When did it go from 15%-18% gratuity to 20-25%?

  1. The pot shop I go to has a tipping step in their POS system with ridiculous steps, like 15, 20, and 25, and a custom option that’s a pain in the ass. They’re always staring at you when you do it, too.

  2. See, I don’t mind the dispos when they just have a tip jar and no expectations. I don’t really like having small bills or coins, so I almost always toss whatever change I get back into the jar. But tossing in an extra 15-25% of my order, yeah that’s ridiculous

  3. Those POS systems are designed to make it socially awkward to not tip and to make you feel judged. Ever since I read a paper about them, I’ve specifically eschewed tipping on those systems. If I’m gonna tip a server, I tip cash. Tips are one of the most common forms of wage theft; tipped minimum wages need to be abolished, honestly.

  4. Do not tip for counter service. That's complete bullshit. Might as well tip the cashier at the Kum n Go or the kid ringing you up at the hardware store, too.

  5. People at pot shops shouldn’t be tipped because they don’t do shit. They think they just entitled to tips

  6. Yeah I'm all in %100 for tipping servers, used to be one myself! But I can't wrap my head around tipping for counter service. They get paid a "normal" wage (as opposed to server wages), and it's not like they did anything special. I feel this way about almost all retail tips. Sorry, but I'm not tipping for that. Tipping in general is stupid enough, I don't want to encourage that to spread to more jobs than it already has.

  7. What’s the worst that could happen if you always tip zero? It’s not like they can mess with your food. Everything is pulled from a shelf and sealed.

  8. Yep the vape store we got to has this too. They flip the screen around for you and wait for you to sign and click the tip amount. It’s always so awkward.

  9. I work at a pot shop. People apologize at not being able to tip. Same response every time, "Don't even worry about it they pay me well here." Generally seems to remove the embarrassed look they have when they don't have tip money. I'd never expect a tip from anyone that comes in so I try to make them aware of that subtly.

  10. I bought a bike the other day and the first thing the POS machine prompted after I put my CC in was do I wanna tip 20%, 22%, or 25%, of course there was a button at the bottom that said “enter own” or “no tip”. But asking for a tip when buying a $800+ bike is ludicrous, I get that those POS machines have that as a preselected option but it is an option that can easily be turned off, and it rubbed me the wrong way seeing them actually have that as an option.

  11. Unless I miss my guess, it’s also showing the calculation based on the total check amount, rather than pre-tax.

  12. Most people haven’t gotten higher wages either so where’s all this money magically coming from? And like the other guy said, %s scale so when they jack up the price, tips naturally go up too.

  13. Food prices have gone up tho, so tips at 15% would already be larger on average with more expensive food prices.

  14. That still doesn’t make sense considering the price of food went up too. 18% on a $20 bill is more than when that same bill was $13 a few years ago.

  15. I don’t know man. I know people who make a killing waiting tables specifically more in a day than a similarly placed(read same level of education/experience) office worker makes in a week.

  16. The ridiculous part of this is that they are already making more with how restaurant prices have been skyrocketing. This is a messed up piece of double inflation. Something has to give.

  17. Wages never mattered shit to servers, it’s always been about tips. They’ll gladly take the extra 5-10 percentage points.

  18. Went to a baseball game last week, and bought a couple of $12 beers at the food counter for me and my dad. The kiosk had tip options of 20%, 25%, and 30%, and then in tiny font in the bottom corner it said, No tip. Pissed me off, like I'm already paying the price of a 12 pack for 1 single beer, I'm certainly not tipping $7+ for 2 overpriced beers that I came up and got myself. Ugh, this problem seems to be spreading everywhere, too.

  19. I went to auntie Annie’s in the airport. Just wanted something hot and simple that wouldn’t upset my stomach before my flight.

  20. Yet as inflation increases, price of eating out increases too. Since tip is based on percentage, tip would naturally increase with inflation.

  21. It's a mexican standoff. The first company that raises their prices will lose customers. No one wants to be first. You have to have regulations creating an even playing field if you want change.

  22. I work for tips at my side job and understand the frustration from customers, so I’ll just piggyback here and let everyone know:

  23. Exactly. Imagine any other industry getting upset at their customer base for not making up the difference because your employer is so cheap. This is insane.

  24. Servers typically make more money per hour than the hourly kitchen staff. It's actually really amazing hourly pay compared to comparable hourly jobs that don't require extensive school or training. I feel like most people on reddit have never worked in a restaurant.

  25. Yeah I remember back when 20% meant it was exceptional service, not just someone doing their job. I’ve been begrudgingly tipping 20 ever since, but I’m moving up again in this lifetime.

  26. If you tip the tip calculator app it will be more motivated to be accurate, how can you expect good service without tips?

  27. It’s ridiculous. There’s no reason for one type of job to exist without tips and other jobs to rely almost solely on tips. It’s up to the business to pay wages not the customer.

  28. I used to defend it, but now, fuck that. 20% expected? That's another fucking entre after I pay for my wife and kids food. Prices are so insane now too. Why the hell am I even tipping for carry out?!

  29. I’m not a cheap ass, I do tip when presented the opportunity and I fully understand some of these servers live off their tips but at a suggested 25-30% I’m sorry but no fucking bueno, I ain’t paying $30 on a $100 meal cause you walked to my table 3 times sorry not sorry

  30. That’s the restaurant saying “Please pay our employees because we are legally allowed to pay them well below a living wage and we do - thanks mgmt”.

  31. The funny thing is that I have no problem giving a big tip. I don't go out very often and it really doesn't make any difference to me whether I tip $15 or $30 on a $100 bill because I go so infrequently. But I just can't stand that they are trying to push tipping to higher and higher percentages. I haven't been out to a restaurant in almost 6 months and I keep on seeing stuff like this and I'm thinking that I may just have to stop going or look for restaurants that specify no tips, in order to support the industry heading in the right direction.

  32. Yeah I love to tip too, but now with these suggestions of 30-35% I'm just not sure I can keep up anymore

  33. I ain’t paying a tip full stop for getting service I already paid for, but I do have the benefit of living in Europe.

  34. My personal favorite is how literally every fucking place with square or whatever else is just automatically like “add a tip?” For what exactly? Why the fuck are we now being asked to tip the people who aren’t even on the bullshit waiter/waitress tip pay scale? You just took my order and I slid my card, now your boss needs me to give you 3 bucks? Why?

  35. A lot of them like square it’s an add on baked into the POS system. Meaning they can’t disable it just for carry out. But yes generally if their pay isn’t being subsidized from below minimum wage why is that an option?

  36. I remember before gas shot through the roof what 15 years ago? Order a pizza and you paid for the pizza. Delivery was a service they provided for you as a way to drive up business. Gas prices go nuts and suddenly, you're paying an extra $3-5 on each order for "delivery fees". People quit tipping assuming it was going to the drivers.They had huge things saying that delivery fees were NOT a tip and did not go to the drivers. Gas came back down, delivery fees stayed. Just like a cell phone, it's better to lure you in with cheaper up front pricing and then nickle and dime you to death with fees hoping you'll be too invested at that point to change your mind.

  37. Flights are expensive af right now… same flights I took last year are 60-75% more this time around

  38. I think we should view tipping as more anti-consumer than anything. It's definitely a way for businesses to avoid payroll taxes and the like, but servers are complicit in this too.

  39. Tipping has become the biggest scam in American. There is no reason to tip anyone if they are getting a living wage. Companies need to stop with this “tip for nothing” culture. If you can’t afford to pay your staff you don’t deserve a business.

  40. Most Servers make way more with the current tip system. A lot of servers, including the ones I worked with for years, were bringing in way more than minimum wage. Most of them would hate moving to a flat rate pay system

  41. So the funny thing is every once in a while a restaurant owner will try this, and pay everyone more, but tell customers not to tip. Inevitably, these businesses fail spectacularly, mostly because:

  42. Spent a week in London this summer and it was the first time I didn’t feel like I was getting nickel and dimed. Food prices were reasonable (heck of a lot cheaper than when I stayed in Vegas 2 weeks before). Automatic gratuity of 10-13.5% and service was great.

  43. Probably right around the same time they installed those card readers that ask if I want to give the cashier a tip.

  44. You're not obligated to tip that much, or anything at all. It's based on marketing psychology capitalizing on people that are lazy/don't know how to do math and social pressure.

  45. Personally I round to the nearest dollar and if it is below $5 or the service is abysmal I don't leave a tip. Paying with cash can prevent them from just taking the tip automatically.

  46. Yup I remember the default tips being 10-15-18%. And then places started adding auto gratuity at 18% for parties 6+ thinking it was ridiculous considering that was supposed to be for great service.

  47. The food also got more expensive. So if you have always tipped 15%, the CoL increase is built in.

  48. When employers realized employees need more money to live, and also realized they could rely on the generosity of Americans to pay it so they don't have to.

  49. I'm pretty sure if restaurants paid servers a hard $20/hr, and refused all tips or the restaurant kept any for themselves, servers would be pissed with that arrangement.

  50. Less generosity and more them being guilt tripped into paying it. Then when they don’t instead of asking their employers to cover the difference, wait staff started to take to TT & other social media throwing a tantrum and stating “if you can’t afford to eat out then don’t.” It’s not that we can’t afford to eat out, it’s we can’t afford it and tip you 30+% just because your employer doesn’t want to pay a fair wage.

  51. Went to a restaurant with the suggested rates of 20%, 25% and 30%. There service wasn't worth 10%

  52. Saw the same thing at a place in Vegas a couple weeks ago, blew me away. You mean to tell me they expect nearly 1/3 the cost of the food for carrying it 20 feet?? Naw man, I’m good with 15%.

  53. Even ridiculous is asking for tips at fast food restaurants and coffee shops. One used to pay a 15% tip if there was good service at a restaurant. Miss those days!

  54. What's frustrating to me is that unless you actually look at the "suggested" tip based on those percentages, and do the math, they're basing that amount on the total, INCLUDING tax, not on your subtotal pre tax. That's not how that works......

  55. It really went up during the pandemic, when restaurants were really having a hard time. Also the expectations changed to include tipping for takeout orders pretty much in the same time period.

  56. It’s not about being “stupid” it’s about choosing not to punish the employee just because their employer is exploiting them. Not tipping won’t force the employer to pay more, it just makes it harder for the employee to pay rent and buy gas.

  57. The solution here isn't to not tip the struggling servers, it's to get legislation passed that makes it illegal to pay someone 2 dollars an hour and hope the customers make up the difference.

  58. Where I live, everyone including servers makes at least minimum wage (just over $15/hour), this is also happening where suggested tip amounts are going up - now starting at 18-20% in most places I’ve seen.

  59. Dude yeah I’ll be getting a coffee or boba or something and the auto grat hits me with 30% and I’m like hold up… you gotta click “custom tip” instead. Trust me, I’m all for tipping service industry workers, I worked in it for 10 years. However, a two dollar tip on a $6 receipt is not feasible for my full time student ass self.

  60. It should be illegal to pay anyone less than minimum wage. Pay everyone, including waitstaff, at least minimum wage and tipping becomes less necessary.

  61. Does anyone actually like the concept of tipping? Man it’d be so nice if restaurants paid workers a normal wage. Sure the people who wait tables at fancy restaurants would maybe be pissed if the concept of tipping ended, but I feel like the across the board benefit of it would make everything so much simpler and reliable.

  62. Surprise, when prices went up so did the tips. That's a double dip to up the tip amount. I normally leave a 20% tip, but I'm not upping it to 25.

  63. That doesn’t make sense. A percentage is a ratio. You don’t increase the percentage because the base price of the food went up. If the base price went up, the fractional amount you tip ends up being higher as well.

  64. This is how they steadily get you. 10 to 15% used to be standard, now people think it’s 20%, give it a few more years of pressure and you’re an asshole if you don’t do 25 to 30% minimum.

  65. Yeah. Agreed. If I’m doing carry-out and there’s nothing other than me giving my name at the counter or picking up food off a shelf which doesn’t even have heat elements, no tip.

  66. My understanding at least in America is 20% tip…. But I’m also in the Midwest so idk if that changes when compared to different areas of the country.

  67. I grew up in a high poverty part of the Midwest and the rule of thumb was 10% standard, 15% for good service. I'd feel like a cheapass doing that nowadays, but there's probably still regional variation.

  68. By tipping more, this gives the restaurant reason not to give the living wage. Don't tip more than 10%. If the server did a good job, tip her/him separately in cash as a personal gift, so it can't be shared or taxable.

  69. I wish the US would get rid of tipping altogether and the employers would pay a livable wage!! Tipping overseas is not everywhere and I prefer it that way.

  70. I miss when we were in Europe, we paid for what we saw. None of the stupid taxes added afterwards and no tipping for food service. Pay your damn workers.

  71. Inflation and service industry workers having to ask for bigger tips since we still make $3.15/hr (depending on the location and restaurant it could be a little less or a little more) but we didn’t get a pay raise just because everything up in price, so we have to resort to asking customers to tip more so we can also make a living. It sucks, but some of us don’t really have any other choice

  72. ELI5: inflation can’t be used to justify increasing the percentage used to calculate the tip, because inflation also affects meal prices, so the tips go up automatically following inflation

  73. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again for the people in the back: If you can’t operate a business without taking advantage of workers and paying them peanuts, you should not be in business.

  74. Because the American tipping system is rooted in Jim Crow laws as a way to underpay employees. The employees need the money, but it should be coming from the employers.

  75. As someone who works in the "fast" food business , I personally hate how the tipping system works at my job. It is just straight up in their face and it's always super uncomfortable for both of us.

  76. I mean you could be a douche or not tip at all honestly it's up to the merchant to actually pay the men on its wage. But the 20% is the new 15%. I just feel if you go to a restaurant you should tip but I honestly think the restaurant should pay them a good wage that's just my opinion.

  77. I feel like a lot of people that get mad about these things don’t work I think the industry. It’s definitely annoying how much prices have risen but the server making $2.83/hr isn’t at fault. It’s the business owners and the price of food. A case of potatoes right now is super ridiculous. A “cheap” produce is now not. Good meat quality is outrageous in prices. The employees of these companies aren’t to blame. It’s just a sad reality. 😔

  78. Why can’t restaurants pay their wait staff minimum wage and let tips be reflective of the patron’s enjoyment of the dining experience?

  79. Tipping should be about 10%. Or just added it to the price itself. To make it easier for you all, just love the decimal point one time to the left thats about 10%.

  80. Because 99% of employers are cheap ass mother fuckers who won't pay their people a normal wage so they can live. They want to push that cost to their customers so they can put even more money in their own pockets.

  81. America just sounds like a hellhole with this tipping culture. Seriously don't want to visit the US pretty much for this reason. Sounds expensive having to tip everyone or confusing and anxiety ridden working out if you're supposed to tip or not.

  82. This is how the restaurant/tip-heavy-paycheck businesses give their employees raises without giving them more money out of their own pocket. See, they care! /s

  83. Because employers expect their customers to pay their employees so they don’t have to. Tip culture is bullshit, pay your freaking workers

  84. 15% has been the norm until about 5 years ago. I would do 20% when drinking because I knew I wouldn't fuck up the math. Now they've upped it and made it a click of a button.

  85. It didn’t. Leave a 10 and be done with it. This shit is getting out of hand. It is NOT the place of a consumer to directly pay the paycheck of a employee, that is the businesses responsibly.

  86. Why do US businesses so heavily rely on socialist practices of the people sharing their wealth instead of being true capitalists and paying their staff what they know their labour is worth?

  87. What's more annoying is when you get take out and they turn the little screen towards you to pay and they expect you to select a tip. Like bitch I'm not tipping you because you picked up a bag off of the table behind you that's your job.

  88. I once tipped 15 percent and the waitress came after me and asked if her service was subpar. As someone who worked as a waitress 7+ years, I genuinely believe 15 percent is indicative of good service, 18 for great. I understand how valuable tips are to livelihoods of service workers, but I don’t agree with the new tipping culture. The amount of skills required to be a server is minimal, and it’s pretty fucked up tipping at this point is nothing short of coercion. It’s as if people have forgotten any % tipped was a gift to begin with. When I go to restaurants and the tipping options come up as “18,20,22%” I now make a point of calculating 15% pre tax, give them a genuine thank you and leave. Don’t tip above your means, whether that’s fiscal or principle.

  89. My brother was a waiter at a decent restaurant for many years and he tips 30%+ on everything to this day. I think it’s too much but that’s his thing, that’s his principal.

  90. I seriously want to know how it became the norm. Why should customers be paying the employees? A tip should be extra for a job well done, not 99% of their wage.

  91. Can we just get rid of tipping? It's so stupid and outdated. And no I'm never tipping more than 20% and that's ONLY for spectacular service, this whole moving the bar thing is bullshit pay your workers properly. Also I don't support tipping just because oh you have a tip jar at the counter...why should I tip you just for ringing up my order? It makes NO sense and people feel entitled to extra money just because. Stop. Demand proper wages not hand outs from guilting customers.

  92. Better yet is every place now asking for a tip. A couple of fast food places I've been to are asking now. I'm about to just not eat out

  93. Store owner: inflation! Customer: but the inflation is on the prices of the food which makes the percent Store owner: INFLATION

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