeed because success is the sweetest revenge PLH...

  41. I hope she'll come to her senses. Its people like her that have given a bad name to Christians by completely misunderstanding our beliefs. I wish I could help, but all I can do for you is to wish you good luck.

  42. My mom was the same way, but she didn’t kick me out. She told me that taking kids to drag shows was child grooming and that Disney was sexualizing minors because they made a movie about a girl having her first period. You just can’t reason with people like that.

  43. Really sorry to hear this. I hope you are ok and find a safe place. Your mother is Ill informed. You seem to be strong and intelligent. And well spoken. I bet you are a kind person too. It’s not easy, and this is hard. Sending positive vibes from a stranger. ♾

  44. This is one of the reasons why I flip the middle finger to jehova's witneses. If they swith to another religion they stop talking, helping, feed you even under age.

  45. These are not the beliefs of what I’m assuming to be a Christian, but even if not, that is still not what most religions teach. These are simply the beliefs of an asshole.

  46. "Hey mom I've being meaning to tell you that I'm trans" mom throws a Bible at you in all seriousness though what kind of parent puts their religion above their child?

  47. She clearly doesn't know her bible:"Jesus and his lord." Lady, Jesus IS the Lord and the Lord is Jesus!

  48. You're cis, obviously you don't intuitively understand. You're also not willing to listen, so you never will. Since this is the case, can you please just leave trans people the fuck alone? Dealing with dysphoria and this kind of bigotry is hard enough as it is. Have a heart for god's sake...

  49. Tbf, if you're over 18 then she has every right to kick you out for a difference in opinion that major. If you are a minor then it is a different story though

  50. Even if you are an adult, you can't be kicked out without proper eviction. As well as if she doesn't allow you to grab your stuff, then it becomes a major crime

  51. It's messed up, but if you are underage all she has to do is fill out a form and pay a fee and bam you're a ward of the state. If she doesn't, that's child abandonment. If you're of age, well tough shit. Cut her out and live the life you want as best you can. find some resources to help, I think the Trevor foundation can help. I hope things work out, but some people just suck.

  52. As a Christian, I’d like to extend my condolences for your situation. I suggest you follow up with your local police department and see what can be done about the situation. I’m really sorry, and I genuinely wish you the best. “Let he who is without sin among you, cast the first stone.” - John 8:7 in reference to Jesus’ words toward a crowd that had taken a woman accused of adultery and were about to stone her for her crime (it was illegal under Jewish law, I believe). Spoiler alert: none of them were without faults, and threw their stones on the ground. Remind your mother of that passage if you get the chance.

  53. I'm a mama dragon! Where do you live. I can connect you with another mama dragon in your area that will help you find a place to live and help you ASAP

  54. If you live in the US you can dial your local information hotline to receive a list of resources for trans population. Good luck.

  55. I dont care what the case is. Unless your kid is a murderer or serial killer, you don't treat them like this. Your love for them is supposed to be unconditional. I'm Christian a too, but I believe in tolerance and treating everyone, even people who are different, with respect and understanding. You know, some of that stuff Jesus talked about?

  56. Any time I see an adult with an imaginary friend that they love more than their own kids I see an adult who doesn't deserve the love of their kids.

  57. My parents are heavily Christians cnsjx. When they found out my brother's gay, they were shocked at first. Then they told him that they don't care since he will always be his son. My dad even asked my brother when he's going to marry his bf cjskdjs. They still go to church and whatever but I'm happy that they're super accepting. THAT (ur mom) ain't a parent--and they don't deserve to be one. You're not evil, you're just being you. They are evil for abandoning their child. I hope you find people to accept for eho you really are. They are your family :c

  58. Brand new account, and only posts about this with zero proof or further communication, using very generic "angry Christian parents" verbiage....

  59. The picture of the text exchange was used by a different Reddit account last night. The claimed they were in Georgia and were 18. However, their posting history showed they were claiming to have a 9 year old son and another post in their history claimed they were 23. There was also a lot of activity on

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