Kids area of a hospital lobby. N is for ?

  1. I thought maybe the alphabet they copied off had a nest with some eggs and a baby bird, but when they made their own cheap version they simplified the pictures and left the nest out, not realising that it was necessary.

  2. N is for Nothing matters, everything ends in oblivion. Everything in existence will become erased once the universe begins collapsing upon itself, birthing a new universe. Pretty heavy shit to put on a kids educational play mat.

  3. this made my day lmfao. honestly made me laugh out loud before i go off to drag my sleep deprived self to my asinine office job where i’ll probably be fired because i’ve worked there for three weeks and still don’t understand what my job even is

  4. Newton, from when the egg fell out of the tree and cracked open, discovered the theory of gravity. Little known fact, he adopted the chicken and it ended up heading up the Illuminati.

  5. Ok ... here is my guess as a kindergarten teacher ... it was probably supposed to be nest but where the rug was made perhaps in China they didn't speak English and didn't realize that the nest is the actual part the egg and chicken sit in and so they simply left the nest out of the picture due to the fact that without speaking English they wouldn't realize which part actually begin with the letter N.

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