Settle an argument, is the far sock A. Upsidedown or B. The wrong way around?

  1. My 3 year old loooooves to dress himself. That’s how he decided socks go on and I can not convince him otherwise. It gives me a tiny lil aneurism every day.

  2. Myself and the wife have been arguing about this for the last half hour. Either way my son insists it doesn't matter but he's wrong... Soooo wrong!

  3. It looks uncomfortable. My youngest wore their shoes on the wrong feet for years and nothing I said made a difference.

  4. HOW on Earth can it not matter?!?!?! Just looking at that bunched up fabric at the bend of the ankle- where it does not! belong is making my brain itch!!!

  5. It's definitely the wrong way around, but the question is what is the upside of a sock? If the upside is the uppermost horizontally-split hemisphere of the sock, then indeed the sock is upsidedown. But if the upside is the hole into which you put your feet, then it is still upsideup.

  6. I don't care what it's called. But have you considered either beating him or putting him up for adoption? There's no saving that boy.

  7. I don't know what everyone else is saying and I might have backwards socks or something but the part halfway down the sock that's a different colour is the heel

  8. As long as he's comfortable wearing it. He'll either outgrow this phase or he won't. My daughter still wears mismatched socks on purpose. She's 26.

  9. I love how half the people are answering about the 2 socks, A being the far one and B the close one. But the title is saying; would you say the far sock is upside down or the wrong way around?

  10. There was this kid in elementary school, his mom used to punish him by making him wear his tighty whities over top of his pants. The kid was also a bully but no fucking wonder. An awful thing, Gregory I hope you made it out ok.

  11. A isn't the sock, A is just one of two options (A or B) that you could call the far sock. Personally I think both A & B are correct and interchangeable in this scenario.

  12. the answer is obviously both. wrong way around so you have to twist it, and the heel is upside down. schroedinger's sock. is and is not either one.

  13. Sock knitter here. 👋 Socks are knitted either top down (casting on at the cuff and working down the leg towards the toe) or toe up (the reverse, obviously). Which means that what you see in OP's picture is wrong way around (and an indictable offence).

  14. Not really upside down, but one day I went to the bathroom at work and discovered I had my underwear on sideways. (It was a thong. A leg hole around the waist, half the waist band on the but crack. )

  15. The question makes no sense. There’s no reason it should be either/or. “Is this tomato A. juicy or B. red?” “Is the Pacific Ocean A. salty or B. deep?” These questions make no sense.

  16. If the sock was up-side-down, the toes (down side) would be where the top would go. A 180 degree turn in the nature of the sock with the down side down means it is rotated ... so I am going with option B.

  17. Who cares it’s a sock. I’ll wear it how i want, I’ll wear it on my forking head if i want who’s gonna stop me huh

  18. It’s the wrong way around. The top of the sock is where you put your foot in, you can’t wear a sock upside down.

  19. As a knitter, that black wedge is literally called the heel. Please. It is less obvious in mass produced socks in the world can they not feel the difference???

  20. The question isn’t which sock is put on correctly. The question is what do you call how the person put on the sock with the heel on the top of the foot.. A or B (as written in the title)

  21. It's both, simultaneously. If something is upside down it is also the wrong way around. I like to think "the wrong way around" isn't a specific direction like up or down but it depends on the object itself. For example, if you turn a glove inside out it is still the wrong way, even though it will still fit on the same hand, the same way. Really I think it refers to the improper use of an item. Now, this sock has been put on incorrectly, putting the padded heel portion on the lower part of the ankle joint. In doing so it is both on backwards (as it had been rotated 180°) and is also not being utilized in the correct manner. This is just my take on the issue and I have been drinking so take that for what it is.

  22. Before it went on the foot, it was upside down, but once on, it became the wrong way round. Source: lifelong daily sockwearer.

  23. The wrong way around would be the closest argument ( meaning that you have put your sock on the wrong way). Upside down does not make any sense because your whole self would also have to be upside down as well. Shit... That's the worst question to have to answer, I'm sooo confused now??? My answer is: you put your sock on wrong.

  24. there is no argument, the black part indicates the heel and anything else is just wrong. A is upside down in the 9th dimension too.

  25. Trick question. The sock is is right way round, but that person got ankle tapped by a razor scooter and needs to go to the hospital immediately.

  26. Your argument is about semantics. The sock is upside down in reference to the floor (and your foot) and is technically the wrong way around (around the axis of your foot) because its orientation is not as that of the closer sock.

  27. How is this a question? All sport socks have extra thread on the back and the bottom of the heel to absorb the extra friction there. So obviously the closer sock is correctly worn. The farther sock even shows how the pre-formed heel fabric is all bunched up. Someone needs better friends if this is something you argue over!

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