Students were abusing bathroom privileges, so the teacher did this.

  1. I thought it is illegal keeping children from going to the bathroom... Remember it was a scandal once in my school when a teacher didn't allow a student to go to the bathroom and the poor girl peed herself.

  2. Yeah I'm kinda shocked by the comments that this isn't normal? I'm having a 20 year high school reunion now,and 3 times a semester was the rule then. We had to carry our "agendas" so it was literally 3 times a semester for all day. Not even 3 times a semester for class. AND in a school of 3k, they only had 1 bathroom open on campus so they could monitor it for vandalism and whatever else.

  3. I had bladder issues even as a child. Teacher knew this. Kept refusing to let me go, I'd wet my pants (second grade). I was also painfully shy but one day I had enough and walked home. Refused to go back. Threw fits if my mom tried to drag me there. Finally someone stepped in and I was switched to a different teacher. The following year the teacher was fired for hitting a kid with a book and causing enough damage they they needed 10 stitches. I understand that abuse happens but you can't make a blanket statement. I'm 55 and never got over my dislike of teachers.

  4. When I was in primary school with one teacher I peed twice in her classroom because she wouldnt let me go to the bathroom even though I told her multiple times I REALLY needed to go. And the first time wasnt enough for her to learn.

  5. I had a similar issue, young boys just piss a lot, its nature. She got mad and called me out in front of the entire class. I got so embarrassed I cried, and the teacher then made fun of me for crying and, "Acting like a little girl". So, I stopped asking for permission to use the bathroom and took to pissing in the trash can in the back of the class. After a couple of days, the janitor said something to the teacher and i got in a TON of trouble. When i explained to the principle what happened, i had to sit in a desk in the hallway and was not allowed back into the classroom for the rest of the year. Public Schools in the south man, they're like torture camps for children, and it seems like they only hire the most despotic and sycophantic people to teach at them.

  6. In elementary school my teachers (yes, my teachers, not just one) would always refuse to let us go to the bathroom outside of break more than 2 times, and in my country elementary school lasts 8 hours, even punishing us for staying awake during midday nap (yes we also have that), so me and my friends always have to pull the “crying our fucking soul out until the hag let us go” trick

  7. Wow. I had one at like a head start/daycare/preschool type thing, and still hate her over 30 years later. The 2 worst things she did to me was during nap time she stepped on my hair and ground her foot into the ground. I really think it was intentional. Then she threw away my favorite stuffed animal. My dad freaked out at her for that and I got my Pinky Winky back. She's probably dead now, but I wish I could tell her I still have Pinky Winky, and she's brought joy and comfort to at least 4 different kids in her life. So 🤪 Ms Piggy! It was Peggy, but Ms Piggy fits so much better.

  8. So glad I didn't go to a school like this. I was constipated as a child and could spend over 24h in the toilet at times. In school it wasn't unusual for me to spend 1-2h everyday or every other day.

  9. I had a teacher push a student up against a chalk board by their neck and yell at them. Basically choke hold. But never anything like this. Hope they got charged.

  10. In 6th grade there was this substitute teacher that threw a chair/ desk (one of those hybrid things) at this student who was just being a general nuisance. I think he broke a rib or something and the whole class was silent, not knowing what to do. Then the sub took a deep breath and said something like "sorry about that, I get a little worked up sometimes" like dawg wtf

  11. Ouch. That sucks. I never had an accident in class due to the teacher not letting me leave (I, uh, trusted a fart once in 6th grade. It was not a fart.), but I know it happened to other kids.

  12. I had this problem exactly 1 time with my daughter. She wet herself on the way home because her teacher wouldn’t let her go to the restroom despite us having a form on file with the school stating she is to be granted as many pee breaks as necessary due to some bladder problems she had.

  13. I was forced to stand against a wall for being naughty...for an entire lunch hour. I kept trying to get the teacher's attention, raising my hand, trying to call out to her, even walked over to talk to her (She was standing in the middle of the playground, supervising) and she would angrily order me back against the wall.

  14. In grade 3 I was told no as well. I peed my pants and got in more trouble and humiliation. That's was in the 80s. I can still see in my mind my clothes, the books, the carpet. I haven't forgotten.

  15. I remember in 9th grade I opted against going on a field trip, so I had to sit in an empty classroom with a few other kids (resembled detention). The teacher refused to let me go and use the bathroom. I couldn't hold it anymore ended up peeing in the trash can by the door. Ended that rule REAL fast after I explained what happened to the principal.

  16. Seriously! Sometimes the teacher doesn't get that bodies are different. In my case, I had GI issues as a baby and had much of my colon removed. In school we had a "3 second" rule for using the drinking fountain. I got in trouble for sneaking drinks from the sink until my mom pointed out that my short gut meant I probably can't absorb moisture as well so I need to drink more.

  17. Teachers are by and large the salt of the earth, angels that sacrifice for the better god of society, but obviously still human. I’m sorry you found one of the shitty ones.

  18. When I was in highschool, a kid once peed themselves in class because the teacher didn't give them permission to use the restroom.

  19. assuming you work in the US. Your shift is anywhere from 6-8 hours. Your average class in primary grades is 45min. Even college courses are on average an hour long.

  20. I mean, clearly this is a single period situation. Schools still have 6-7 periods a day, plus break and lunch do they not?

  21. I mean a class is only an hour. It's still stupid she should just come down on the students who are abusing it but 3 times in a class would be insane.

  22. You get a 5 minute break every 55 minutes, so they have 5 breaks, plus an hour lunch. I WISH my 8 hour work day gave me 90 minutes of my own time.

  23. Just go the malicious compliance route and have half the school getting detention every day for going to the bathroom and see how quickly they change procedure when half the staff has to monitor students to make sure they are serving out the detention.

  24. yup piss off the teachers and then the teachers wont wanna watch the kids but the people who put this policy in place will need to.

  25. Or just don’t go to detention? It says before or after school but they can make you come early or stay late. What are they gonna do, Chase you?

  26. I’ll never forget the day a kid threw up all over a mean teacher because the kid asked permission to leave first. We all ran out the room, it was so glorious.

  27. I once had a high school teacher like this who would flat out deny anyone who asked to use the restroom. One day I was really not feeling well. I was trying to wait until class was over, but simply could not. I raised my hand and asked the teacher may I please use the restroom. She says “No, you should have gone at lunch” which was over an hour ago by now. I was a pretty shy kid but I had enough that day. I just quietly stood up and started walking to the door. Teacher stops her lecture and yells at me asking where I think I’m going. I say I’m going to the restroom, it cannot wait. She says “Ok since we think we don’t have to listen to teachers, why don’t you take a trip to the principals office when your done”. I just shrugged my shoulders and said ok. When I got to the principal office and explained why I was there, he couldn’t give two shits. Just said “yeah ok, you can head back to class now”. The best part is when I walked back in the classroom so quickly (only 10 minutes had passed), the teacher starts to yell at me saying I need to go to the principals office. I said “I already did and he did not care. He told me to get back to class. You are welcome to contact my parents, they will tell you the same”. The look on her face was priceless.

  28. Three fucking times a semester or they’re in detention during their one time to hang out with friends in school. Imagine how many kids grudgingly accept because they can’t do anything about it and just had to pee? Kids that dehydrate themselves so they don’t risk this? Kids that rack up points and punishments because they rebelled against this when it shouldn’t happen in the first place, facing suspension or expulsion.

  29. I loved the point when I got old enough to know this. I just stand up, say I will use the toilet and leave. nothing the teacher says matters. They can't do jackshit about it and most of them know it.

  30. Just to play devils advocate here, I went to a pretty shitty high school and 9 times out of 10, if a kid asked to use the bathroom, they weren't coming back, or they'd come back drunk or high. It got to a point where they'd lock all bathrooms during class times and if a kid needed to go, they needed to get a key from their teacher and if they were gone for more than 15 minutes, they're sending someone after them.

  31. 3 times per week at the minimum but really, policing how often people can go to the bathroom instead of just going after the few who abuse it is insane on it’s own.

  32. This will backfire on the teacher and when it does the parents will be pissed. I know because I was the kid who made it backfire once.

  33. My teacher had a “if you’re absent during a test, you will get a 0. There are no makeups” rule. I was undergoing chemo. I wasn’t allowed to miss the finals. So I ended up just throwing up all over the exam. Twice. Chemo fucking sucks but that teacher was worse. Didn’t even let me leave after the second time with vomit all over my exam. Hope she had fun grading it.

  34. Sorry you went through this traumatizing situation. I had a friend who suffered with urinary incontinence issues. She was mortified when she had accidents. All the other children laughed, called her stinky. It was so embarrassing for her.

  35. I had a similar experience in a computer lab in 4th grade, computer lab made it worse cause the room was smaller and everyone was right next to each other.

  36. Here it is! I was sure someone who wet themselves or was in a class with somewho did was going to chime in about how policies like this get teachers fired. I can only imagine how raged my parents would be if I did. There would be hell to pay.

  37. Yep in kindergarten I was told no to wait to use the restroom. So I waited and peed my pants. Needless to say we had a sub and eventually a new teacher.

  38. I also wet my pants in 2nd grade, literally while getting yelled at by the principal for pulling a prank that another teacher had sent me to do. I’m 49 now and can still feel the shame of that day.

  39. When I was in high school and a teacher tried telling me I couldn't go use the bathroom when I needed to, I would simply say one of the following depending on my need to use the bathroom: "If you don't let me go, I am going to have a period explosion on this chair" or "if you don't let me go, I am going to pee on the floor of this classroom," and usually that worked

  40. My school had a universal bathroom pass system. One of my teachers was a super nice and really old lady, she asked a student for their bathroom pass and he said "I'm groundhogging really bad, can I give it to you when I come back" she never made us use them in her class again.

  41. Oh good God it's been 10 years since I've had a period but I remember 7th grade having a surprise period explosion. I will never forget. RIP white board shorts.

  42. I transferred to a new middle school in 8th grade and I heard a story about this girl who was begging the teacher to use the restroom and she refused. The girl ended up having period blood all over her chair, and after that day she never came back to that school. Really fucked up and fuck Ms Chesley for not letting her go

  43. I had a high school gym teacher that wouldn't let kids go to the bathroom while we were doing a 20 min warmup run bc she believed it was always to skip the run. I could feel my period starting and starting with a vengeance. I told her I need to go to the bathroom immediately it was an urgent lady problem and she said, and I QUOTE "I'm sure you can control it for the last 10 minutes of the warm up."

  44. Imo you shouldn't have to ask to go to the bathroom it's not a privilege. Everyone does it and we don't ask anywhere else so why should we have to ask in school. I personally ask once and if the teacher says no then I just go. That's a rule my family has. The whole thought of asking infuriates me.

  45. I never deny a bathroom break, but I ask them to tell me they're going to the restroom and that usually ends up as them asking me if they can go. It's all the same to me. If you gotta go you gotta go. Of course there are kids that abuse it, but they're a minority.

  46. Agreed. Like what’s wrong with the American education system? We used to just go when we needed and when you factor stuff like getting your period unexpectedly or needing to go to the toilet because you’re on period this is inhumane and I don’t get it tbh

  47. I have absolutely no problem with asking, because if kids were just allowed to walk to the bathroom whenever they pleased, it would be difficult to get much work done as a teacher.

  48. I got wrote up so many times for just going to the bathroom. Especially when i was in high school and i already had a job… like im a grown man making my own money and you think im going to listen to you when you say im not “allowed” to use the bathroom…

  49. I’m a teacher. I never deny bathroom breaks, but I have told them to wait a few minutes, like until after I finish explaining an activity.

  50. You give an inch they take a mile. You're forgetting how kids are. Now add cell phone addiction to this and kids are going to be getting up every 5 mins to check their snaps.

  51. Same here in the UK. My kids have my permission to go whenever they need to, whether the teacher says they can or not.

  52. Posts like these just scream tell me I haven't worked with a teenager in over a decade without saying it. For every kid that pissed their pants in second grade there's probably 100 teens just wandering the hall for 20 minutes for whatever reason. Jesus who gilds this shit.

  53. SAME for my daughter. She has lots of other accommodations but this was one I insisted on from the jump.

  54. Nothing pisses off more than denying children the right to perform a necessary bodily function. I will never forgive my middle school teacher for denying a girl a bathroom trip who then proceeded to bleed all over the chair during class. Like how dare she cause that girl that much embarrassment. I still feel a rush of intense anger on her behalf because of that.

  55. You think a teenager is gonna let it get that bad? Hell no. Go to the bathroom and let the teachers try to get pissy about it later

  56. I’ve often see teachers implement this because students are using the bathroom as an excuse to mess around in the hallways, or making big messes in the bathroom. That’s probably what OP is referring to in the title. So they might just be trying to count how much people go to the bathroom/see what time they go. Obviously we can’t know from this image, but they often don’t actually enforce it as strictly as they claim, it’s just to scare the people messing around.

  57. As a HS teacher, this is bad teaching. You can be strict but not an asshole. You need to use the restroom, sure go on. But if you start making it a pattern where you are gone for 20+minutes, we are going to have a talk. You keep doing it, now your entire class can only go one at a time. You take 30 minutes, you have your classmates and their friends posed at you.

  58. Neither this image nor a lot of comments take into consideration the age of the students this teacher teaches. Girls as young as 10 get periods and pads need to be changed more than 3x per semester. Add in the fact everyone pees and poops, sometimes without the ability to hold it for long, and this is just wrong.

  59. Thank you!! That one teacher you had is awesome. I'm in college and all of my professors said just go, you're adults you don't need to ask

  60. The worst part is, the teachers that do this are always highschool teachers, meaning their students are almost full fledged adults and should be treated in a manner appropriate

  61. Y’all are lucky you had bathroom privileges. My school had the bathrooms locked unless there was an after school activity like basketball happening.

  62. I went to a high-achieving school and they took no shit either. If the bathrooms weren’t locked- they were literally guarded during class time.

  63. There a lot of student perspectives here, so thought I'd just chip in here from the perspective of a teacher.

  64. I want your comment to have more attention. So many comments who legitimately believe that kids responsibly use the restroom like an adult would. The more students there at one time, the worse it is and the more difficult it is to figure out the culprit.

  65. Most insightful comment on here by far. What is truly mildly infuriating is how every "hero" on here jumps to defend the children's rights without any context.

  66. I’m a middle school secretary, and I wish everyone could spend a week witnessing what goes into running a school “behind the scenes” (so they’d stop calling to scream at me for policies I don’t set and don’t even really have to enforce personally).

  67. Pal of mine pissed in the trash can next to the teacher's desk. She pointedly ignored the entire event. He was tripping on mushrooms though, I don't think there was a permission issue.

  68. Everyone saying this is fine obviously doesn’t drink enough water. If you’re hydrated you’re peeing often.

  69. For years I wondered why I was always so tired and woke up with goopy eyes every morning in high school, until I started making an effort to stay hydrated, then I remembered how much I drank water and went to the bathroom at school. Which was practically never.

  70. I hate this BS. I remember desperately needing to change my tampon before I bled all over and having teachers telling me to go sit down and wait until after class to use the bathroom. It wasn’t until I was an adult when I realized how insane that is that kids need to ask to use the bathroom.

  71. This would have been generous when I went to school. Most teachers would just say no. Class will be out in 20 minutes just go during the 4 minute passing period. But then you would be late to your next class and get in trouble.

  72. Some other teachers have done this in the past, but never made us serve detention if we need to go with 0 passes left. I might tell them about it, but knowing my school is strict with tardies and stuff, it might not change anything.

  73. Same. Told her I'd back her up 100% and I'd deal with any fallout from some power-tripping teacher trying to ration bathroom breaks.

  74. I have type 1 diabetes, this is giving me flashbacks to when my blood sugar was out of control and my teachers in middle school would refuse to let me go. Truly hate school.

  75. Not trying to be a smart ass, but what does your blood sugar have to do with going to the bathroom? Like to give yourself an injection?

  76. T1D here too. Had a lot of trouble with authority growing up. Especially when I’m pissy from a high BG. I’d walk out. What are they going to do? ADA violations would be a nice enough lawsuit to bankrupt some school districts, bring it on.

  77. Devil’s advocate here. Depending on how the students are, this is completely necessary. My personal experience from high school and my little brother’s current experience is that some kids go to the bathroom and completely dip from class to; hangout with friend, do drugs, smoke, go out of school for snacks, or destroy/ ruin school property. The op needs to be very specific on why these passes were enacted because there’s always two sides to a story. The victims to this are the ones who absolutely need to use the bathroom but of course they get punished for the the bad apples.

  78. I'll just leave and go anyways. Especially if its on my period. Ion give a fuck as i cant control my biological needs and or my vaginal monthly bleeding

  79. They tried to implement this at our local school, one of the children an accident in class because the teacher refused to let them go.

  80. As a teacher, it is not so simple. I wish parents understood how difficult the bathroom can be. Students record fights, get high, hide weapons, vandalize, skip class and much more. It is one thing to let a couple of students go but letting 12 of them go basically stops you from teaching your lesson for a cool 10 minutes or more. That definitely works against you when you are trying to prep students for the myriad of tests that are required yearly. I wish I had a perfect solution but I don’t. This is the bane of every teacher’s day. 15 students needing/wanting to go to the bathroom in the middle of your class. Seven years teaching and I still don’t know the solution to allow students to go while stopping all the extra. Just yesterday, I had to fix the faucet in the bathroom again because they like to kick it off and record it on TikTok with their phones.

  81. Stuff like this even happens in elementary school. I used to have a pretty open restroom policy, like kids just needed to ask and I would almost always say yes, unless I was in the middle of giving directions for an assignment. One of my kids last year had apparently scheduled a time to fight a student in another class at the restroom and beat the crap out of the other kid when I let them go. I got in trouble for letting my student use the restroom outside of scheduled break times.

  82. I think a [Purpose | Exit time | Return time] sheet is a nice middleground. You can track the troublemakers and they will be less inclined towards this behavior due to the knowledge that they are being tracked.

  83. Man I had to do Saturday detention once, got stuck for 8 hours in the library with the prom queen, a basket case, a jock, and a convict. At first, we didn't get along at all, but by the end of the day, we were pretty tight. Our mutual disdain for our horrible principle united us! The prom queen and the convict got busy, the jock found solace in self reflection, and the basket case got a sexy makeover. Me? I'm the nerd, so I got stuck doing an assignment that was meant to be for all of us. Oh, and I got stoned for the first time! Fist pump! I just hope none of my fellow detainees forget about me . . .

  84. Happened in one of my classes in high school. I would just walk out and come back in a few minutes when I was done. At first the teacher was pissed but then I think she realized she was actually messing with class time by making such a big deal out of taking a piss

  85. You shouldn't have to ask to go to the bathroom, but the problem is the people who take advantage of it. I'll have co-workers who ask me to cover them for a washroom break and then never come back. Or they'll take 30 minutes minimum and I'll notice they were taking pictures for their social media the whole time. Those people ruin it for everyone and I've gotten to the point where I just tell them no when they ask me to cover them. But in the end the only ones who suffer are the people with real bladder issues or just actually need to use the washroom.

  86. No teacher really wants to do this. Most of us don’t care, and don’t want to control your bladder. Just don’t leave while I’m instructing please. It (usually) happens when there is widespread bathroom abuse, or multiple kids are vandalizing the bathrooms. Or vaping. Or fighting, or fucking in the stalls (gross but true). Sometimes it’s a school mandate and we really don’t have a choice.

  87. It's sad how much students abuse going to the bathroom that we have to resort to something like this, the scenarios ALWAYS end up one of these ways:

  88. As a teacher they can't do this but I 100% get why they did this. I had a student go to the "bathroom" all the time. She stole food from people's bags, put graffiti on the walls, and ripped paint off the walls.

  89. In boot camp, drill instructors are not allowed to deny anyone a trip to the bathroom. Feels so wrong that teachers are getting away with this.

  90. They could deny them when I was in (1997). I asked 3 times during a class and was denied 3 times. Peed all over my seat in the auditorium. They would also make us drink both canteens right before taps and then deny any head calls.

  91. In boot camp they can (will) discipline you if you tell them you're going to the bathroom and instead go fuck around for 45 minutes in the parking lot

  92. I tell my kids all the time, if the teacher says no to you asking to use the restroom, just get up and go. They can come to me if they have any issues with my child using the restroom. Unreal.

  93. They mean like going to the “bathroom” for the entire period, and actually hanging out with friends or some other shit instead. Though the majority shouldn’t suffer for a few individuals.

  94. I had these. You would get 5 every 6 weeks, I didn’t need to use the bathroom during this class, but it would suck to be on that schedule too.

  95. I get wanting a solution to stop students from leaving to go to the bathroom and not coming back, but this isn't it.

  96. My senior year of high school I did a solid 3/4 of the school year in after school detention for this exact reason. 42 year later I still hate that algebra teacher.

  97. For all the things my parents got wrong, I have to say, 100% sure I would have been exempt from this due to parental notes and them visiting the principals office to complain lol

  98. In elementary school, at the beginning of the year, my mom used to write a letter to my primary teacher, the principal, and the school nurse stating I was to be granted a bathroom pass anytime I requested due to a medical condition. I was perfectly healthy, she just thought it was wrong to make a kid hold it when a bathroom was readily available.

  99. Imagine being an adult at work and being denied to use the restroom. Now tell me why the heck we expect kids to need to fill out a request and can be denied a basic human need. I don’t understand why we are expecting more out of kids than we would expect out of ourselves.

  100. They tried to do this at my daughters school, and she had just started getting her period. The teacher wouldn’t let her go to the bathroom because she had “gone too many times” that week and “spends an unreasonable amount of time in there.” The look on his face when my wife filled him in on the situation was priceless. He no longer has that bathroom policy.

  101. I don't see the problem with this. It's just like life. People ruin it for the rest of the world. But honestly how many times did you need to get up and pee in class. Like never. Your normally would do it in between classes. I totally get emergencies 🙌 don't get me wrong, and a bit depending on the age group of course.

  102. I hated this part of being a teacher. We know class is boring sometimes. It’s boring to give a boring ass lecture on some shit we’ve talked about a dozen times before.

  103. I feel this can be malicious compliance, it will be embarrassing, but it may be just worth it to wet yourself cause you ran out of passes.

  104. a 15 min detention just because your kidneys or your colon said “yo i gotta release the natural stuff out of your body”

  105. Every time something like this is posted, its amazing how the comment section is always filled with people supporting rebelling, or disobedience or pissing on the floor and never, ever, does anyone say that maybe the kids should oh I don't know, stop abusing the bathroom, like its some god damn human right to vape or smoke in middle school bathroom, rip the soap dispenser off the wall so many times that it can't be reattached anymore, or shove entire rolls toilet papers into the toilet so that it floods, or spend 30 minutes every class period of every day in the bathroom so they can use their cellphones and avoid work.

  106. Peak Reddit is being upset at the teacher instead of the student population for driving the need for this rule in the first place.

  107. You can tell by these comments that very few people here actually understand what is going on in schools right now. I work part-time in what is considered a higher level high school, and if you let kids use bathrooms whenever they wanted classes would be half full at best. Kids have 35-42 minutes every day to take care of their business during passing periods and 99% of the time they're fooling around (I watch them do it every day on hall duty). Hell, there was a whole TikTok trend where students would go into bathrooms to destroy school property.

  108. I'm a teacher. I don't do this. However I will say it's beyond annoying to have the same 5-7 kids ask you daily to go, you know they're going just to get out of class, you're still accountable for them if they're not in your classroom, and you can only let one kid out at a time. And these are 17 year olds.

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