a chips packet in my neighborhood store

  1. In india people use the term hitler to describe someone who is a hard ass stict kinda person most people are unaware of his actions

  2. I had a weird conversation with a columbian girl, who was telling me that for some part of the population Hitler is considered a "celebrity" there. Not just that they know of him, but like they liked him.

  3. It's India. They don't know about WWII really except that Hitler attacked Britain at the same time India was trying to leave Britain.

  4. I get what you mean, but I also don't. Hitler is just another german surname, that should not be considered as a bad thing, and people who have it should not face any prejudice (as ironic as that sounds).

  5. Somewhat related: has anyone heard of/played the board game “Secret Hitler”? It’s a pretty fun game, but I’m surprised it’s gained this much popularity without getting cancelled yet.

  6. The Holocaust ended in 1945. Survivors still walk this earth. Yet somehow an entire team of marketing people agreed that this was a good idea.

  7. Have to remind myself there are some places in the world where WWII is so much of a distant memory or heavily mythologized that people in such place think it is a huge, very fictional event, like an epic war movie they saw in the cinemahouse (and Indians are very big on movies). Or because certain dictators look hilarious than menacing to those people.

  8. Why are you infuriated, you are Indian. The only place in the whole world where Jews are safe for over a whole millennia(no antisemitism), just like parsis(now as Indian as anyone), Armenians(majority of them shifted to canada in 70s and 80s) and Bahai's(killed everywhere except India).

  9. South Africa too. Trevor Noah tells a story about the best soundsystem dj in his neighborhood called himself DJ Hitler. The guy was black. 🤯 Apparently in some places the people only know Hitler = strong leader.

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