I got this white hoodie two days ago.

  1. After some time in life you realize that white clothes simply don't work in the real world, got a white t-shirt and made sure I didn't get dirt in it anywhere, turns out my sweat itself stained it below my armpits, and it simply never came out, it is what it is I guess

  2. Every time I wear white, I have a fight with the copy machine at work! "Needs a new toner cartridge" it whines. Of course NO ONE else knows how to change it. Just don't wear white.

  3. ^ This, and use cold water until it is ready to wash as hot water will clump the blood proteins. After washing, do not put it in the dryer if the stain is still present. Try to keep it wet with cold water and continue treating the stain.

  4. If you’re near a Dollar Tree or Dollar General get a spray bottle of Awesome. Works better than hydrogen peroxide. Spray the crap out of it let it sit for a few minutes and spray again. Then wash in hot water. If it doesn’t come out the first time DO NOT DRY IT!!! Repeat the process until it’s gone. Awesome also works great on a variety of other stains too. I keep a spray bottle and a gallon refill in my laundry room. My clothes look great

  5. have you considered to stop the stabbings....y'know for the sake of your white hoodie....you could also used a plastic coverall.....learned that one from an episode of Dexter

  6. Cold water, mild soap. Soak it, clean it in circular motion, gently. Rise, and soak the spot in hydrogen peroxide until the spot stops bubbling. Then wash the jacket, and there shouldn’t be a stain after.

  7. Get some oxi clean, I got into a golf cart accident a little while ago and had to wash a lot of my blood out of my shirt which was covered in it, took my clothes over to my mom and oxi clean and stain remover did the trick. All my clothes look brand new

  8. first mistake... white anything.. you're just asking for it to look bad within 2 washes anyway

  9. If its blood Put a bunch of salt and water on it and rub it in before you wash it. The salt breaks down the proteins in the blood so it will be less likely to stain

  10. Reminds me of the time my buddy borrowed my white shirt and I jokingly said “don’t get any blood on it”. Still not sure how he managed to get blood on it…

  11. If it’s blood soak it in cold water and use a detergent with oxy clean (or hydrogen peroxide like others suggested) to spot treat it before washing on a cold cycle. Repeat until stain is gone and do not put in dryer or hot water because that will set the stain

  12. I had a months-old blood stain on a white bedsheet. Sprayed some bleach on it, and I could see the color disappearing in minutes. After washing it, I can't find where the stain was.

  13. Bro, everyone is getting these white clothings and then complaining about how dirty they get. Just don't get white clothes?

  14. This was the first time i ever wore white clothing. I havent had any nosebleeds for more than 3 years. And exactly the one Day i wear a white hoodie, i get the longest nosebleed i ever had.

  15. Assuming thats blood, hydrogen peroxide will get it out. If its marker (idk if it works with sharpees), put the shirt front-down onto a paper towel and then sponge rubbing alcohol into the marker. Itll take a while/a few tries no matter what kind of stain it is.

  16. I did this once! I really wanted a white denim jacket. It was one of those things that I had almost bought so many times and talked myself out of. I was in a store one day with my dad and he finally just bought it for me. The very first time I wore it, I was driving with hot chocolate in my hand. There was a pothole.

  17. If it’s blood, just pour hydrogen peroxide on it, let it soak for 5 mins, then wash it like normal

  18. use cold water with salt in it, or a little bit of hydrogen peroxide but never use hot water on blood, it binds the proteins and makes the stain worse

  19. blood stains on clothes can be a bitch, but if you are fast (same day) you can still get it out of your clothes. especially after washing it a few times. i had the same with a bright yellow hoodie. i couldn't tell it was there after te 2nd time washing it.

  20. Look into a fabric spot cleaning gun. Screenprinting suppliers have what ya need. For real wear goggles; the chemical (name escapes me) can remove flesh at high pressure.

  21. Nose bleed, rinse in cold water when the blood is still fresh, then use hydrogen peroxide. If the blood is no longer fresh, just use hydrogen peroxide. Or, just buy a whole new sweater

  22. If it's your blood, spit on it and use Hydrogen peroxide rinse. Put soap directly on the blood tand work it in while rinsing then let it soak. I hate getting blood on white, have had many years of figuring out how to get it. Do it before it sets.

  23. It's probably too late now but once you have wine or blood stains immediately use peroxide it'll break it up it won't even look like you had a stain to be honest I don't know if it'll work now it's been set in

  24. My gf bought me a white shirt before an independence day party a year or 2 ago and I was immediately pelted with those stupid little poppers when we got there. It's covered in little ash stains and burn marks.

  25. Thats why I never buy bright clothes. Got once Lacoste bright green polo for 100 EUR and fucked it up with coffee next day, since then Im getting only dark colors

  26. I find cold water and soap works well with getting fresh blood stains out. Or peroxide as someone else recommended. The peroxide is a little harsh though.

  27. Spray oxi clean on the stain(or any spray stain remover) and then put oxi clean powder on top of the sprayed spot and wash like normal. Should get that out. Spray a lot to really soak the stain and put extra oxi clean powder in the wash, as well as, directly on the stain. That’s my trick to removing pretty much every single stain from blood to shit to food to pee. For context, I’m a senior caregiver who also babysits.

  28. You cab use “Shout” stain remover for many types of stains, I use it all the time. I also carry a “tide to go” pen in my backpack for such accidents, helps remove the stain immediately or loosen it enough until you get home to wash it.

  29. First soak it in peroxide and clean it, then cut your hand and drop your blood over it before putting it in the dirty clothing pile Cops hate this one simple trick...

  30. This is why you do your murderin' in dark colors. But honestly if it is fresh blood COLD water and it will just rub right out.

  31. I'm a very accident prone person. I always get stains on my clothes no matter how careful I am, it's super annoying to clean, and so I upcycle. I add stlysh holes and distressing, or bleach splatters, tie dye with dye the color of the stain, put buttons or beads or painted designs over them, use iron on letters, embroidery, e.c.t.

  32. Cold water sterilising fluid (soak 10-20mins)or washing up liquid, bicarbonated soda & white vinegar (wet, rub in the washing up liquid, sprinkle the bicarb & spray with white vinegar. Give it a litlle scrub (it should foam up with the bicarb)

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