My university screwed all our dorm windows shut, so we can't open it up for fresh air or in emergencies.

  1. Lol my school had one on my old room cause the roof was directly outside so I could open it like two inches which didn’t do crap. Went and got the star tool to take it off forgot to put one back but I wasn’t charged so hey.

  2. Honestly probably. After a string of people jumping off the parking garages at my school they told us they would address the shortcomings in student health services. All they really did was put a fence at the top of the parking garages

  3. I mean, probably though. I remember in school two kids jumping out their windows. Then my roommate was at a party she provided alcohol for and a girl did a back flip and flew out the window and was in a coma. My roommate was fuuuucked legally.

  4. We have a 30 floor tower in my uni. The top floor is open for tourists to take in the view(it's on top of a mountain). First time I was there I noticed that all the handles were removed from the windows. A few years later when I went up there again I saw that they had bolted (as in, driven bolts) the windows shut. I guess it was too easy to bring a handle from home, it was a standard handle mounting.

  5. In case of emergency, fill out and submit emergency window opening form available at admin office between 11am and 1pm Tuesdays and Thursdays.

  6. Letting the fire Marshal sort through the code is the right call but this isn't a cut and dry violation. You need a set amount of egress options and capacity, these don't need to include windows in bedrooms, especially if a building is equipped with sprinklers.

  7. if they screwed them shut that’s a reportable fire hazard and you can get them, for lack of a better term, royally fucked. report them to your local fire department or building code inspector. that’s a massive massive illegal no no.

  8. Not necessarily. You can call but it might not be an issue if they've provided an evacuation route and meet building fire and life safety codes. Everyone acting like this is a major issue when I'm 99.99% sure it is not.

  9. No, it isn’t. That’s why just about every high rise building or store you go into has windows that don’t open. It isn’t an “exit” so it isn’t required to be unobstructed.

  10. I love it. You leave for a few hours and things get wildly out of control and takes on a life of its own. It’s beautiful, the human connection. 👏🤣 I’ve been creeping the comments for a while now, massively entertained.

  11. That is absolutely not a fire exit lol. Might be some other kind of violation though, wouldn't know unless I could see the local set of requirements.

  12. I work for a window replacement company, and can confirm every "bedroom" must have an operable window.....that can open. This violates building codes.

  13. Dorms are not bedrooms friend. The regulations that apply to individual homes are different from apartments, hotels, and dormatories.

  14. Plenty of dorm rooms have no windows at all. There are a wide range of codes governing when you need a window and when you don't. Adding in windows is usually the cheapest option but universities are really worried about jumpers.

  15. Common sense tells me the university double, triple, and quadruple checked all laws and regulation regarding bolting the windows closed to avoid any kind of violation and/or lawsuit.

  16. I don’t know where all these Reddit building code specialist are coming from. It is very common for colleges specifically to modify windows in dorms to keep from fully opening. Think about any hotel you’ve stayed at ever as another example

  17. Sensible comment. Some windows clearly cannot be considered fire escapes, so the lines of discussion need to consider that.

  18. Right?? I lived in high rise dorms at a very large public university, the windows maybe opened an inch. They were no way that it was a fire exit.

  19. Seriously, I'm thinking...are building codes the exact same in every jurisdiction in the US now? Even private colleges? How do they all know what city and school OP is at to know the codes?

  20. Excuse me friend, but I once played on the same little league team as the Fire Marshall's son, so I'm pretty sure that qualifies me as an expert.

  21. Those hotels are all violating code but all the fire marshals are on reddit, so they haven't had a chance to do an inspection yet.

  22. It’s because some student somewhere jumped out of one once. They’d rather have you burn alive than jump out yourself or drunkenly fall out. Report this. It’s a fire hazard and if you’re in a university, you’re probably an adult.

  23. Unfortunately it’s not “one student once”. It’s very common. When I was in uni it happened twice in 5 years. Different campus housing locations. Still super illegal to block/seal fire exits.

  24. Im an MEP engineer alot of retrofit or new construction projects have non opperable windows to imrove buolding envelope and efficency conditioning is provided by heat pumps and ventilation is active through and ERV. Oppening windows would negate the whole savings from the design

  25. Got put on academic probation or whatever they called it for suspected use of marijuana in my dorm room. Hell yes I smoked it up. Hell no they didn't find any evidence.

  26. I used to smoke blunts in my dorm room daily i can't believe I never got kicked out, being friendly with the RAs pays off people

  27. Paper towel roll + fabric softener wipes were the trick in my day. I can’t imagine what tech there is out there now to make weed smoke/smell go away.

  28. Each of you should call the local fire department as well as the university’s insurance carrier. That is a HUGE liability

  29. Sure they do. They're just cattle. They're the coveted Cash cow. Strip away as many rights and force them through the ringer until they're in debt and long lasting mental health issues. (I REALLY don't like college)

  30. Open it up anyways. Claim an emergency like the sticker says. Emergency being your room is causing claustrophobic asthma attack & causing you post traumatic stress because that window isn't a fire escape. I have bad dreams over my Windows in my illegal suite regularly...its nerve wracking.

  31. Unscrew it, cut the head off of the screw. Then put a small dab of sticky putty on the bottom of the cut off head and place decoy head back where it was. Now you can open the window safely.

  32. Not uncommon in public housing or any non-private residential building. Hotels typically have windows that don't open. Same with offices. It's not considered an appropriate exit for a fire and other exits as well as an evacuation plan have been provided. Additionally, ac/ventilation has been provided, all as required by building and safety codes. This is a nothing burger. Now I'm hungry for a burger.

  33. People have no idea what they are talking about. I normally expect better from Reddit but this thread should be locked due to extreme levels of disinformation.

  34. Fire Marshall. Punitive fine for the university. Student Housing Director gets fired, replaced, windows get unscrewed. Everybody gets happy, except for the asshole who caused the problem in the first place.

  35. Just peel all the stickers off. Nothing says you can't do that. Then there's nothing telling other people they can't open the window. In all seriousness though, I hope the Fire Marshall rips them a new asshole. Let us know what happens :)

  36. Elimination of a method of egress could reduce the number of egresses below the minimum allowable by code

  37. My dorm did this too. Everyone I knew took the screws out and placed them somewhere by the window to replace them before move out.

  38. My entire campus was like this to combat attempted suicides. I always thought it made sense except for as you said, in emergencies or extreme heat. Sometimes we should be able to open the windows.

  39. Um, call the fire department IMMEDIATELY. That’s incredibly illegal unless you have emergency exit doors across from every window.

  40. When I was a freshman in 2017-18 I lived in a basically brand new dorm building. All of the windows were only able to open a few inches top/bottom. Pretty sure this is becoming a standard if it isn’t already one in dorms.

  41. I am an RA and the reason the windows here you can’t open (they aren’t screwed shut. You could open them if you really tried bc fire duh) them is bc of the AC units. It’s to save energy and money as well as to prevent mold. I think it’s a dumb reason don’t get me wrong but that’s just what they told us

  42. I know at the University of Alabama, this is common in dorms. The windows can still open 1-2 inches so they’re not all the way unusable as far as I know. This could be different, but that’s how it was for me

  43. My father is a firefighter and has responded to a call in which windows were screwed shut. No one was hurt as it was not a severe fire and was confined to one room, but had it been a larger fire people could’ve easily died. If you haven’t already, report the hell out of this. Remarkably illegal and dangerous

  44. Not necessarily, egress rules are complicated and this may be fine from a fire safety point of view. Hotels and apartment buildings have lots of bedroom windows that are not egress points.

  45. This is not illegal anywhere EXCEPT single family homes in all 50 US states. Please don’t use Your fathers experience as your own as you clearly do not know the legality of the situation

  46. Same reasons hotels don't allow windows to open more than a tiny crack any more. People throw stuff out, fall out and jump out.

  47. In a fucking emergency, break the fucking glass. It is easy, take a hammer, pull back, and swing. I could care less about some fucking screws, you should go outside more anyway. This proves you all are stupid.

  48. Yep I’d contact the fire martial I’m not sure how they could allow that as it’s an emergency egress. Has to be a code violation.

  49. It is more likely a code violation for them to screw windows shut. I would definitely report it to your city fire marshals office. There is a reason rooms are required to have windows. It it's just for light but for air ventilation. You can't even consider a room, a bedroom if it doesn't have a window. Not sure who's idea this was but it was a very stupid one and that person should be losing their job.

  50. That is a massive fire code infraction. Hell things like this is why they have laws for this sorta shit, people died when a building caught fire because their boss got tired of them smoking in the stairwell and he blocked access to it.

  51. Not necessarily, egress rules are complicated and this may be fine from a fire safety point of view. Hotels and apartment buildings have lots of bedroom windows that are not egress points.

  52. These become fixed windows once screwed shut and so are not covered under this section. Each state has rules on egress you can look up if you want to know, the easier option is look at the fire plan and see if it has the bedroom windows as egress points.

  53. I can see the argument being made that it should no longer be considered a non-fixed window for the purposes of that section—since it has been modified to be, in effect, a fixed window. Since a "fixed window" is just a "window that is not capable of being opened," if we're being pedantic it is in fact a fixed window, and thus would not be subject to this section. It would be no different than, say, a fixed window designed to look like an openable window.

  54. Had the same thing in our dorms. Everyone just unscrewed them. That shits a bluff, like what are they gonna do bc u opened your window? Most ppl also wanted to not hotbox the entire dormitory floor when smoking, so there’s that.

  55. Breathing old stale air is actually bad for your health and your brain, you should always air out your living spaces. it's funny they did this to university students.

  56. Outside air is usually brought in via other methods. There are usually dedicated equipment to bring fresh air into the space. They are actually called DOAS “Dedicated Outfoor Air Systems”

  57. Every school is under a fire marshal: you can often request their information from your county’s non-emergency line (if you’re USA) if the school won’t give it to you. Source: worked in housing

  58. Why hasn't OP reported this to the authorities? Also, why does this sticker look like it was ripped off something else and then stuck here for the karma grab? It even looks like it was peeled off based on the corners of the sticker. Yeah but fuck all of the stupid old people and boomers that believe everything they see on the internet. Redditors are complete idiots pretending they're not.

  59. Has anybody tried it to see if it is maybe a short or soft aluminum screw that will maybe pop out or break off when the handle is pulled hard enough, give it a try let us know😂

  60. You are saving lifes when you just call the fire inspector of that District or a health inspector... That shit definitely raises the risk of fungus infections in the building and people.

  61. Take pictures then undo it. If they got a problem with it you can show what they did to the local fire inspectors

  62. Call your local fire dept for inspection I used to do this exact thing. They'll take care of this pretty fast.

  63. If they screwed them shut, wouldn't you need to unscrew it to escape in an emergency? Seconds can make the difference between life and death. This seems like an extremely poor decision.

  64. Oh the fire marshal is going to love that. Hell our fire marshal 20 years ago saw a bucket wired over a single water sprinkler in our company ghetto data center and lost his fucking mind on us lol.

  65. I swear the logic on college campuses is so ridiculous it's crazy. Like I asked my organic chemistry professor to record lectures like my other professors do and her response was "While we have the recording hardware set up we can't record lectures because then we'd be a hybrid class and this is supposed to be an in person class because the chemistry department requires students to attend. I hope you understand (:" I will still be attending in person lecture but in the off-chance I miss it or missed something for my notes then I would like to watch the freaking lecture recordings!!!

  66. To prevent students from jumping out(suicide). It happened at my school. Back in the early 80’s 4 students jumped in the same semester. Everyone pays for the actions of a few.

  67. In college, we had a boiler issue and the dorms tried to hold off on fixing it by giving us electric plug in heaters. One call to the fire marshall in Akron fixed our boiler problem. This was in 1987. Fire marshals are your friend!

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