standing on a baby orca for a photo

  1. This is shit, even for the bigger one. The desire to capture and humiliate wildlife is gross and paying to go SEE captured and humiliated wildlife is equally so…

  2. Does SeaWorld or whatever it's called still exist? Are there places that still hold these animals captive or have people stopped being pieces of shit?

  3. While this certainly doesnt go for all establishments, many zoo's and other such places which keep wild animals are actually saving many species from extinction and giving animals a chance to live out their like in incredible comfort compared to their siblings living out in the wild. Unfortunately because capitalism doesnt like things that dont make money, many of these institutions are forced to display these animals to people who in turn give them money. Again this definitely is not always the case and I have been to zoos where it was clear the animals were not treated well and zoos where a lot of care and attention is given to the animals.

  4. “After a 2006 attack, an OSHA investigation in 2007 concluded that, "The continuing factors to the incident, in the simplest of terms, is that swimming with captive orcas is inherently dangerous, and if someone hasn't been killed already, it is only a matter of time before it does happen." SeaWorld successfully challenged the report, which OSHA agreed to withdraw.”

  5. Pretty much. They took the photo. They published the photo. They must be proud of it. So let's give them some credit for their work.

  6. Not sure how universal the availability is, but there's a documentary called 'Blackfish' on Netflix in my country. The abusers and the theme parks knew how shitty the situation was. Even the whale hunters felt bad about their capture strategies and regretted their job at the time.

  7. Full disclosure: Fuck Sea World, but I worked for them as a security guard for a few years. We had to be posted at the whale training area 24/7 because of activists attempting to sneak in and remove three 8,000lbs whales…somehow. The trainers were absolute pieces of shit. Very entitled, refused to acknowledge your existence, had very strict rules around their training areas, and always wanted exceptions made as they saw fit.

  8. I went to sea world one time when I was a kid. Something happened at the end and one of whales completely flipped out and stopped doing what it was supposed to. Except it was like no one noticed but me and the trainers. The trainers or whoever it is that puts on the shows we’re looking panicked in the face as the whales were flipping out and jumping around and shit but they just quickly turned off the music and the trainers ran off stage. People in the crowd just clapped cuz obviously they didn’t know what the ending was supposed to be like. It was weird.

  9. And the insanely shallow water they’re in at the moment. They can’t even get away from this treatment. They might as well be beached and vulnerable

  10. This is so disrespectful to the whales, more and more I get tired of seeing humans act less and less evolved with each passing day 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  11. Look up the 2013 documentary "blackfish", if you want to know what happens, when you hold Orcas in captivity. In conclusion: There is not a single report on wild Orcas killing a human. In captivity it's a different story, those animals don't belong into a tank.

  12. They need to shut down sea world and any other place like it. Those animals deserve to be in a nice big ocean. Only places that should be open are the place where they catch animals help them back to health and release them.

  13. Generally speaking, you cant release many captive sea creatures. They simply don’t survive. All you can do is somehow break the breeding and capture cycle.

  14. While I agree with you on shutting them down, unfortunately captive orcas are non-releasable. The orca actor who played Willy in Free Willy had an attempt at a release but it unfortunately killed him. Most of these orcas were either born in captivity or were brought in to captivity when very tiny (for example, Keiko [Willy] was about 2 when captured) and therefore don’t know how to survive. It sucks so much and I feel so bad for these babies.

  15. After finding out how they first procured these amazing animals by setting off basically depth charges to separate the baby's from the the adults in the pods and then turning them into dancing monkeys for us to all enjoy it never feel bad for those who choose to get into the water with them and it ends up costing them their lives. Don't wanna see anyone die but these are wild alpha top of the chain animals. All ya gotta do is watch 1 minute of them in the wild dorsal fin erect and their sqauking and barking and in a tiny pool thst fin is damn near folded in half they show no form of happiness.

  16. These animals belong in the wild. They become depressed in enclosed conditions and have been known to act out.

  17. As far as I know there are 8-15 (sorry I really don't remember the correct number)orcas in captivity and they still do shows, withojt the trainer in the water But theyre not allowed to breed them anymore. So once the last orca in a zoo dies, no more orcas to be captured.

  18. Any decent person would know that standing on top of an animal, literally squashing it like that isn't considerate at all. The bloke probably doesn't give a damn and wants a few likes for the insignificant Instagram account he has.

  19. If people eat or wear animal products they are likely contributing to treatment much worse than this to many animals… this is nothing compared to what happens to pigs and chickens and cows

  20. I thought "Wow, big baby. At least it doesn't look too too bad." Then I looked to the right and prayed for more orca trainer accidents.

  21. Not mildly infuriating at all.... just full on infuriating. These poor orcas. Then they just can't understand how and why orcas go after them 🙄

  22. This picture really sums up how disgusting people can actually be. Like who in the hell would think standing on top of a BABY orca is a good idea let alone for a damn picture. They probably worked with these orcas daily and yet they would do something like this to them…. Really shows how much they cared for them. They just see the orcas as their next paycheck. I know this is old but still, you can’t not get mad seeing this, especially having seen orcas in the wild.

  23. Is this seaworld? If it is this makes sense. Also, the adult shouldn’t be stood on either. I mean the baby is being like crushed but it can’t be fun for the adult. If you want more good reasons to dislike sea world look up “orca enclosure vs parking lot” or “cars then orcas” the first will give better results though. I’m sure most of you already know about this, but for those who don’t yea, look it up.

  24. As an animal trainer, don’t they have like degrees in biology and all these special trainings in the animals they watch? But they’re like screw the training, let’s surf on this freaking baby and it’s mom.

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