At least it was a short flight

  1. Was on an Accela from DC to NYC and this woman next to me kept doing this. I would just shove her foot back over with mine. She got increasingly mad and started trying to read my texts on iMessage (from my laptop), so I just started blatantly texting about her and how this gross old lady had no manners.

  2. That's what bugs me about posts like this, I don't understand why people don't speak up. If they say no then they can chat with a flight attendant about it.

  3. “Could you move your foot please?” If they don’t, then put your foot on top of their foot. If they wanna be in your space, they can deal with your feet.

  4. exactly, like maybe the guy was just unaware that he was making someone uncomfortable. and maybe all they had to do was ask and it wouldnt even have been an issue. but whats the point of that when instead you can come to reddit for 7k upvotes.

  5. I was gonna say to assert your dominance by sliding your foot into his foot space. If he doesn’t move it after asking

  6. On a recent flight, someone shoved their foot right up against mine (in my area) and I grabbed their toes with my toes. They moved away after that.

  7. sometimes when your tall enough you have no choice (the asshole in the picture definitifly isnt) and at 7 foot i often have my knee in someone elses space but thats why i always try and get an aisle seat and i put my feet in my space yeah its a uncomfortable angle but im not gonna make someone else uncomfortable because im uncomfortable. back to your point now i had that happen to me ones but i just said: sorry my leg is in the way.

  8. I had a young woman literally use my shoulder as a pillow for most of a flight once. She was cute and I was feeling a little lonely so I just went with it. Flight ended and she just walked off like nothing happened.

  9. I let a guy do this on my shoulder for like 10 hours of a cross country bus ride. I was paranoid at first bc I’m a chick and I was traveling alone, but I finally just said fuck it and went to sleep too lmaoo. Woke up at one of the stops that let off half the bus and he moved to a different seat that emptied up. After we were moving again he turned around in his seat and said, “I know you’re good people cause you let me sleep like that for so long. Thank you.” Spent the rest of the trip talking about our vastly different lives and backgrounds. I still think about that guy and wonder how he is over a decade later.

  10. LOL! Was on a train from Naples heading to Vienna. Woke up as the train was slowing only to realize my face was in some guy’s shoulder and I’d been drooling. Pulled in to the station and—quicker than I’d have thought possible—I stood up and in one fluid movement grabbed my overnight bag, wiped my face, and got off the train.

  11. My husband fell asleep on a guy who just let him rest there. He was so embarrassed but the guy just brushed it off and said it's okay, you looked really tired. Lol

  12. According to my girl, this old lady and I fell asleep propped on each other’s heads for hours. I had no clue until after we disembarked the train.

  13. This happened to me so many times. I start out in my own chair, but I guess when I fall asleep, my head falls over. I’ve always woke up mortified and everyone was always really nice about it.

  14. Honestly, I’d like guy or girl pretty or ugly do that. Perhaps I’m just desperate for physical intimacy or validation or some shit, but for someone to feel comfortable doing that would make me feel like I’m viewed as a safe person

  15. Did this accidentally once and was absolutely mortified when I woke up and realised what I had done! Guy was really chill & nice about it though

  16. Hopefully she didn't drool lol. My last flight some man dropped something and decided it was okay to reach for it and in the process stick his head directly into my lap. Was not happy

  17. Some flaca italiana did this on me in a colectivo in Chiapas, I didn't mind either :p. Ended up hanging out with her for the next 36 hours or so, which was exhausting and ultimately regrettable but hey, I got some stories out of it. Chao Sara.

  18. Morning after my wedding, half of TSA was shut down due to computer problems. We missed our flight to our honeymoon by litteral minutes. Ended up flying standby on a flight only a couple hours later. But because we were standby we were seated basically as far apart as possible and I drew an aisle seat. I'd had only 3 hours of sleep the night before and spent the nearly 3 hour flight repeatedly falling asleep and accidentally dropping my head against the shoulder of the guy next to me. It was honestly mortifying. Far from the semi-comfortable snuggle against my new husband I had planned for the past 8 months. I empathize with her completely.

  19. I am 6’5” 215. My chiropractor will retire soon because of this. I will lean and not sleep in such a bad spot for a cross country trip before doing this.

  20. Knowing the AH on the next seat or not, this doesn't need to be reminded for readjustments when there's the rightful occupant present (OP) - it's just basic decency. There's no way you can't feel a person literally being right next to you and something suddenly is touching skin (the bag), except when you're unconscious/asleep.

  21. The woman on the right is within her own space. You can just barely see the metal bracket for the chair (silver strip next to the middle gal’s knee and black bag)

  22. Knowing them might not change anything. My mother seems to think “Red’s foot” and “the sidewalk” are the exact same thing and will yell at me if I make a sound when she steps on me for the fourth time

  23. You see, I kind of do this whenever happens to me. I open my legs (not promiscuously) and widen my arms to try and take up as much space as possible. Some people don’t like to be touched so when this happens, they start shrinking away. Kind of like an animal trying to make itself seem bigger to scare away predators.

  24. I used to travel quite a bit at work and I found that I had the right mixture of personality traits to become a bit of a vigilante against "criminals" like this man who's foot is in the picture.

  25. Gotta love ppl who come to this sub to say this. People posting here are not looking for advises, they just wanna share their mildly infuriating moments, my man.

  26. What kind of man does this to a lady? She’s already stuck in the middle seat. My rule is if you’re in the middle seat, you get both armrests. The guy in the aisle can lean into the aisle; the one by the window can lean toward the window. If you’re in the middle, you’re stuck. I’m giving you all the space you can get.

  27. While I deplore this behavior ya'll have to admit the airlines have you packed in there like sardines. I don't even fit comfortably in those 3 seat rows. I usually pick the seat closest to the walkway for some extra room. There's also not enough armrests for 3 people in those rows. Wtf is up with that.

  28. i mean both her neighbours are out of place, but it's logical the dude needs a bit more space than this petite woman. i would ask both of them to please move their legs, but what would truly enhance her comfort is to remove the bag in the front so she can stretch her legs.

  29. Absolutely not! You're already in the uncomfortable middle, this is just disrespectful and/or could be considered harassment and invasion of space! If you feel uncomfortable saying something, next time let the FA know, we got you!

  30. First, people criticizing her for not speaking up are entirely missing the point. He has his foot jammed up under her bag; he knows what he's doing. To say that she is required to speak up is saying that he otherwise has a right to annex whatever he wants from whomever he wants. And, in his mind, that's exactly what's going on. She's small, he's big, he "needs" more space, so that space is his now.

  31. Everything here saying “jUsT UsE YoUr WoRdS” as if it isn’t annoying that some dude thinks he has a right to her space in the first place 💀

  32. This happens to me quite often when I take the bus (I am a woman). When you find yourself in this situation regularly, of course it's annoying. The redditors who say that OP was at fault for not reacting make me a little angry.

  33. I mean sure but the guy might be doing it unknowingly. If it’s intentional, then he’s a douche. But more often than not this is a situation that goes:

  34. I was on a 4 hour train at night sat next to a guy in his 40’s with his leg basically halfway across my leg space. Wasn’t even a tall guy. Clearly just finished work, in his badly fitting business suit and was on his way home loudly eating his £3 meal deal and making a mess all over himself AND me.

  35. Bro... They probably took a pic then told them to stop, so they could share with the world that this man is an idiot, then get their leg room. If they didn't, then stop bitching on them for being shy, if they wanted people to give them advice they wouldn't have posted on

  36. Just open your mouth and use your words and tell him to move his feet. I have short legs and I've had this done to me several times and I tell them excuse me you're in my space. They will move their feet.

  37. Funny to see people complaining and crying on Reddit about people on planes, taking their space with legs or hair. Just ask and talk to people ! They won’t bite you !

  38. why do you people not stick up for yourselves? its getting really pathetic to the point where that is what infuriates me. Stand up or shut up... like FUCK.

  39. I'm a big dude and I suffer on airplanes because I put other people's comfort before mine. I'll turn my wide shoulders at the expense of my back being sore for days after. I always try to get an aisle seat so my mass has somewhere to go but I always get surprised by the drink cart smashing into me. I would not ever even ask a person if I could invade their space like that, never mind just doing it.

  40. I actually prefer a window seat because I can press myself against the wall and that's actually more comfortable than trying to hold yourself together in some contorted position for hours. And damn that drinks cart can be dangerous.

  41. I would have put my foot up on that netting, hovering above theirs, or on that metal armrest between the front seats. Highest foot wins this game.

  42. Another infuriating thing is being seated next to someone who constantly bounces their leg up and down. I had a friend who suffered from this. Whenever he was sitting still be it on a plane or in movie theater he would bounce his leg up and down. Constantly had to tell him to stop and he would and shortly after it would start again. Is was an involuntary restlessness. People 4 seats away could feel the entire row of seats shaking.

  43. I would've said something to the flight attendant, people need to be called out their bullshit and learn manners and personal space boundaries.

  44. No if that's not a relative or a friend put your foot on the other side where it belongs. And I can tell it's a male and they do that wide leg spread.. No no no no

  45. Absolutely not. Call me a “Karen” or entitled or whatever, but if someone ever tried that with me, I would say something. If we don’t call out ignorance or blatant rudeness, we are condoning it.

  46. Had something similar happen. On a flight to a turkey the woman next to me shoved her carryon under the legroom of my seat before I got to it. Seeing this bag I asked her politely if it was her bag. She said yes so I told her she would have to move it as it was my seat and I had my bag. She immediately turned nasty and demanded to know where she was supposed to put her bag as she needed her leg room. So many replies crossed my mind. However I told her it was a full flight and I was going to put my bag there. She angrily and slowly moved the bag then sat sideways putting her two feet under my space! I told her to move her feet and she suddenly was unable to understand English. I tried again but she started screaming at me in Greek. So I kicked her ankle and she moved. She then switched seats with her husband. The poor guy was tall and had the aisle seat. She was short! He was polite. I felt sorry for the flight attendants as she bitched and carried on about not getting champagne (in coach), she was uncomfortable, obviously I was the cause. It was a long flight.

  47. I’ve personally had someone react poorly to me saying “excuse me” politely, so I get nervous confronting anyone even in a respectful manner.

  48. Oh dude, one time I was on a 2 hour flight sitting next to a man and (probably) his GF. The ENTIRE FLIGHT he had his legs spread eagle, his left leg was on mine, like skin to skin contact. I was like ??? WHY MAN.. He literally fell asleep like that. I was so annoyed and the girl didn’t even notice or just didn’t care. If my man had his legs on some random woman I would have said something to him! I have awful anxiety on planes and hate confrontation so I just put on a show and tried to distract myself. It was genuinely so rude though. Some people have 0 decency or awareness of others. Especially young men. (Sorry not sorry, it’s just the truth.) I was thankful my flight was only 2 hours but it was genuinely so uncomfortable.

  49. Some people aren’t aware it’s making you uncomfortable though. How are they supposed to know unless you just be an adult and communicate. Just talk it out. Practice fighting that fear of confrontation.

  50. Alright so I’m 6’-10” and while there aren’t a lot of folks that face this problem, there have been a few occasions where I had to fly and couldn’t get a ‘premium’ seat that I could actually fit in. Spreading out is literally the only way to fit. On the other side my leg would be in the aisle and I would be moving it constantly to allow people/carts to pass. I always ask the person next to me if it is alright and usually they can do the math. I’ll reiterate; if you have a problem, use your voice.

  51. I’m a guy, and I would NEVER do that. If I’m alone in my own seat inside my own home, MAYBE, but in public? Invading other people’s space?!? FUCK no.

  52. Soooo did anyone notice the mild atrophy in the right quad of this woman? OP, have you had any leg or back in injuries lately? Just looking out (I am a physical therapy student)

  53. I was a lot bigger than I am now when I flew last about 9 years ago. I was in a middle seat with an average size man to my right and a petite woman to my left. I knew I wouldn't encroach either because of my size but I still did my best to keep my legs as close together as possible. Was a 5 hour flight and I made myself as little as possible because it isn't right for me to take up more space than I paid for. My legs were jello by the time we landed. I'd fight someone if they encroached in my rented space on a tiny seat in a plane.

  54. It’s not like men go around looking for places we can spread our legs and get in peoples way. It’s just natural and more comfortable to spread your legs out when you have a dick and balls between them. I would bet more often than not that men don’t even realize they’re “man spreading” and a simple reminder would solve the issue.

  55. See I'm 6'7 230 pounds and I have never and will never invade someone's foot space when I'm already dominating the arm rest because of my natural size. This person is inconsiderate.

  56. Oh heck no. I would not tolerate that, short flight or not. I paid for this seat, you paid for yours. Keep your feet where they belong. Haha. I'm sorry but people behave so entitled now and days, have some common sense, and courtesy. I'm not afraid to speak my mind to the people who deserve it & possibly need it. Some people just don't realize how rude they can be.

  57. should be "wildly infuriating" that's MY space I paid for. I do not put up with stupid entitled people on planes anymore. People that stuff their crap in the overhead compartment thats not even near their seats? called out to flight attendant. stretching your arms out and touching my face? immediately corrected. I cannot stand inconsiderate people.

  58. We are a normal sized couple. On a recent flight from Albany to Philadelphia we were separated each to sit next to two morbidly obese women who needed half our our seats. Each of these ladies were charming and so polite to us, but it was clear why the airline had chosen our seating

  59. Why do people, women especially, allow themselves to be treated this way. I would have said "move your leg, fucker, before I stomp on your foot". Same with long hair on your movie screen, feet on your arm rests......friggin' SAY something!! Oy vey.

  60. To be honest. They both are inconsiderate people. Things like this shouldn’t have to ask. In fact they should be the one asking her permission/ if she’s ok they use her space..

  61. I just start man-spreading myself until they get uncomfortable and scoot over. Other deterrents could be, but are not limited to, talking incessantly about Jesus, talking incessantly about Satan, coughing, removing your socks and shoes and picking at your feet, requesting more sick bags and fake gagging, scratching your head like you might have lice, etc. There's lots of legal ways to get people to back off. Happy travels!

  62. I’m pretty sure she made the first move. I also must wonder by what cruel turn of fate has she found herself sandwiched in between the passive-aggressive footsie guy on her left and Ms. flip-flops on the right? She has zero chance of getting to the isle cleanly and efficiently should the need arise, and everyone knows open toed shoes on a plane are a sign the will to survive any in-flight emergency was long ago extinguished within the wearer.

  63. That's when you speak up and say sorry this is my part of the seat. Or people just think they can do whatever they want.

  64. Stolen post. This was posted the other day with a completely different title and a different user.

  65. Ye i understand the man. Being 6.4 at 16yo ur gone learn that cars and planes are not made for u. So what i would do as that man is just gently ask if he could use thay space

  66. You could call a flight attendant and request to be seated elsewhere. Alas, I guess it’s better to take a photo and earn internet points later.

  67. Nope. I’m yellow carding someone if they do shit like this. Get your hacked up, spider bit, meat stick on your side.

  68. Stomp on his fucking ankle and then say, "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize you needed both seats."

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