This agreement for employment.

  1. If your boss is going through a divorce and wants to hide some of the nearly all-cash pizza business in Chicago … hypothetically, then yes.

  2. When I managed retail, our registers printed out the amounts you put in for your beginning and ending cash and how much it was off by based on beginning cash and the transactions that were made. I had several people who took $5, 10, 20 however much they were over by, figuring that people had overpaid or just hadn't been given the correct change and that the amount they were over by was now "the store's money". Ha ha, no. You and the last guy probably counted wrong, and now the next guy is going to show he's short because you took the money after it was accounted for.

  3. Having worked fast food, if your drawer is significantly over, you also get written up. And no, you do not get to keep it. But where I worked, they did not force you to pay back for a short drawer. You got written up the first time and fired the second.

  4. Fairly sure it's all illegal... just because they stick it on paper doesn't mean it's allowed. Granted I'm not from the US (I assume OP is), so we have some workers rights.

  5. And you can't sign away legal rights so just sign away. It's not legally binding so screw em.

  6. Well that's super illegal. Since they were nice enough to put it in writing for you, you can report them to the department of labor if you're in the US.

  7. You'll get your money even if you quit. That's not a contract regardless, the Dept of Labor can fuck that employer with a heavy fine with this so called "agreement" from a General Manager not the owner. This isn't a contract whatsoever.

  8. Free money hack: work for 14 days and steal all the money out of the drawer each time, the punishment for taking the money is that it will be taken out of your paycheck, which you won’t get because you quit after 14 days

  9. I’d just fucking leave as soon as I saw it. You greet me with a series of threats upon hiring (or even interviewing)? I’ll just find another job where they even pretend to be happy to hire me.

  10. Here's what's going to happen if you sign it, you will work every shift for 14 days and then the manager will say your drawer is short on the last shift of day 14 and they'll replace you with the next idiot and tell you that you owe them to cover your short drawer.

  11. Likely illegal in all 50 states in the USA. OP should forward the document to labor standards board / state attorney general.

  12. Hello! I didn’t expect this post to get a lot of traction. But for some background, the business is a hotel in eastern Kentucky (USA). Theres not a lot of choices when it comes to finding a job. A lot of people will work just about anywhere, I will let my friend know your feedback. I thought this was illegal as well.

  13. Hey, OP. I see you're in Kentucky. If you know someone that actually lost wages due to what you posted, have them

  14. I once trained to be a school bus driver, the training was 3 weeks totally unpaid, and they made us all sign something agreeing that if we quit within the first year, we would owe them $2,000 for the training. I did one bus run and quit. They didn’t even bother trying to collect on that agreement.

  15. fairly certain all mandatory work related training must be paid too... So think this ones doubly illegal... Good call getting the hell out of there.

  16. Doesn’t matter. They’re counting on the typical candidates not knowing that and not having the means to bring a lawsuit against them anyway.

  17. Wow it's hard to pack that much illegality into just a paragraph kudos to your asshole of a manager and I'm glad he signed it for the court case

  18. It's illegal not to get paid your wages you've worked, regardless if you quit or not. This company should be reported to The Department of Labor.

  19. Don’t sign. They seem to have a problem with new employees not even lasting two weeks. There’s a reason for that.

  20. It’s illegal for them to take money out of your paycheck to cover a short draw. They also cannot choose to just not pay you for hours worked because you quit.

  21. Wtf, in my country, all of that is illegal. Please, don't sign it. Send it to the media for them to call out that shit company. 24 hour shifts? No pay if you quit for any reason? Taking money out of your salary of the drawer comes up short? I mean... Wtf?!

  22. I seriously can't believe how many upvotes this post has gotten with no one else calling out how fake this is in the comments. It's soo obviously fake lol. This is the kind of shit that gets circlejerked on

  23. Nope. I would look the clown straight in the eyes and say “there’s no way I’m signing this and I’m pretty sure this is illegal. If this isn’t a joke, then you’re the joke.”

  24. That’s illegal in the USA, and probably most other western countries as well. They HAVE to pay you for hours worked, by law. They also cannot legally dock pay in most cases unless you voluntarily consent in writing (coercion is not consent) in some cases. This is either fake, or the person who wrote it is completely clueless.

  25. I was accused of having my drawer coming up short at a job I had when I was around 21. I was pissed and told them that it wasn’t me and I refused to sign anything saying it was me. This wasn’t just a little bit short but short a couple hundred dollars, they had no proof except that I was the one on that register that day. They weren’t even going to fire me only going to write me up because they had no proof. I quit on the spot because I refused to sign the write up. Then not even a month later I heard that the manager who was trying to write me up for this was fired for stealing money. He was trying to place the blame on me so no one would realize that it was actually him stealing the money at night when he would count out the registers.

  26. This is 1000% bullshit, you should steal with three hands, but be careful, your employers are straight up criminal.

  27. Anyone else gonna point out this is illegal. If you work you must be paid. They can’t take missing money from a drawer out of your paycheck.

  28. Get the GM to sign that, take a picture of it, refuse to sign it yourself, get the fuck out of there and report it to the labour board. Every sentence is illegal.

  29. When I worked in food service as management. In our training it was stated that it was against the law to have the employee cover the loss of the drawer. If we suspected theft we were to fire the employee, if it was due to incompetence we were to retrain the employee, if that didn't fix it then we were to fire them as well. If I was an employee for this company I would get in contact with the labor board of the city or state that they work in.

  30. get their signature, the ask for a cpy tof all your employment paperwork "for your records" then take that to your lState DOL. Both of those provisions are illegal.

  31. if this is in the US, its not enforceable. you can file a wage complaint with your states labor department to get your money. they will get it for you.

  32. Yeah that's gotta be state specific for that to be legal. I would strike it out, ask them review your negotiated response and sign it

  33. Not legal anywhere that is subject to conditions of US Fair Labor Standards Act labor law. You worked the time, you get paid for the time.

  34. Putting illegal shit in writing still makes it illegal... furthermore it is being done so brazenly that I'd even step further and seek to disgorge the employer from any profits made from their illegal labor exploitation... I have zero case examples of it, but seems like the perfect case for it.

  35. Well say the drawer is suddenly over by $100. Mathematically speaking, it is short by -$100, so you must pay -$100 to the drawer by removing $100 from the drawer and crediting $100 to yourself, therefore balancing the drawer.

  36. Sure, deduct drawer shortages from the paycheck of The Werefrog. However, fair is fair, and The Werefrog get to keep any overages.

  37. I dont know what part of the world you live in. But where I'm from, that's illegal. You should tell them you want a lawyer to look at it before you sign it. This is what of those "You're held responsible because you're dumb enough to sign it" kind of sheets.

  38. Not one single bit of that is legal. You cannot sign away your legal rights as a worker in America, so I would say that piece of paper is useless. But it could be extremely useful when you hire a lawyer to sue their ass off and provide it as evidence to the labor board.

  39. Well, I only plan to work there 10 days, so before I quit, I'll just take the money out of my drawer and they can deduct that from what they owe me.

  40. The worst part is that most employees in the US that this is done to have no idea what their rights are or that this is illegal. Employers who do this can potentially get away with it for a long time.

  41. what state is that agreement legal in about not getting paid at all? I worked at a company that said you had to do ordering for your dept. The tablet for doing orders used a 300$ stylus, if the stylus was broken or lost you had to pay for it, then they started saying you had to put down a deposit or give them your drivers license to get a stylus. I refused to comply with that and told them that I guess I don't get to order for the dept then. they threatened my employment and I told them I'm taking the evidence I collected about this whole subject to the State employment office, the store would be fined and so would the manager engaging in this activity, it's illegal to make an employee pay to work. That put a stop to it real fast.

  42. All of this is illegal. You have to be paid what you worked, and they cannot take pay out of your check for money missing. They can fire you if they think you are stealing but that's it. Send it to NLRB or whatever agency.

  43. My fist job when I was a teen was at a gas station near a highway in Montreal. Always lots of customers and I was always usually covering shifts alone. Since the gas station was with service, I had to leave the small shop to pump the gas, check the oil and clean the windows while customers could browse the shop to their heart's content... I was responsible for the daily inventory of the shop and low and behold, my register would always come up short and stuff was missing from the shop at the end of my shift. I never understood why there was no cameras inside... The owner was a cheap bastard.

  44. If it’s a grocery store, it’s probably union. If working under a collective bargaining agreement, standard labor laws do not apply. Point of reference, the AFLCIO is the most corrupt organization in corporate America and this is completely believable if you’ve ever been involved in their “negotiations” with employers.

  45. An employer shall not require the employee to sign a release of the employee's right to any wages that are due and earned by the employee, unless those wages have been paid.

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