Maybe if Apple wants to be more environmentally friendly they wouldn’t make such shoddy cables that need to be tossed every few months?

  1. Maybe this post should say that they shouldn’t make their cords so tasty to cats. My cat doesn’t eat anything but official apple cords. I don’t know why, he will walk past 5 cords in the open to go dig an apple cord out of the drawer, bite it clean in half, then go take a nap

  2. Used to get this type of comments a lot when working as a student in Apple retail store. I also don’t know what people do with their cables to make them look like this after a few months. I had 1 cable that looked like the left one, and that was after 5 years of use and bringing it with me for school and stuff

  3. Carry the cable in a bacpackpack. I have had this happen with a few cables. The wire covering starts to peel and fray. When i stopped carrying them like that regularly, issue stopped.

  4. These were my literal words and I open the comments and see it the first one in....bro forgot it doesn't TASTE like an apple it's just an apple product

  5. Like crashing a car and complaining with the company that the car didn't withstand a crash with a wall at 100kmh

  6. This. Mine occasionally just stop working for no reason after a while, but they’ve never cracked or busted open like OP’s. Looks like his dog got ahold of them tbh.

  7. Lol no kidding. I’ve used the same 20 watt adapter and cable since opening my 11 pro three years ago. Amazing how long they last when they are taken care of.

  8. I used to work at an Apple Store, and I can’t tell you how many people would come in and complain about this and get wildly indignant when I told them this is obvious damage. Don’t treat your cables like shit and they’ll generally last a pretty long time.

  9. Same, my personal cable is in great condition and I’ve had it for a year or two now. Most damage it has is a minuscule hairline fracture

  10. What usually kills my cables is that I plug my charger in on the wall that my bed is against, so the cable bends at an awkward angle

  11. I don’t know! Someone pointed out that you shouldn’t use your phone while it’s on the charger. So I guess that? I swear I’m not eating them 😅

  12. This is such a typical Apple response. Something wrong with an Apple product? No, you must be doing something wrong.

  13. If you remove the plug using hands instead of thrashing it with your cyber-pterodactyl claws or using your face you may have better luck with cable longevity.

  14. Uhh… I’ve been using the same cable for the past year and it’s still in great shape.. I wouldn’t even know how to do that to my cable lol.

  15. It happens to mine too. It’s usually from using the phone while it’s plugged in. It has nothing to do with “taking better care of it”, I even carefully coil my cables everywhere I go. iPhone cables suck ass when it comes to durability compared to other cables

  16. The cracked cable is from next to my bed when I charge at night. The other is from my car. All of my tech stuff is in great shape. I take care of it since I’m poor (not that rich folks don’t take care of their stuff). My 4 year old phone doesn’t have 1 crack or even scratch. I don’t have an explanation for these cables.

  17. My wife kills every cable she gets because she insists on propping her phone up on the charging end like a pedestal... I have never had to replace a cable.

  18. This has been my experience. Literally have cables of my own so old they begin to discolor, but they still work. Lucky if we get 3 months out of a cord my wife gets her hands in. Handing her a charger cord is a death sentence (RIP those poor overworked cords).

  19. How hard would it be for Apple to allow the screen to rotate upside down? Then you could charge while having the phone propped up.

  20. I will shit on Apple for making chargers that break when caught in a car door, but this damage isn't Apple's fault.

  21. Well one has been (I assume) slammed in a drawer multiple times and the other could have been saved by putting the spring from a clicky-top pen over the cord. It’s not hard to take care of your stuff so it’ll last longer. I still have my original iPhone 5 charger cable and plug that goes everywhere with me when I’m not home.

  22. It angers me how many comments here assume OP is abusing the cable. I take care of all my cables and have had several official Apple lightning port cables that ended up looking like the one on the left. I also use USB-C and MicroUSB cables regularly and none of them have fallen apart like that before.

  23. I was not prepared for the backlash lol. It sucks being called a slob and abusive by hundreds of people when in reality I take care of my stuff.

  24. It's pretty common for cables to be like that after a while. Mine looks even worse(that's probably cuz I bend it a lot and it's 3 years old.)

  25. I have never had to replace a charging cable in my life. I still have the charging cable from my first cell phone and it’s still in great shape. I don’t understand how people wreck their cables like this.

  26. How are there not more people identifying with OP? Yeah, the one on the right I can’t explain, but it’s a common complaint in my family that our cables wind up looking like the one on the left every few months. It usually happens when you use your phone while it’s charging, which frankly, is something you should be able to do without it shredding like this.

  27. My cables never end up like that and I use them while they’re charging and I’m laying in bed all the time. I make sure to not bend the cable while I’m doing it. If you bend the cable at the base, this happens. But as someone who is always laying in bed and always charging their phone, this never happens to me, even with genuine apple cables.

  28. I use my official apple cable that came with my phone I got like 4 years ago, I use it while charging all the time, the cable is still in peak condition. It’s user error, you might not realize it’s user error and I don’t blame you, but it’s still user error

  29. Seriously. Lot of people simping for apple’s shitty ass cables. They’re notorious for this and it doesn’t happen with other cable manufacturers

  30. Stop smashing your fucking cables into your fat stomach. Is this real? “I can’t stop bending the fuck out of my cables and they keep breaking, damn you apple!” Like, what?

  31. I use my phone while charging and this doesn't happen, because i sit still and don't wave my phone around like a maniac while i use it. Using the phone while its charging is no excuse for cables looking like this, you're just the dumbarse waving your phone around with a cable in it.

  32. Because apple makes the highest quality cables I think. No iPhone charging cable has lasted me longer than an official apple one.

  33. I have the same cable I’ve been using for over 6 years and it has a small hairline crack in it. Idk what you’re doing to your cables man.

  34. I’ve had the same cables for my iPhone 5c since 2014 and they’re still fine. The cables that came with my current phone, the XR, are still in the box unused.

  35. i haven’t had this happen to any of my cables in years, you just have to take good care of them, like anything else you own

  36. Have had mine from the box with my 2018 phone since then. Stop doing what you’re doing to yours and they actually last.

  37. Bro I still have my iPhone 5 charger and it looks brand new. No clue what you're doing to your chargers

  38. I've never had this issue and I've had like 20 of these cables. Are you ripping your phone off the charger every time?

  39. Ive had the same two chargers for a couple years now. Seems you might be too rough on your things. Don’t blame Apple.

  40. I have never had anything like this happen, although I did have one ruined when it got caught in the working parts of a reclining chair. Perhaps you are a bit rough when using them..

  41. I'm confused about this. Apple USB-C cables seem to be the best to me. What are you doing with them?

  42. my cables do this after YEARS of wear and tear, which I do find annoying. but every few MONTHS? you are doing something incredibly wrong for them to look like this after a couple of months.

  43. [looks at years old Apple cables that are fine] what the fuck are you doing to those cables? I think this is more likely a “you” problem.

  44. I’ve still got cables from my very first iPod. What in the world are you doing to your cables?

  45. maybe you dont handle your stuff with care. i still have the cable from my iphone 7. i have 2 spare just from buying newer iphones.

  46. Never had this happen. It’s Physical wear. Charging your phone while you’re on it is the cause of this. I still have my cable from before Covid. I keep a dock by my bed and charge it overnight if the battery is low

  47. I mean it is kinda OP’s fault. I’ve been using cables like these for years and years and none of mine look like this. Wtf was he using them for? You can’t misuse a product as simple as a cable and then blame the company for how you destroyed them.

  48. I've been an iOS user for a long time. All my PC, camera and android cables look fantastic. The iphone cables look like this. They have for a long time. Apple apparently wants to be environmentally friendly so they take the PVC out of the cables and it makes them brittle and susceptible to damage. It also makes them a lot more money. The main culprit is when people charge their iPhone on the desk or table while the charger is plugged in underneath. The 90 degree angle of the desk crimps the cable and causes wear.

  49. have had an iphone for 5 years and haven’t changed my original cable. all in all, i haven’t bought extra charging cable ever .. always used the originals

  50. Bro im still using the charger from when SE1 was a thing o.O don’t fidget with your phone when charging (if you have to use it at all) and keep it straight, no bending, no pressure bear the socket. If it’s terribly not your style consider searching for those cable cappers that protect the socket part… from you basically

  51. It’s definitely not apples fault! I still have my iPod 4th gens cable and it works like new. All my iPhone cables still look like new… you need to take more care of your stuff.

  52. Maybe start taking care of your things? I’ve had my Apple charger for years and not had a single issue.

  53. Planned obsolescence is definitely a thing but my charger cords last me at least a year usually. OP is definitely being too rough with the cord holding their phone at a weird angle while it charges

  54. You can override that setting, but it means that it’s likely that when it needs to spool up he CPU it won’t get enough amps from the battery and the phone will shut down cold.

  55. Well I don't know how you do that to a cable But they do need to Milk every single one of their customer out of money So I Guess that's possible

  56. Man I love all the people going “bro just take better care of your cables.” Willing to bet half of those people don’t actually use the out of the box iPhone cable because yeah, they’re dogshit and break easy. Maybe not every few months, but exaggeration to emphasize a point is fair in this situation.

  57. Maybe if you wanted to be more environmentally friendly you'd stop buying low quality products and instead go for more durable ones ?

  58. aight you mongrel, these cables are kinda special, if you take care they last for years no joke, if you treat them like any 5$ cable you buy at the gas station they break easily, maybe if you didnt put them in a fucking dryer with bricks and knives you wouldnt have to post on reddit

  59. I have cables that are over 5 years old. The condition those cables (OP) are in, it doesn’t matter what style of connector they are or were. They are micro-electronic cables not tow straps. Use cable management and a little TLC.

  60. Wtf, do you routinely put your cables in a shredder? I’ve got mine for about 8 years and they look nothing like this…

  61. it's 2022 and people don't seem to understand apple does their stuff to not be fixable or durable. It's all made to be replaced in a couple of years. I don't care if you have your iphone 1 till present day, if you know how to take care of your stuff, great for you

  62. They don't want to be environmentally friendly, they want their cost reduction measures to be perceived as environmentally friendly.

  63. But those cables are biodegradable, that's why they're so shoddy. If you want something more durable they'll have to use nasty components that won't degrade. /s

  64. This happens to me too. The one in my car looks like the left one in your pic. But im kinda hard on that cable so I get it. But the one in my living room cracked open, although not nearly as bad as the one in the right and I have babied it.

  65. I've had constant issues with iphone and macbook chargers over the years. A few of them never have these issues, but it seems most eventually start to break

  66. Idk what you’re doing to them, but my dude, they last way longer than that. I’ve never had to replace a cable because of disrepair before

  67. Some of my old ones from years back don’t look as mangled as yours. Maybe discoloured but that’s it. Do you pull from the cord? Try to hold it at the base when pulling off

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