my wife doesn't like the way I eat chips

  1. People eat taco's that way. Bag of doritos, crush the chips, pour in taco mixture without the shell, dig in with a spoon.

  2. Literally my first thought was, this is grounds for divorce. And to those people who put milk first before the cereal, you are all potential cereal killers and deserve a special place in hell.

  3. My friend's grandpa detested the sound of people crunching on chips, so he would place a chip in his mouth until it became soggy enough for him to swallow it.

  4. No one gets the reference. Do you also wear super thick glasses so you can't see shit? Or hide under under your desk after resting there when your boss enters the room?

  5. A big Mexican street treat is to load a bag of chips with toppings such as grounded beef or stripped chicken with sour cream, queso cotija, jalapenos, and more. They're called dorilocos, tostilocos, laylocos, fritolocos etc.. Had them with beer at soccer games and lucha libre matches. The only time I'd use a spoon.

  6. In this case I'm not sure what is supposed to be infuriating. The way you eat chips, or that your wife doesn't like it.

  7. This, so much! And for those who are put off by their chopstick ability (or lack of), just search for a chopstick trainer/helper/aid. It basically just turns them into tongs for you to learn with. After enough Cheetos (or whatever your poison might be) you'll be a chopstick pro in no time :D

  8. Cheetos eaten with chopsticks was a game changer! No more orange fingers. Slowed down my intake a bit. Chopstick skills drastically improved.

  9. I do this because I hate getting my keyboard dirty. I mentioned it to a friend and he really got offended and said that's so stupid. Even though I explained that this was just my method and everyone can do what they want.

  10. Chop sticks. No, seriously, they're great for chips. Your fingers don't get covered in crap and they're easy to use. I saw Sora the Troll mention it on one of his streams and thought he was just messing with us. No, it's actually a good idea when you're working from a keyboard lol

  11. Honestly I see no problem with you eating them like that. It’s honestly smart. Your fingers stay clean and you can effectively eat every piece.

  12. I've also eaten chips like this. It's a mess when you get near the bottom and they're broken into smaller pieces. Dump the chips in a bowl and grab a spoon. Much more efficient and clean.

  13. I use chopsticks to eat crisps. Don't have to clean my hands between each bite, and you can avoid contact between mouth and utensil during eating.

  14. That makes sense, but if it is not JUST HIS bag of chips, this is no different than double dipping. Putting a spoon from your mouth into the bag over and over. Very germy. Pour some in a bowl and eat it with your spoon then.

  15. Call me devil's advocate, but I like this. You're not getting the seasoning on your fingers, you don't have to reach in to get the bottom ones and let's you get the smaller crumbled ones. I see this as a win

  16. I prefer this person to the "normal" one that wipes his/her hands with their clothes. Like seriously some of them smells disgusting when you don't eat.

  17. I like doing this with tortilla chips and salsa. Instead of dipping and making mess, mix the salsa with the crumbly chips and enjoy with a spoon.

  18. Hell yeah at the bottom of the packet, mix in some sour cream and your living the dream. So many close minded people missing out on snack gold.

  19. I like your way of thinking out of the box... I eat chips like an old wise japanese master of chopsticks and use, you guessed it, chopsticks.

  20. Crushing them and eating them with a spoon is much better than eating them not crushed. Yes you loose the “big chips” and the unbroken ones, which can be satisfying, but eating crumbs with a spoon is much more flavorful.

  21. Crushing it is a bit much but putting them in a bowl for gaming works well. Hate having fingers dirty and touching mouse and keyboard

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