the line at my school to check bags (keep in mind that almost all of theses people are wearing clear backpack)

  1. I remember when clear backpack first came out and the media heralded it as the end of school shootings. I got in a reddit argument about it and people were acting like this was such a game changer.

  2. Now you can entertain yourself in americans' favourite way. You can take a photo of his license plate and battle him in court for a few years with your own money only to realise that he have gone bankrupt and you won't get any of your money back.

  3. If you've ever been to O'Hare or a similarly massive international airport around the holidays you'd wonder why anyone would ever bother blowing up a plane when there's 30,000 people crammed into one little hallway.

  4. My freshman year of high school we had like 3 bomb threats in the first 2 months (never again after that, so it must have been one particular asshole). Each time they evacuated the school and had everyone wait on the football field bleachers as they checked the building.

  5. We were told yesterday that during an unannounced fire drill, to stop at our door and look around before escorting our students out. You know, in case it is an active shooter that pulled the alarm.

  6. Yep, more ridiculous security theater that inconveniences everyone so they can pretend they're doing something useful, but actually accomplishes little to nothing.

  7. Considering not all shootings are mass shootings, this wouldn't be every person's target. Sometimes people wanna shoot (or stab) a specific person.

  8. Just like the old IRA trick: call in a bomb threat, and watch where everybody gathers in the parking lot.

  9. I remember this happening 12+ years ago when I was in high school. We had a bomb threat. So they had us all enter into the gym to go through security before entering the rest of the school. But there were no security checks before entering the gym, the metal detectors and guards were all inside. There were hundreds of kids packed in that one small space at any one time. They literally made it EASIER for a potential bomber to inflict maximum damage. We never learn.

  10. My first thought was literally "So the best time to do maximum damage is just roll up and start shooting down the line"

  11. I remember thinking this after 9/11 when military bases upped their security measures. The line to get on base went from 2-3 cars to about a half mile. I was like, sure hope some crazy person that hates service members doesn't notice this.

  12. That is so true, you would think that they would have an area in the building for checking the students items while having officers guarding all the doors rather than having students a bigger target of not being as safe

  13. Plus this doesn't even help the actual problem. Shootings aren't done by someone sneaking a rifle in their backpack and stashing it till after 3rd period math. They just walk right in and shoot. This is beyond fucking dumb

  14. This isn't about stopping mass shootings. It's about stopping weapons from being brought into the school that hotheaded idiots commonly pull in the heat of the moment when getting into a fight. Those incidences make up the majority of America's violence in school problem and not the ones you see on TV.

  15. I said this back in 1999 after Culumbine. There was a bomb threat at the school, so we went from being spread out throughout the school to packed into the football stands.

  16. Active shooter now has a congested area where they know a bunch of kids will be every day. But at least it wont happen in the school, #AMIRITE?

  17. Yeah, if someone actually wanted to pull out a weapon, that would probably be the perfect place - where every kid in school is in one area.

  18. it really baffles me how in the search for solutions without bigger compromises, we seem to be just creating more problems stacked one after another… “give away our guns? Never! let’s just make everything worse and worse but pretend it’s making us feel safer…”

  19. I've always thought that. I would want to be one of the very first ppl in line. The ppl in the back or middle of the line are screwed. I imagine that the gunman would target the back so that he could quickly get away, or go in the middle so that he could target 2 sides. They should make ppl stand in a single-file line with their bags on the ground and security should be on the sides watching everyone.

  20. Yeah. The school shooter isn't attacking the school building, they are attacking the people who goes there.

  21. We had a school shooter threat in high school he had an ar15 in the building. Dude. The motherfuckers put almost all of the kids in the gymnasium.. ON ONE SIDE. We were all packed so tight and the other side of the gym was completely empty besides five lunch ladies. All it took was to randomly point a gun there and you hit a shit ton of kids no aiming needed

  22. My favorite thing is the "must be smaller than..." Even though its fucking clear. Unless you bring a child....then bring in whatever size you like.

  23. Yeah but this is what some parties want. To make school as awful as possible so that people withdraw and they can justify eliminating public education as a whole.

  24. I travelled by plane the other day and saw some kids wear clear Hershel backpacks and thought they looked kinda cool! I didn't even think that they might have had an actual purpose.

  25. I graduated a long time (double digits) ago and even my school had a clear or mesh backpack rule. And even purses over a certain size. Going to a concert at the end of the month and the venue has a clear bag policy as well.

  26. They made us do this dumb shit back in the 90s when some kid got caught with weed. We had to use clear or mesh backpacks since then. At no point did anyone actually do anything or hurt anyone… still to this day the worst thing to happen in that school district was inappropriate teachers.

  27. When I was in high school, now decades ago, we had a string of bomb threats near the end of the school year. Every time one came in, they'd evacuate the school and have all 2000+ students pack onto the football field bleachers while they swept the school.

  28. Shooters tend to go inside buildings because it's narrow corridors and people stuck in rooms. Uvalde, for example wasn't a shooter going after the pickup line at the end of the day, it was during classes. Pulse was inside the club, not the line to enter. Columbine was inside the school, not outside. Virginia Tech was inside the school. The only one you can point to as the exception to the rule is going to be Las Vegas. That movie theater one was inside a theater, not the ticket or concession lines.

  29. Also a great way to make sure any airborne diseases get properly spread amongst the population. Good thing that's not something we'll ever have to worry about.

  30. The fact that this is most likely a response to uvalde is so dumb, especially considering the gunman wasn’t even a student at the school. How the hell would a clear backpack solve that problem?

  31. What's to stop someone from rolling up, getting out of the car, and then unloading on a group of huddled high schoolers causing maximum carnage? Seems like this is actually fucking stupid.

  32. I asked my kids if they enjoyed their first day back. Both of them said it felt like prison (what they think prison would be like, of course) now.

  33. Dude I'm in Australia and they lock the bathroom doors during class time and make a teacher come unlock it who then has to stand there and only let 2 people in at a time. This sucks because they usually come 10mins into our 30min break and theres a massive line. If we go to toilet during break we have a single toilet that is disgusting and theres usually 3 people in a line for it.

  34. My school has always had a bathroom form. All teachers are required to make students fill it out when they leave the class, even if it's for the library, most teachers don't make students fill it out though. The reason they have that is so that if something happens to a student they can trace it back to the teacher, if the student didn't sign out, why wasn't he/she in class and why didn't the teacher notice that they were gone. It's for accountability.

  35. Like 6 years ago in high school I was in AP classes so thankfully the teachers had a bit more trust and I could just walk out unannounced , but in a lot of the normal classes you had to interrupt everything to ask to pee in front of everyone, then grab a big wooden pass and sign out.

  36. This is the counter if someone were to attempt a shooting but it seems it would be easier for that person to do so, your school is dumb as hell, you should probably bring that up to administration

  37. If you want more context this line cause multiple people to be late and the teachers will bame the students for not coming early even though the school open like 7AM

  38. Might seem daft but you should attempt to organise a sit down protest, get the whole queue to sit on the grass and refuse to queue. If you just accept this as the norm then it will continue unchecked, what's happening here is wrong and also incredibly more dangerous than old school entering procedure, pressure needs to be put on them now. Send this photo + some videos to news outlets and Facebook pages.

  39. What do you mean by blame? I mean the whole thing is clearly absurd, but if you are made late by the queue you get what? Any punishment?

  40. This seems so absurd to me (I’m from germany). We never had to let anybody check our bags and yet we don’t have a lot of school shootings. There must be other ways to prevent shootings…

  41. I lived in Germany for a very short time as a kid. A teacher asked me “why do your school buildings look like jails?”

  42. Honestly, in my native European country, this would have felt like an invasion of privacy, and I never had to show the contents of my bag either.

  43. I knew multiple guys who would hyve 100% stopped the line for as long as possible every day. We all already had bags with multiple compartments and multiple bags if we had sports class, but many people would have filled them extra full and brought even more bags just to keep up the line until quite a bit into the start of course, specifically for the purpose of fucking with the checks.

  44. Well the real school shooter is going to have a ball in that target-rich environment. Nice of the district to line up the vulnerable like that!

  45. Lol when I was in high school we had our bags checked for drugs...war on drugs and all. Now with the war on guns...they are looking for guns...maybe drugs too.

  46. it depends on where you go to school obviously. even in the 80s inner city schools would check bags. Meanwhile good schools today don't do this at all.

  47. Since school shootings got more popular and we don't wanna do anything about gun laws so we started checking bags in the most unsafe fashion possible. Isn't America beautiful? Lol

  48. Principal at this school: “hear me out, we’ll find the school shooter if we just all gather up, then we’ll get em!”

  49. To prevent mass shootings we're going to have you all gather in one spot standing as close together as possible

  50. Only dumb drug dealers bring their product to school. Why would you? Arrange the purchase at school and meet somewhere else for the exchange.

  51. Some schools near me outright banned backpacks and bags. So you just have to carry everything in your hands. It’s crazy

  52. Damn packed people in straight line, a dream for a school shooters. Some people are so fcking dense... This is so wrong on so many levels not just that.

  53. Wow, if someone wanted to shoot up your school, they have corralled thee students into an convenient area to all be shot en masse. School administrators seem like they received the least education.

  54. Ah yes let’s drastically increase the density of people not only during a pandemic, but also to avoid school shootings which only increases the density of targets for a potential shooter. Never mind the fact that this is exactly the goal of terrorism - disrupt normal flow of life through fear.

  55. It’s a dumb rule to not allow them. Everyone has a phone nowadays and restricting a whole group of people who pretty much live on their phone from even being able to use it for like 8 hours would solve absolutely nothing. Teachers and staff use phones nowadays too so it’s hypocritical

  56. Yes, because making the entire student body stand out in the open in a tight group is going to make things SO MUCH SAFER...

  57. I'm surprised more students haven't started secretly carrying one anyway. We have utterly and completely failed our children in this country.

  58. I know I posted it somewhere else but I'll say it again, how the fuck is this a better alternative? School shooter has 2 options, stay in line and get caught like an idiot OR take the perfect opportunity while a quarter of the school is probably in line everyday in the morning before even needing to step inside. It just feels like someone gave this exactly 5 seconds of thought before greenlighting this idea

  59. If anyone wanted to do a shooting, this is how you find the whole school in one spot apparently. I’m guessing it’s so they can’t take the blame if it happens before bag check

  60. If I had a gun on me I wouldn't hide it in a bag I would.... Obviously use my arm of pigeons to fly down and drop off my ak-47 in my hands

  61. I used to go to a school to pick up kids for an after school program. After every big school shooting they would start locking the doors and use the protocols they were supposed to the whole time for about a week and then go back to leaving the door unlocked. My favorite are the schools that make visitors check in at the office, but the office is down the hall past multiple classrooms.

  62. i mean grouping all kids together in one big group isnt very safe if theyre trying to protect from school shooters maybe not though

  63. What’s crazy is 30-40 years ago, kids literally had guns in their vehicles while they were in class and there were no issues. I’m really wondering what happened with people.

  64. My grandparents used to bring a shotgun to school almost every day to hunt after class, and occasionally bring some other gun for a marksmanship class in highschool

  65. The fun part of security theater is that it usually makes it worse. These check points make perfect choke points for shooters to hit more people or if someone had an explosive planted ahead of time they can take out that whole area.

  66. The first time clear or mesh bags became fashionable in the late 90s it didn’t stop anything. Drugs and guns just went into binder pockets . My problem with this TSA style security theater is that it is such a hassle it will not be sustainable. Having received the text from my daughter in high school saying “dad we are in lockdown… someone is shooting “ I can say the terror is real and something needs to change but I don’t think this is that change as it’s just not sustainable..

  67. My school had a credible shooting threat but never told parents or students about. The way we all found out was by the target of the threat making a Snapchat about how he was told to stay home by police. Went through half a school day unaware of the fact a kid could’ve potentially killed us just for the sake of our school not looking bad.

  68. If you are trying to protect your students from a school shooter idk if bunching them up in 1 line is a good idea.

  69. I remember my school having random searches with medal detectors. There was a lot of lighters, pocket knifes, and toe nail clippers on the ground outside after.

  70. and then there’s canada where i used to just casually walk in with a bong in my backpack and no one ever caught me

  71. fuck this bag checking and extra security bullshit. All that does is create more fear and make the problem worse. Maybe if communities starting investing those funds into the students and schools themselves we can see a change.

  72. I get that the school is just trying to put something in place so they don’t look like their just sitting by and doing nothing and at least attempting to do something about it but common like everyone else has said their basically just grouping them together for an easier target what a terrible concept of safety.

  73. So to prevent gun violence we’re lining up kids like a shooting range in the event that someone attempts gun violence we won’t have another uvalde, because all the kids will be dead

  74. Well this simplifies things. If you're going to shoot up your school do so during the bag check. No need to sneak inside 🤷‍♀️

  75. Imagine going to school is so dangerous you have to wear a clear backpack and get your backpack checked just so you dont get killed.

  76. How about we just do away with backpacks altogether and go full digital? I would have loved not having to carry a backpack to school.

  77. How is this related at all? Security is something you have to go through once that you choose to go through and then you can fly somewhere. Things like this in schools are something you're forced to do every day.

  78. Yes, have everyone outside in a line with no covering so any asshole with a gun can just mown everyone down like those zombie games. GOP thinking backwards everyday

  79. this is not a good system because, i hate to say it, but if there was an active shooter they would have everyone in one place as is, and there’s nothing stopping them from open firing right there. surely there’s a better way to screen students in the morning :/

  80. So what's stopping a mass shooter from just attacking the convenient mass of people that are forced to wait in the line?

  81. I mean it's that or idk, stopping anyone in existence from being able to buy guns. What kind of crazy person would make that sacrifice? S/

  82. How do they prevent school shootings? By having mandatory sessions where everyone in the school clusters together outside BEFORE checking anyone. Who’s the genius who came up with this one

  83. When I see posts like these, I find it mildly infuriating that you are already starting school. In Wisconsin we don’t start school until September.

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