The toilets in the house I’m staying have no water therefore you cannot poop in them

  1. I have these toilets and they are great. It has low water like that but when you flush they release hell and everything is gone in a second

  2. This is the normal amount of water you see in most toilets around the world, American toilets are unique in how far up the bowl the water goes.

  3. If there is water elsewhere in the house, you can fill up the toilet tank with water using a bucket or pitcher, whatever. Toilets are low tech. It's possible, for whatever reason that the water to each toilet has been turned off - there is a valve at the base of each and you could turn it back on. This is sometimes done in areas where there might be a freeze. If there is no valve and the toilet isn't even hooked up to water, then you can still fill the tank manually - just hope it's connected to septic. IF there is no water, ever then you would be smelling septic fumes as water is used in the pipes to create a block for the fumes.

  4. Yeah, Australian here and I’m completely confused as to what it’s supposed to look like and failing to see why OP can’t poop in it. Ours are like this, doesn’t stop any of us.

  5. Its a low flush toilet, meaning it uses significantly less water than your standard US toilet. Very common in Europe and elsewhere. And of course you can shit it in.

  6. I’ve pooped in that toilet before. You hold the handle for about 10-15 secs to get more in or get water from a pot and call it a day

  7. There’s water. They’re low flow toilets. You could always try adding more water, but I’m pretty sure they are the water saving kind.

  8. OP, if it’s a Koehler, lift the tank lid. There is probably a small tube/hose that popped off the top of a cylinder in the middle. Push the hose back on. Replace the lid. Flush the toilet. You should be good to go. If not a Koehler, other directions are posted nelow

  9. If it’s a vacation rental, like VRBO or Air BnB, they might have just turned the water off to the toilets on the wall next to/below it.

  10. The whole world is a toilet. You can shit anywhere, don’t let the government brainwash you into thinking otherwise.

  11. That's what has always confused me when visiting relatives in the states. I've never been on a toilet where the bowl wasn't at least 1/2-2/3 filled with water. I've read it produces less smell because your poop is instantly enclosed in water, and that you have less poop stains in the toilet, because of that as well.

  12. We have plenty of these toilets outside of housing if the OP ever needed to use a toilet outside of his house he would find the same thing

  13. I was trying to find what's wrong with the picture, until it dawned on me that OP must be from freedom land...

  14. Americans are so used to pooping in swimming pools they they can't imagine people using sensible amounts of water in their toilets.

  15. Australian toilets have low water level, generally designed so the flush mostly clears skids. American toilets look like they have such high water they look like you’d teabag your nuts and far too high a risk of Poseidon’s kiss.

  16. I will confirm that I dipped the boys a few times last time I went across the pond. The worst was having to adjust my wiping protocols. I'm used to having much more clearance to work with, so I was constantly dipping my fingers in my own poop water.

  17. After working with the elderly in America - can confirm sometimes the water is indeed that high.

  18. Currently commenting here while posiedon has kissed my ass probably 3 times so far while unleashing an atomic shit worth being documented.

  19. I'm visiting Austria and the toilets here have the drain in the front and a small pool of water in the middle, disconnected from the drain. I'm from Spain and these are the most cursed toilets I've ever seen

  20. I have no idea what the problem is, there is definitely water in there. That’s a very normal water level, American toilets are WAY too full it’s weird.

  21. First time I went to the toilet in America, I thought the toilet must have been clogged by a whopper shit. It was a Walmart public bathroom so I don't feel like I should be blamed for thinking that was the case.

  22. Yes! I never thought I'd hear someone say they can't poo in a toilet because it doesn't have enough water in it. WTF?

  23. Looks like a normal amount of water in the toilet in my country (Netherlands). You can poop in there. Perhaps you'll miss out on it splashing back?

  24. You in the EU? Coz that's pretty standard. Not much lower than in England. Americans have waaay too much water

  25. Looks a bit like the lovely Dutch/German shelf toilets, specifically designed so you can thoroughly inspect each deposit before flushing.

  26. So, in some parts of the world it's normal for the water level to be low compared to the US toilets. Coming from NZ, I was shocked as a kid visiting America to see their toilets all full up to the brim like a coffee cup. My dick kept getting wet, it was bizarre.

  27. Thank you for sharing! As a NZ'er I am totally afraid of American toilets. I always wondered if dudes dicks/balls get wet. It seems so unnecessary and a bit piro.

  28. ....yeah there is? Go ahead, as long as water comes in when flushed or the water in there rushes out at a great force it will work. At least attempt to use it and make sure it ACTUALLY doesn't work before posting to a sub like this.

  29. The fact that I’m looking at a toilet with water and you’re ignorant is what I find mildlyinfuriating.

  30. I see literally nothing wrong, just not as much water as usual I see no reason why this should prevent you from being able to poop.

  31. That's pretty standard elsewhere. The mildly infuriating part is OP wanting to use way too much water to poop

  32. If there is water on the tap you can always grab a bucket or other container, fill it and do the business. After you're done simply empty the bucket on the toilet and it should flush

  33. I don't see the problem. Even if there was no water in the bowl, flushing would get rid of the poop wouldn't it?

  34. Technically, you can poop in anything… Whether or not it’s socially frowned upon is what’s in question here.

  35. Why can't you poop? Water isn't needed. It's going to be stinky and leave some nice streaks for the cleaning crew but you get the relief.

  36. Just adjust the vertical valve in the tank. Twist it slight counter clockwise and move it up about an inch. Then have a seat

  37. You have to know that there is a tank before you can fix things in it first! oh and how many times have I heard “I’m not touching the water in the tank! It’s toilet water!”? 😂

  38. That adjusts how much water fills in the tank, not the bowl. The height of the water in the bowl is based on the design of the trap in the toilet that leads to the waste pipe.

  39. I remember thinking this when I visited Australia. And then I flushed and it had the force of a thousand tsunamis. They also seemed to be designed in such a way that it all seems to land in the tiny splash of water instead of smearing along the side. And every public restroom seemed to have those Dyson airblades to dry your hands.

  40. Are you in Europe? That looks like a European toilet. You can definitely poo in them, it's just a different system. The cistern behind the toilet is full of water and will wash everything away. In my opinion it's a better system, they don't get blocked like us toilets

  41. Looks like a standard toilet to me. Not all toilets fill the bowl with water. Toilets in Australia look exactly like this, just a little water in the bottom filling the s-bend, which stops the smell of the sewer line coming out.

  42. That's how a toilet works in the other parts of the world which are not called America😂....this one uses new water from a tank to flush when you use the flush switch, not the existing water in the bowl.

  43. I have just found out that Americans need pools of water to shit inside. Nothing infuriating here, it’s just a normal European toilet.

  44. Everything is there, it's just that these toilets are not ejector toilets like most Americans. That's why these toilets don't fill completely with water. These toilets are put up, and very often, but not in America

  45. There are different toilet bowl designs which are popular in different countries. In the Netherlands the typical toilet bowl had a little water in it and you poop onto the porcelain. But when you flush it's all flushed and leaves little to no poop marks. It's not what I was used to, but it worked.

  46. There is clearly water? That is how basically every european toilet is so I do not see the problem. I am actually pooping in one at the moment, with the same amount of water.

  47. Apparently you haven't seen enough toilets. Not all have to have water in them. These fill up when you flush them and everything gets sucked down. Feel free to poop.

  48. As, an Australian this appears to be the correct amount of water. What are you looking for a bowl to dangle your nuts in?

  49. Wait so if Americans toilets are full of water doesn’t your dick touch the water? Doesn’t the paper you put in before just get soaked? Do you get shit water all over your ass when on the toilet? I don’t understand the toilets full of water

  50. People keep saying to ‘fill the bowl’ with a bucket but the water you add will just displace the water around the S bend because these toilets maintain the same water level. It can be lowered a little by evaporation of cleaning with a brush(pushes water around the bend) but is reset with a flush. If it flushes it works!

  51. What's wrong with you? Catch up, man! No one shits indoors anymore. Too stinky. It's another new normal. Head outdoors with some biodegradable gear and a shovel, make it happen and get it done like the barn yard cat at 05:00AM. Early in the morning! :)

  52. I’m in the US, and both of our toilets in our condo are pressure tank based. The majority of the water jets out into the toilet bowl from the bottom forcing all the material to flush out through the trap, about 15% of the water in the pressure tank goes out to the rim and sprays down along the sides of the bowl. There is water in the bowl, as with any normal North American toilet. Both toilets were billed as “clog proof”.

  53. You know that won’t affect the level of the water? The depth will stay the same regardless of how much you pour in.

  54. There is a normal amount of water in the toilet bowl. I have never seen a toilet with more water. And I would hate to have to poop in a toilet with more water.

  55. Press the flush. Sometimes if a toilet hasn't been used for a while, the water dissipates or evaporates.

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