I’m 26 and have the chicken pox AGAIN. Verified by Dr’s. I’m loosing my mind.

  1. I thought you could only get chicken pox once? That’s why mothers use to throw parties to effect all their kids at once

  2. Most people get it once; this is because they had it as children, had built a good immunity, then had kids, who also got it... then they got a "booster" to their immunity at that time. Now, we vaccinate for it, so that natural booster isn't happening. Your immunity wanes over time; that's why shingles happens. The virus already in your body can re-express as shingles. We have the shingles vaccine, but generally only people over a certain age can get it. People who are immune suppressed or didn't get a good antibody reaction the first time can get it again.

  3. Some people are slow or non-responders and don’t build good immunity as quickly or effectively. I know someone who had measles twice.

  4. Nope, it's a virus that stays in your body. So, some people can get it multiple times cause their immune system isn't strong enough, or something else. But I had a friend (we are both RN's) who had it 5 times in her life! 3 I personally witnessed!

  5. Man this brings back memories. My brother got chicken pox so my mom made my sister and I get it also. We were all three in bed watching cartoons for awhile. Good times.

  6. It all depends on the person's immune system and on how/if the virus stays dormant in their body. Typically though, an adult doesn't get chicken pox again- they get shingles.

  7. I got it three times (4, 7, and 11) before I was finally immune. I also had to be re-immunized for rubella at 26. Apparently my body isn't good at pox immunity.

  8. My sisters and I have all had it twice. First time was probably before we had started elementary school. Second time was during 2nd or 3rd grade

  9. I had chicken pox 3x as a kid and have had shingles at least 20x. My immune system is WHACK. I'm too young for the shingles vaccine (I'm 33)

  10. You guys are making me feel so much better. .-. I love you Reddit friends. It helps to know when you’re not alone. And I’m obviously also too young but fuck me im gonna get insurance to get over themselves. I just wish I could find my tv remote and that I wasn’t packing to move. Lol

  11. homie, see an immunologist and get a doctor to make a shingles vax referral. there's no way someone won't give it to you after you've had shingles 20 times.

  12. Are you sure you don’t have Bahcets Disease?? The pustules are just like chicken pox, and shingles are more blistery. Check with a Rhuematologist.

  13. I’m sorry friend, I got the chicken pox vaccine, then got chicken pox, then got shingles, all before I was ten! I’m not anti vaccine but they certainly don’t work the same way for immune compromised people like me.

  14. Good to know. I legit didn’t know that trick. But I haven’t been itching. I want to. The worst one is just my chin.

  15. I got the chicken pox twice when I was young and once when I was a young adult and now I'm 46 and I had shingles about a year and a half ago, was absolutely the most painful thing I've ever dealt with and that's saying a lot for me because I have 3rd degree burn scars and have survived numerous accidents that left me seriously injured. The only thing that helped me with my shingles was cold packs and lots of weed.

  16. I never realized chicken pox and shingles were so rampant these days. I feel for anyone suffering. I had shingles as a child but never got chicken pox. Worried about it many times since I was around my baby brother and niece and nephew when they had it, as well as my three daughters. I’m 56 now, I can’t imagine suffering through shingles again.

  17. My kid has had it 4 times. Each time diagnosed by the GP. They were shocked. They told me her immune system wasn't strong. Thankfully she hasn't had it again.

  18. I’m sure since the doctors have diagnosed it as such, that you probably have chicken pox, but this looks extremely similar to a bout of scabies I had last year. No freaking clue where I got it from. I spent a month itchy as fuck and was miserable and misdiagnosed by both a primary care doctor and a dermatologist. Finally called the dermatologist and asked him to prescribe me permethrin cream…it was cleared up in a couple days.

  19. I read your title and I still think that looks like poison ivy. Not that a random idiot on the web can diagnose better than an in person physician, but that looks remarkably like poison ivy.

  20. Get the chicken pox vaccine? Ask you doctor, and if it that won't help, ask about the Shingles vaccine. The chicken pox at an adult age is SO much worse.

  21. Okay I’ll check it out. Is it something I need to ask for or something that my grandmother can leave at my door from the pharmacy? Cause this is incredibly awful. I remember it as a kid vividly. And I think it’s worse as an adult. Honestly.

  22. Also what I give my cat for his feline herpes virus (causes cold like symptoms). So makes sense that it would work for chicken pox and shingles, both of which are herpes viruses.

  23. I mean I’ve had pox like four/five times at this point. And they said I’m positive to have both but this particular reaction is definitely chicken pox and given I’m contagious I’m not allowed out, unless I can verify that the humans around me have had the vaccine.

  24. You can get chicken pox multiple times. Be careful on chicken pox that appear on your ear, its a “ramsay syndrome” and make half of your face paralysed.

  25. I had chickenpox as a kid. I had shingles twice as an adult, the first time I had shingles I was 18 years old, you would think once and done, but no, I had shingles a second time when I was 53 years old. I am vaccinated now, but when I was 53 a viable vaccination was not available like it is now.

  26. First of all, I’m sorry that sucks. But I wanted to chime in saying that it’s definitely possible to get chicken pox multiple times although many people only get it once. Yes, the same virus causes shingles but shingles is when the virus emerges from whatever nerve it was dormant in which is why shingles is super painful and is localized to a part of the body since it follows that nerve line. If you have chickenpox again, you likely caught it from someone with chickenpox or someone with shingles.

  27. Meanwhile I'm 19 and I wish so badly that I had it previously so that I won't fucking die from shingles or whatever its called in english.

  28. I am so sorry you are going through that. I got them at 26 too. One of the worst experiences of my life. Try to sleep.

  29. When I first moved to America I had similar pimples. I went to the doctor and they told me it’s allergies. I was drinking allergy pills. It turns out it was bed bugs bites. We found so many bed bugs under the mattress 😂

  30. I’m 20 and have never had chicken pox despite being very close to all my 4 siblings who have had it when I was younger (my mum tried to get me to get it). Am I immune or should I vaccinate

  31. Out of curiosity? Were you vaccinated for chicken pox? I remember when they came out a long time ago and they needed to be boosted. At that time, I thought that people would forget to get boosted and end up with chicken pox as adults (lots more dangerous). Did you get boosted?

  32. My husband had chicken pox as a child, maybe 2 years old. But then he got it again! When he was 25, a day before our wedding. Everybody kept telling him it was "stress bumps", whatever the hell that is. But we went to the urgent care, the morning after our wedding, and they told him it was chicken pox.

  33. The Chicken Pox vaccine causes more Chicken pox and Shingles because now the population is exposed to the Varicella-zoster virus less. We lose the our resistance to the virus. Repeated exposure to the virus is a good thing once you had it. It help the body remember how to fight the virus. I had shingles really bad at a young age.

  34. Honestly that makes sense. I had to go to like five different doctors by the way and none of them realize that it was chickenpox until the last guy. And what’s interesting is the fact that it used to be such a common thing like that everybody knew about. But now it doesn’t seem like people remember it exists

  35. This is what happens when a giant population suddenly thinks a vaccine is the devil's work or something. People who can get sick multiple times because of a quirk or they cannot have the vaccine themselves suffer, due to Karen not wanting her crotch goblins to get a shot. I am so sorry you are getting sick. Vaccines of those around you could have saved you. ;.;

  36. I got shingles at 19, had symptoms for three months, and fatigue for another three after that. Worst physicalpain I've ever been in. I don't have feeling in random patches of skin on my left side from it, so I freaked out a tattoo artist who thought she wasn't going deep enough as I definitely should have been able to feel it.

  37. I gave my dad chicken pox when I was tiny and he was in his late 30’s. I got shingles when I was your age from stress. Definitely not fun to have especially as an adult. I hope you get well soon! DON’T SCRATCH.

  38. I remember waking up with chicken pox the morning of our school trip to the water park. Luckily for me, the bus made a detour into the ditch and i didnt really miss much.

  39. My dr left me SICK AF for 3months.... started in december.... i have a history of sinusitis... my dr said any cold flu or sinus symptoms were automatically covid and she refused to give me any antibiotics untill a covid test... i said what if i get a false poswill it prevent me from getting antibiotics i KNOW i need? Inrefused the covid test.... 2.5 months later went to ENT dr... i had INSANE tonsil infection due to being left untreated..... he put me on steroids and antibiotics and also asked for the name of my PCP dr...... i was soooo sick..... even ent dr agreed i needed anti biotics months before that.

  40. I had them 2x also. Once as a child, and again in college. My doc said I must have had a mild case the 1st time. It was terrible as an adult. The pox were huge and everywhere like in my throat.

  41. Hang in there. I had mine at 30 and what I know is the lesions may be tempting to peel before it falls, DO NOT do it. Got a big indentation on my nose from doing that for being impatient. It’ll get by in no time.

  42. Isn’t chickenpox in adults dangerous? I recall hearing that getting it in adulthood was baaaaaad news

  43. This is my nightmare. I had a super light case when I was young. So it’s still in my system because chicken pox, but maybe less of an immune response because it was so light. I can’t wait to get the shingles vaccine

  44. I'll be honest but correct me if I'm wrong,when you get chicken pox you build up a natural immunity and getting it as a adult can cause some bad complications,so keep a close eye on your health ok

  45. I would have thought that was poison ivy. Never had chicken px before but I have had poison icy plenty of times. I'm allergic to that shit

  46. I got chicken pox at your age. It sucked! Drink a ton of water! I felt a lot better after being well hydrated..like a gallon of water. No joke! Hope you fell better soon.

  47. I somehow got shingles when I was 5 and then again when I was 8, and I had chicken pox before then. Idek how I got it either. I’m hoping it goes away quick :/ shit sucks

  48. I think you might have dodged shingles. I had a normal case of chicken pox when I was a child, and during a particularly stressful holiday season, I developed shingles as an adult. The doctors I spoke with made it seem like this was the normal or typical way people have chicken pox a second time, and it was downright painful. I mean, the pox probably sucked, but OMG I'll never forget shingles.

  49. They said that I am having an outbreak of shingles and have the chicken pox. Hell of I know hurts like a bitch though

  50. My sister had shingles and she suffered for months. She had one particular lesion that hurt her so bad, she called it 'the Donald.' I recently got my first shingles vaccine. 😁

  51. I’m really glad you got the vaccine. And yeah it’s incredibly painful. I had it on my hand really really really bad and I could like barely use my hand I had to have a biopsy it was just horrible extremely extremely painful

  52. I got the chicken pox when I was five, again when I was in sixth grade, and one last time in high school. Each time was less severe than the time before. Then I got shingles in my 20's.

  53. Damn I'm sorry I've had it once I'm surprised I haven't had it again and but usually if you get it more than once as adults it would technically be classified as shingles

  54. You should try taking oatmeal baths to help soothe your itchy skin. I remember my mom giving me oatmeal baths as a kid with chicken pox and I recall it really helping with the itch.

  55. You have my deepest sympathy. I had Shingles at 24. Either condition is terrible but adding adulting on top is just cruel.

  56. I had chicken pox twice as a child. First time pretty mild. Second time severe. Covered completely everywhere. At 26 it can be dangerous. I worked with a guy who caught it at 21 and had pox in his heart and was in the ICU for 5 days.

  57. I know you can get it more than once I'm I know somebody who had twice as a child but never got it again And the more you get it as a child the more susceptible you are to shingles in the future

  58. Me and my older brother must have switched it between us 3-4 times when I was 2 or 3 yrs old. Mom says it was really odd and Dr's confirmed it. I hope I never get it again.

  59. I'm 52. I've been exposed to chicken pox when all four siblings got infected same time when we were kids. I never showed any symptoms nor manifested the disease.

  60. I feel you. I was vaccinated at the appropriate age, again at 10 when I lost all my vax records and again at 15 when. Again, my vax records were lost.

  61. Aw man, sorry to see you're suffering. I also had chicken pox twice. The first time it was relatively mild, then the second time I had it absolutely everywhere. I hope you recover very soon.

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