There aren't enough seats in the lecture rooms, so I don't have a table or seat, even though I pay a lot of money to study.

  1. Had a class where I was in the same boat as OP and the professor actually did that for me. Turned around their big ass desk in the front of the room and let me use their comfy chair for the whole 2 hr session. The next class they had found more desks for me and other extra students to use though

  2. For my first year chemistry class there weren't even enough seats for everyone in the biggest venue on campus, which was called HLT (Huge Lecture Theatre). People were sitting in the aisles, on each others laps. By the end of semester, HLT was half empty, and no doubt a few people dropped out, but mostly there was just a decent proportion of the class that didn't come to the lecture on any given day, which was always tempting because all the lectures were podcasted.

  3. I used to have this happen in a class that waitlisted people attended. They hoped they wouldn't be behind once enough people dropped and they got accepted. Some people just took that class to learn the basics of it without the credit.

  4. Ya I saw this a lot at the state university. Showing up early is a healthy solution for you. But it sucks someone's going to be without a seat. Good news is, a handful of people will drop the class in the first week. Another handful will drop after the first test.

  5. Tbh I rather sit on the floor, those school chairs suck and hurt your back, now you can stretch out and lean on the wall

  6. I would make a stink about it to professor/staff but that’s me. There’s no reason for that you pay money to go to that school least they can do is provide a damn chair.

  7. Professor here. I would absolutely make a stink about it to both the department chair and the college dean/Dean of students. It is just as frustrating for us and we have no power to do anything about it.

  8. I’ve see so many schools boast how this year is their highest attendance and they’ve accepted more new students than ever. And then I see posts like these from students. Over crowded lecture halls, tiny dorms meant for 2 students now have to accommodate for 4, no parking spaces for commuters, and the list goes on. They’re taking in all this new money and just pocketing it instead of actually making room for the new students. This shit sucks ass. I hope some people drop out so you can get a seat.

  9. A Kånken rucksack was ultra cool back in the day -- you pretty much had to have bought it on a trip to Stockholm. In 1980 or so it was highly ironic for an adult to have one, since it was marketed as a school bag for very young children. If you had that pack, a Bundswehr shirt, and Doc Martens in 1980 you were at the pinnacle of ironic international downscale fashion.

  10. 9 grand a year for them to read off PowerPoints, not give us complete timetables and make us figure it out ourselves and put us in rooms with not enough seating.

  11. We have the exact same at my university, and the people who do get a seat get the worst desk ever with less leg room than in economy class

  12. The infuriating part is that you have to pay a lot of money to study in the first place. Coming from a spoiled European.

  13. Seriously. When I started design school the classes would have 40 students and by the time they realized the skill set wasn’t just drawing shitty manga on their folder all day the classes would get as low as 5 students.

  14. TLDR: OP was late to class, didn’t get a seat, sees the karma opportunity, pulls out his phone instead of studying

  15. Bruh that’s a terrible solution, while it’s practical, the teacher/school shouldn’t be over enrolling classes to the point that students sit on the ground. This isn’t preschool

  16. Sit on the floor boy! Your tuition doesnt even pay to keep the lights on in this joint. If you want to have a seat you better start showing up to my lecture on time hahahaha >:)

  17. This is in the Netherlands, on the University Twente. Every year you pay around €1000 for tuition, which is a lot for a student, but compared to American university, it's almost nothing, so you don't pay that much money to study. Does not mean there shouldn't be any seats available though

  18. Agree. Whoever says just show up early is missing the point. There obviously should be enough chairs for students. Colleges in the US under scrutiny for tuition scandals are just finding other ways to inc student fees like charging extra for reduced class sizes. It’s a business and they have no shame in finding ways to put the costs for captivate growth on the backs of students. Boo to them

  19. That's pretty common. In some courses I needed to get there 15min early to get a seat. If you I had another course before I was basically screwed. But after about 2 weeks many people didn't attend anymore so the chances to get a seat increased a lot.

  20. I would speak to the bursar and the department chair. If you're paying to take the class it's absolute bullshit you have to sit on the floor. What if you can't see the board and miss parts of the lecture and get a lower grade? Not acceptable. I went to two large public colleges over the course of my degree and the most important lesson I learned was to advocate for myself as often and as loudly as possible, because no one else will.

  21. I have a lightweight pop up stool that collapses into a 2 pound disc that is 10" wide and 2.5" thick. It's very sturdy and easy to use. You may want to find one and add that to your pack. It's been very useful for me!

  22. This is probably a pretty common experience. Universities overbook large classes like this because they expect a fair amount of people to not show up. Airlines do the same thing. It’s bs

  23. Sometimes this happened because the prof was willing to accept students who were trying to add/waitlisted. He would take more than he had to and some of us were willing to sit on the floor for the class we needed

  24. When you get out into the working world. Being early is the best. Also I learned early in my work career to stop with the self pitty and work forward on how you can improve. Blame yourself that you were late and did not get a seat.

  25. Idk but I probably would've offered you my seat or just ran and grabbed a chair from another class. There's no reason to be sitting on the ground.

  26. Bro. These comments are either about legs or get there early. Nobody’s talking about the fact that this school pulled a United Airlines, how hard is it to at least pull a chair from another classroom, or idk, not adding more students than there are seats?

  27. My girlfriend is a lecturer at a university. The university enrolled too many people after Covid cleared up. She has 68 students on a register tomorrow in a room that seats about 30. She can't get any answers about what to do. Her bosses just say "let's see what happens" but they won't even be there.

  28. Is that one of the Horst Rooms at the UTwente? Because those rooms are amazing but do seem to lack some capacity.

  29. Why would you accept this though? I’d throw a stink if I’d paid for a seat and they used the money elsewhere.

  30. I would just bring in a cheap camping chair or if I was feeling especially petty look for a free recliner and drag that bad boy in

  31. Contact your campuses access and ability center, as a disabled person i talk to them often but im positive they would help get more desks in the room

  32. I'd be complaining about that EVERY FUCKING DAY, I saw in one of your comments you have ADHD, maybe use that as leverage?

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