Next door neighbor parks both cars in front of house, blocks my mailbox and leaves theirs open

  1. Had a bit of this with a neighbor. A simple “hey man, could you park in front of your house instead of mine” took care of the problem.

  2. But that would involve being a normal person, and using your words to talk to a human being and attempt to politely solve a problem. Better to passive aggressively post a photo on Reddit. See, also, women whose ponytails accidentally fall over their seat backs on airplanes.

  3. Unless neighbor is a total nutcase like mine whom I politely asked twelve years ago for his kids to stop walking through my property in front of my window in my flower bed and they’ve all been harassing us every damn day since. Finally moving soon thank fucking god

  4. What was their reasoning for doing it? What kind of people are so inconsiderate unless they get called out for it? Sociopaths.

  5. Sometimes usps will stop delivering your mail if the box is routinely blocked & you'll have to talk to tye post master to get your service started again. Just be friendly about it, no big _^

  6. Postmaster here! Technically when you have a mounted box like this and it's a single occurrence the carrier should dismount for that single occurrence and leave a notice which explains that you're supposed to leave 15 feet before and 15 feet after the box so we can deliver. Generally we can make due with less than 15 feet depending on what vehicle we are driving but that's the rule.

  7. I’ve strongly considered it. Thing is, they are super nice people, I think they just aren’t thinking. It’s a small thing to start drama over so I am on the fence about it.

  8. Pfffft this is Reddit, you have to immediately have their car towed, get them sent to jail, and have them delivered unfit parents so their kids are put into the system. That's the only appropriate response.

  9. Hi, mail carrier here! Wanna know a fun fact about someone else blocking your mailbox? You have every legal right to tow them. We aren’t gonna go around a car like this to deliver the mail. Tow them. Teach them they can’t park there. Is there something wrong with their driveway? Or their garage? And if they have too many cars, maybe they should get rid of some. Either way, tow their shit.

  10. We called the city out on one neighbor who parked an RV in front of our house, taking up both of the street parking spots, their driveway and half of our driveway. They were using it for storage. Code enforcement came out and made them put it in their driveway.

  11. Another good idea before this type of escalation is to maybe go talk to them and ask them to not do that since they are your neighbor and jumping right to towing isn't too neighborly and would probably just cause animosity and make the future less pleasant.

  12. Wait what i dont see any comments where OP says they tried talking to them, so i dont know where youre getting this “they’ve tried talking to their neighbors and they didn’t give a fuck”

  13. You said they’re nice so I’d play it like this… “Hey neighbor! Wanted to talk with you about my mailbox. I’ve been notified that it is against the law to have it blocked & the USPS won’t continue delivering if anything is parked next to it. I’d hate for you to get towed!”

  14. That depends on if the street is owned by a hoa/real-estate management company. If the street is privately owned op can do that. If it's public, unfortunately the police and possibly the tow company will do nothing.

  15. Typically when I see this kind of setup, it's a construction trailer and they're doing it to keep thieves out.

  16. If they are nice people then a polite conversation won't be a problem. Express to them that the mail delivery person couldn't access your box and asked if that was your vehicle and if you could move it.

  17. Quick and easy: “Hey neighbor, the mail guy informed us that they don’t deliver mail to blocked mail boxes. Could you give us like 3 ft, thanks have a great day!”

  18. Hello, postal worker here. Have you tried calling your local post office and speaking to the postmaster? It is illegal to block a mailbox and the postmaster will go to their house and let them know. Going about it through the post office will most likely lower the possibility of angering your neighbor because the blame can be placed on us instead of you. If they still don't comply we can get the police involved, but the blame would still be on us 😉

  19. I had this happen and my mail was being delayed, so going to the local post office and chatting with them about the situation helped get my mail delivered. The carrier also put a note in their mailbox stating that if they didn’t unblock my box, their mail would be held. I never had a problem with that car again.

  20. They’re trying to prevent the trailer from getting broken into. But that’s not your problem, they should block their own mailbox for that. I’d start with a note, and move to a tow if they ignore you.

  21. Yep. In my neighborhood the cops have ticketed people who park in the wrong direction. We had a party one night and one of the kids friends had parked like that in front of the house. She woke up to find a ticket.

  22. High road: just mention to them how your mailbox is blocked. Play it off like it’s no big deal and you wouldn’t have even noticed until you missed a few pieces of mail you were expecting

  23. You should have murdered them. How dare they temporarily park in front of your mailbox and not present you with an opportunity to discuss the issue with them!

  24. Okay so I have to know, were they truly THAT ignorant that they didn't realize they were blocking your mailbox like that? You gotta be pretty all about you to miss that repeatedly.

  25. I have a corner lot on a u shaped street. I have this happen sometimes. It’s amazing people will not park in front of their house or have visitors do the same. I will confront these people. If they don’t listen. I park my extra vehicle in their way.

  26. You could just talk to them about it like an adult. It's entirely possible they don't even notice they're doing it. People get caught up in their own world all the time.

  27. So, they're trying to block in whatever is inside that little tow trailer. Seems like they fear theft and are really pushing the keeping it safe thing. I'd call the cops and say you suspect a dead body.

  28. Actually they parked the SUV hooked to the trailer then backed the F-150 up against it tight to prevent thieves from stealing the contents of the trailer and/or the trailer itself. They probably didn’t even pay any attention to mailboxes being so fixated on the trailer problem they had overnight. Honestly there mailbox isn’t really open for the mail carrier to drive up to either. I bet if you asked them they’d be apologetic and more observant in the future….. then again they could be purely entitled little maggots who need a swift kick in the sack also!!! It’s pretty clear they are protecting that tiny trailer for some reason though

  29. It’s inconsiderate, yes, but some people do things absent mindedly and it isn’t malicious or intentional. Unless they have beef with OP I highly doubt they’re just doing this to start a fight lol why are so many people treating this like some kind of act of war

  30. Update: knocked on the door, no answer. This post is in mildly infuriating because I’m not thaaaaat annoyed by it. I will go talk to them for sure though.

  31. No problem, just try again later. If you’ve never met them before introduce yourself first. Remember to be polite in explaining the issue, most people will be understanding and not do it again.

  32. I can guarantee you that your mail carrier is well beyond mildly infuriated by this. It may not be currently inconveniencing you by much, but it's making others' jobs needlessly difficult.

  33. Call the local postmaster and complain. Could be a federal issue, since it is a mailbox. They may give better advice, about towing, etc…

  34. I have neighbors who sometimes park in front of my property. causes the grass on the road edge to die and just leave dry dirt. When I see cars there I run my lawnmower back and fourth a few times over the dirt and coat their cars in dust.

  35. I had this issue with people parking in front of my house and occasionally In My Driveway to pick up their kids from school. Once you block them in 3 or 4 times they get the hint. Left one lady stuck in my driveway for 6 hours. She walked home with her kid and came back 3 times before I answered the door. Also used my winch to pull one dude out in the fire lane in front of the fire hydrant and the cop up the road wrote him a ticket.

  36. This happened to me. Super nice neighbor asked if we minded if their son-in-law parked in front of my house because he was temporarily staying with them. I said, sure, of course. Then he parked a huge truck/trailer in front of my house. After a week or two, I got sick of it, so I parked my own car in front of my house for a few days. They got the message and it solved the problem with no drama. I think towing is a bit extreme.

  37. From my understanding after reading, blocking a mailbox is illegal, and based off the laws from where I live parking facing against the grain of traffic is also illegal. This entitled person really does suck.

  38. How does the mailman react to that lol?? Mine won’t even stop at the house if the mailbox is blocked. You should definitely say something to them, that’s fucking rude.

  39. Just talk to your neighbors and see what they say. If they apologize and move their vehicles, you will have a better relationship with them. If they swear at you, you can take additional steps.

  40. Hey! POST MAN here. Those that are parking in front of a mailbox agave every right to park there. You do also have every right to have their stuff towed.

  41. Park in front of their mailbox and if you do it properly you’ll prevent them getting one of their vehicles out without moving the other one

  42. Next time they move their car, just park your car in that spot. Leave it for as long as you can and see if you can break the cycle.

  43. old neighbor used to do this every single day. he was the only person that parked in the street and we had a ton of kids always playing outside and running around. it made it difficult to see what and where the kids were and what they were doing with his vehicle parked there. i started parking my car there minutes before he came home from work just to keep him for parking in front of my house. i would wait till he walked into his house and then pull my truck back into the driveway. it sucked. but i won.

  44. It is a Federal Crime punishable by a fine and or prison time to willfully obstruct a mailbox/mail delivery. Someone else cited the US Code, however, you can go into your local post office and speak to your post master to report it, speak directly to the letter carrier who can report it and actually call to have the vehicle towed, and or lastly you can call the postal inspector/police at 1-877-876-2455.

  45. I’m all for parking on the public streets, but don’t be a dick about it. I have to park in front of other peoples houses because my house is a turn-in from a Main Street so I don’t wanna get hit, but even then, I leave ample room for other cars both in front and behind me between the houses.

  46. Where I live it’s illegal to park facing the wrong way. Maybe you could call parking enforcement and have them come ticket the one car at least.

  47. You could have it towed for being parked the wrong way. Never say anything of it. They will wonder why their car keeps getting towed.

  48. I would just mention it. It’s either, there was nowhere else to park, or your “nice neighbors” have a hard time taking their neighbors into consideration. Just be polite about it next time you see them. It doesn’t have to be a Jersey Shore Showdown.

  49. This was the best answer I've read. Let the USPS carry the burden. You will have nothing to do with it. This way there's no conflict with your neighbors.

  50. Put a note on the mailbox stating it’s next door neighbors car blocking your mailbox and the neighbor won’t get mail..I’m a carrier and I promise you I’ve done this so it will work

  51. Depending on your local laws one or both of those vehicles is illegally parked. Blocking mailbox is outright illegal in some states, and in every other state can cause the USPS to just not deliver your mail. And in most places it is illegal to park against the flow of traffic.

  52. The car on the left is parked on the wrong side of the road. It would be such a shame if the cops saw it and had to ticket them for it.

  53. Have you asked him not to block your mailbox. It’s probably against the law anyway. Ask and see how he responds.

  54. Bro you gotta talk to them, in my area, mail doesn’t get delivered if mailbox is obstructed. On snow days if there isn’t a path to the porch then packages don’t get delivered either. “Destination was obstructed” or something similar I forgot.

  55. Just leave some nails out there, a handful a week, until they stop parking there. You don't need to slash tires, just a slow passive aggressive leak will do the trick.

  56. This is the problem with the generation that’s on Reddit. Walk over to your neighbor and have a conversation. What the fuck is wrong with you people

  57. If I remember correctly the postal worker who delivers mail in my neighbor will leave a note on a car if it is blocking the mailbox. I don't know if that is common.

  58. I would ask them kindly not to block your mailbox and if they continue to do so then do. As the amazing usps worker said above and have them towed.

  59. Have them towed or wait for the vehicle to leave that blocks your mailbox the park your vehicle or something else infront of it and if you want to be civil I guess you could talk to them first

  60. Sprinkle some landscaping rocks all over the grass on the parkway. Then, get a cheap lawnmower that you don’t care about and just make sure the shoot faces their cars when doing routine yard work. :). A few high velocity rocks from the mower will help them find new places to park!!!

  61. Sorry about your shit neighbor. On an unrelated note, how the fuck are you able to have such beautiful grass with no weeds

  62. I would first ask them to leave space so that I can receive my mail, being sure to note it’s a federal offense to block your route of mail. If they don’t move, then tow away. I wouldn’t go straight to towing 1st. No need to start a neighbor war if you can avoid it 🤷🏽‍♀️.

  63. I assume it’s legal to park on their side? I park my car in front of my neighbor but only because there’s no legal parking on my side (and there’s plenty of space and no curbside mailboxes)

  64. I had a neighbor like this. And he had tons of friends every weekend parking on our grass, blocking other driveways. You really just have to be a bitch about it on they will continue to walk all over you.

  65. Had that for a while in front of our place. Postal worker left nasty note in our mailbox and we told them it wasn’t our car. We also told our neighbors. They did nothing.

  66. Dude, Fuck USPS. I worked for them for 8 years, carriers are the bitchiest, most entitled, greedy, Unionized bunch of fucking lazy complainers I've ever been around. Don't take ANY advice from a mail carrier, they've got no room to give anyone, anywhere, any kind of advice.

  67. Sounds like you need to talk to the neighbor. If neighbor doesn’t change then time to find out local laws about having the vehicle towed.

  68. Both of these are parked illegally. The truck is blocking the mailbox access, and the SUV is "jayparked", parked against the flow of traffic

  69. If your street is public and not private, his vehicle can possibly be ticketed or towed for blocking a mail box.

  70. Want to solve the issue of your mailbox being blocked? Talk to them and simply ask that they not block the mailbox.

  71. Accidentally drop a handful of screws in front of your house, or do as I do and point your lawn sprinklers out towards the street that usually works for me

  72. Fuggit. Call the non emergency line and report that they are blocking you from getting your mail. When the cop shows up, it will be on record, making it habitual if you have to keep calling on them. That's not even including a ticket for parking against the flow of traffic. At the very least, I'd have them towed every time.

  73. Get it towed. Where I live if someone is blocking your mailbox you can have a cop and tow truck called out. They’ll take the car issue a ticket to the owner of said car, and they can’t sue you cause they’re technically breaking a law lol

  74. Park your car in front of their mail box. No one owns the street, so unfortunately if you can’t resolve it by addressing it with them directly. Park in front of their mailbox, as close to the curb as possible.

  75. Since you said your neighbor is pretty nice, chances are they don't think the mail person is coming anytime soon or thinks they can leave before then. Just go talk to them and be like "hey, sorry to come over unannounced but can one of you move the car blocking my mail box?".

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