It's gotta be a joke

  1. ^ this. Our old 1823 house used to be a rooming house, farmhouse when families had 7+ kids...and now just hosts me, my spouse and assorted cats.

  2. We started to make our walkout basement an apartment, thought of our family members wanting to stay for an extended time, and stopped. It’s now a half-finished tv room.

  3. Hubby and I built a 3-bed house and 2 of them are offices for this exact purpose (and wfh purposes). My parents (boomers) were very confused about why they’d have to stay at a hotel…

  4. Then there's me, an introvert whose insomnia and general night-owlerey lead me to choose a hotel room over ever staying overnight at the house of someone I know.

  5. People are more than welcomed to spend the night in my house if they’re too drunk to drive, I would never knowingly put someone in danger. But for any reasons beyond health and safety? No. Get out so I can take my pants off.

  6. I'm gonna write an article, "How Millennials killed all the people who write articles blaming millennials for dumb shit".

  7. I mean, I've put guests in there. There's no bed, it's where craft projects go to die. It will someday be a cool game dungeon but for now it's storage.

  8. Geriatric Millennial here. Didn’t grow up with a guest room in my childhood. No one ever came to visit ever, slept on the couch when I went home to visit during and after college. House was so small that husband and I would go visit our own parents during Christmas and spend the holiday apart for our first few years. Now we have a house and we absolutely have a guest room, because we’re done couch sleeping for the holidays; people can come here instead.

  9. A bit older here. The only people who had guest rooms were those who changed a kid’s room into a guest room when the kid grew up. Even then it usually had a sewing desk and wrapping paper in it.

  10. “Stop being lazy and get a job!” “When I was your age I had a house, a car, three kids, and a stay at home wife.”

  11. I got hounded big time to do well in college by dad. He'd always say "I want you to have more than I did." I mean he supported a wife and 6 kids on one income, took us on vacations, took us to amusement parks, etc. I make about $70k and I'm worried about having a place to actually own at all, much less support Hella kids and go on vacations and whatnot. You gotta make over 100k to have the quality of life someone who made $50k about 15-20 years ago did. Maybe even more than that. There's this saying that Housing should be no more than 30% of your income, but yet it's more like 50% or more.

  12. My rent literally takes one whole paycheck (out of two/month) … 30% of your income isn’t reasonable anymore, but it’s still a requirement.

  13. Totally agree with everything you said. Don’t even get me started on the cost of daycare! The system is broken.

  14. I'm lucky and still live at home but if I were to get a 1 bedroom apartment In my city, it would be atleast 1600 - 1800$. Store then 30% of my income for sure.

  15. The amount of times I’ve been asked if we have a guest room…. No we have a walk-in wardrobe and a hobby room, take your pick. We didn’t buy a house for the enjoyment of anyone else, so why would I reserve a room on the off chance for someone else to use.

  16. Exactly. Would you rather a room devoted to your favorite hobby, or a room that stays empty 300+ days of the year in the off chance someone stays over?

  17. I have a couch that I let my guest sleep on if they need it. If I have more than one guest, then they do Rock Paper Scissors for the couch and the other has to bring their own blowup bed

  18. The only reason we even set up a guest room was because my mom came to stay with us to help out when I was doing chemo. Literally the only reason. That bed had been leaning up against a wall since my bf moved in with me (mine is bigger)

  19. Luxury. The fact you can have all the rooms you need (walk-in wardrobe, hobby room, etc.) ánd a guestroom is a sign of wealth. If you need to sacrifice a room to be a guestroom, it's not wealth and just annoying.

  20. Yeah, I can’t even afford a separate bedroom, I sleep in a loft. If someone wants to sleep over, that’s fine. I hope you will the floor comfortable.

  21. Wife and I have been actively turning anything remotely resembling a spare room into something we can use instead. 3 years of home ownership and our families treat our house like a free hotel with no booking requirements.

  22. First place I rented was out in the burbs and had a guest room. Nobody wanted to visit out in the burbs, they’d crash on couches in town.

  23. Does anyone legit enjoy it? Or is it always a burden? Because I just cannot fathom it being something people seek out.

  24. So millennials buy a house that suits their needs instead of spending extra money on space that rarely gets used? Seems pretty smart to me.

  25. "how boomers rose the house market to the point that millennials can't even afford to house another person" there fixed it

  26. Right. Along with the formal dining room and the formal parlor/living room. It makes sense to not purchase extra square footage (especially if your house is climate-controlled) that will only be occasionally used for guests.

  27. Gem Z-er here, I will never understand why people hate millenials so much. I mean, it's more than the usual "older generation hating on the younger generationg" thing, it's like a burning passion for media to hate millenials. Can anyone explain why or is it just people being haters?

  28. "How Millennials Have Once Again Been Forced to Give Up a Privilege Older Generations Never Thought Twice About"

  29. Do these boomers realize that most millennials are now in our late 30s to early 40s? This constants shitting on us always makes me laugh

  30. I don't understand the guest room thing in the US... All my family members live in a relatively close Ares around me... Alone this year, nobody needed to stay at my house. And it won't change... So why wasting the space?

  31. Our families all live 3+ hours away. So if they don’t want to pay for a hotel they don’t stay most times. Her family will sleep in my daughters room on her full bed but my parents won’t stay at our house at all.

  32. Boomers genuinely killed everything they say the younger generations killed. Almost everything wrong today is the fault of greedy, selfish old fucks.

  33. Millennial here who has a guest room but is gonna get rid of it. It’s nice to have the room, but I’m sorry, having a room remain unused for 90% of the year is stupid, we have things we could use it for and could stand to move junk around when people visit.

  34. I have spent my entire adult life fighting along side other millennials in an attempt to got rid of guest rooms, and this article comes along and makes it sound negative. That was a lot of effort we all put into that.

  35. I'm waiting for the article "How millenials poisoned our water supply, burned our crops, and delivered a plague unto our houses."

  36. Boomers killed the guest room by creating an economy that killed millennials chances of being able to reasonably afford a place of their own

  37. “How Boomers bought up all the houses making it incredibly expensive and near impossible for Millennials to own a house and so cannot afford houses with extra rooms for boomers to come stay and now Boomers are mad at mellennials”

  38. How about that fact that we can't afford houses with that many rooms. I'm Gen z but i can see how inflation has gotten, and the jobs available. Not to mention student loan debt. Nah colleges and the mfs pushing young people to attend are the people who killed the guest room.

  39. By boyfriend and I live in a two story 5 bedroom house. We have a room each, a theatre, I have a makeup/closest and our pet rats have a room. Guests can sleep on one of our couches. We don't pay rent so ppl can have their own room...

  40. What’s infuriating about this? I’m a millennial, I have two spare bedrooms in my house, one is my office, one is my sim racing/game room. When I have guests over they sleep on the couch in the living room

  41. Is… is that what Americans call the living room… or is it just some people are idiots and call it “the guest room”

  42. The biggest problem is anyone who reads this and gets offended, who actually cares? Nobody is require to have a guest room and not everyone can have one. If you do or don’t keep living your life like this was never put online.

  43. I read this earlier and laughed. I have a 4 bedroom house. 2 are for bedrooms, 1 is my husband’s office since he works from home full time and I work from home 50% of the time. The 4th is my son’s playroom \video game space. We are turning the garage into a family room and will move some of his things out there and I might get a futon for the playroom in case we have guests but in 1350 sq ft the rooms are small and we can’t waste one for the handful times someone might need to stay with us.

  44. Yeah no guest rooms because the only thing we could afford to get is a empty refrigerator shipping carton under the overpass that takes all the trash trucks over to the dump.

  45. I don’t want people in my house, having a room designated for them to sleep in is counter productive to the aforementioned desire.

  46. My boyfriend and I live in a tiny 3 bedroom apartment. We both have our own rooms and the third is for cats. I don’t want overnight guests here unless someone gets too drunk and can’t safely get home. Then they have to sleep in my boyfriends room or on the couch. Any guest should only be here for a day or two max. I don’t want to entertain anyone for longer than that.

  47. Yes, it’s our fault that housing with more than one room, is unaffordable, and it is also our fault that our wages won’t increase. Not capitalist greed. /s

  48. I pay $1700/mo for a 650 sq ft bedroom. I don’t have money for a spare room for storage, let alone a guest. My apartment doesn’t even have guest parking.

  49. I know my parents won’t visit nearly as often if we don’t have a guest room. They live in a location that you can’t fly to, and it’s an 11 hour drive from where I live. I get to see them a few times a year. I don’t know what I’m going to do when we have another kid and the guest room gets taken up by my toddler. We can’t afford to rent a bigger place, and we definitely can afford to buy. It’s going to be really sad for me.

  50. My guest room is an office/game room. I mostly use it for other stuff. Why would I want someone in there, that's weird.

  51. It's odd how people always talk about how important the free market is, and yet when people exercise their right to vote with their wallet, people seem to get angry. It's almost as if the filthy rich don't actually care about the free market and just want to be filthy rich at the expense of the lower and middle class. But what am I saying? I must be crazy /s

  52. A more apr title would be “how baby boomer parents bought up all the affordable real estate, charged ridiculous amounts for rent, all while completely fucking the countries economy and political system. There by leaving their children little chance to make it in the world by themselves”

  53. I’m an old millennial (41 in November) and not only do I not have a guest room but no dining room either. Gasp. Also, 3 kids with my 2 boys sharing a room.

  54. What guest room ? Why would you have an extra random bedroom that you keep free ? That’s never been a thing.

  55. Growing up, we had a guest room that was used by someone for at least half the year, every year. Mostly family/friends in transition, or grandparents that couldn't take care of themselves anymore. It was great and I would like one... But alas I think about where I would put a guest bedroom in my house... If I had one!

  56. Lol as if most people can AFFORD an extra bedroom? People are turning their basements, garages, walk-in closets!!! into bedrooms to make rent prices affordable.

  57. Me a Gen Z that always has guest rooms…..(also why is 1996 Gen Z I’m infinitely more close to millennials and Boomers than Gen Z) titles for age kinda don’t make much sense tbh

  58. When I was a teenager, my mom kicked me out of my bedroom to sleep on a couch in an unfinished basement. Just to have a spare guest room for the 4 nights a year we'd have a guest. Fuck guest rooms lol

  59. Boo hoo. Millenials are supporting the hotels and B&Bs by not being too friendly and having people stay not in their houses. 😃

  60. I have never understood a "guest room". MFer I'm going to make that an office or a work room or something since I'm the one paying to live here. You want to stay, the couch is there or get a hotel. Not losing a room in my house for someone to use it for like 2 weeks out of the year at most.

  61. We compromised and just stood a queen size mattress against the wall behind a desk. If anyone stays, they sleep on that plonked on the floor.

  62. I dunno, I'm a millennial with a 3 bedroom house... One bedroom is mine, the second bedroom (but more often the couch) is where I sleep when my s/o sounds like a fighter jet, my third bedroom has a rug. I think I have more space than I actually need.

  63. My parent have a guest room with its own bathroom that is double the size of both my sisters and i's room and it is only used about 15 days in a whole year

  64. I don't know about you guys but for me it's mostly because I don't have a house big enough for a guest room, nor do I have time between work and all of the work I have to do at home to even have friends to feel that guest room if I had the room for it.

  65. We needed guest rooms when we used horse and carriage, it took three days to travel to the next county, and there wasn't a hotel in every major city. Technology and ingenuity killed it, not millennials. Author needs to develop some critical thinking skills

  66. People are really out there asking if you have spare rooms?? I’ve got 2 empty (fully furnished) rooms in my house for my family for when they visit for a weekend

  67. Weird way to title “How millennials use their houses more efficiently than previous generations” Why the hell would I keep a room setup for a guest to stay maybe two weeks a year.

  68. Mf the only reason I'm going to own a house, is because I bought a small parcel of land at the right time and right place. I don't give a flying flipped fuck about whether it'll have a guest room

  69. Oh did we. How about we can't afford homes with excessive amount of rooms. You can barely find an apartment large enough to also have a nice dining table. So guest rooms are not really the priority is it.

  70. I’ve been trying to buy a house for weeks, but keep getting our bid by investors and LLCs on houses that are already way over priced anyways. We will be highly lucky if we are able to land one with more than 2 rooms.

  71. How dare millennials not go even more house poor to satisfy the needs of a guest. Many can't even afford a house to begin with due to the fact that house prices have gone up far faster than the pay has. My s/o and myself can't afford more than a 2b/1ba house with a lot of work needed in the Midwest making combined 80k/year. We can't even live together currently because we both have very affordable renting options through friends and family. It would be more expensive (significantly) if we moved in and rented together. So instead we continue to save for whenever prices vs pay gets realistic.

  72. “How Overspeculation for Get Rich Quick Schemes and Learning Literally Zero Lessons from 2008 Killed the Prospect of Buying Any Kind of Home for Anyone Who Didn’t Own a Home Before 2008”

  73. We don’t have money babyyyy. In my 1,350 square for home with three beds and two baths, we will have the primary, a nursery, and a shared home office space for my husband who works from home and a guest space.

  74. Wow, then my Silent Generation parents were ahead of their time. We never had a guest room. When we had guests, one of us kids would give up our room.

  75. More accurate title: "Boomers wreck housing market such that having a guest room isn't practical for most people, blame Millennials for not being able to afford houses in the market they created"

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