Racist Karen left this note.

  1. “You are not Mexican, you are Indian.” Does this woman even have a highschool education? And interracial relationship being a “sin”. PLEASE 😭 I cannot

  2. I had a roommate who was Indian from India when I was living in Miami. Once a cashier at the supermarket was speaking to her in Spanish and she politely told her she doesn’t speak Spanish. The lady was horrified and asked why not? I mean she’s Mexican after all. She said she wasn’t - she’s Indian and speaks Hindi. The lady said, “you’re just embarrassed about your culture. You need to learn Spanish.”

  3. I thought she meant Indian like from India till she started talking about reservations and clocked she meant native american

  4. If someone starts a sentence with I’m not a racist but,… you know they are the worst kind of racist - the kind denial and full on supremacist kind…

  5. Reminds me of a threat left for a Chinese citizen that China wanted to bring back. It read “come back to the mainland and spend ten years in prison and your family with be alright”

  6. OP could make it a police issue. They know the writer has a boy and his age range, and that they are in the immediate area. Should narrow it down a little.

  7. I’ve gone my whole life without starting a sentence with “I’m not racist” and subsequently have also never been accused of being racist.

  8. Although i agree, having him/her as a father/mother in law would be horrible i think :| So i hope if they get something together, that they move far away from the neighbour

  9. This is funny as a Reddit comment, but I hope no one would genuinely throw their young daughter at a batshit racist family for the pleasure of antagonizing them.

  10. If i was there, i would have slapped the living shit out of her. The entitlement to blame op's daughter due to her kids having a boner is wild 😂😂

  11. Aboriginal or First Nations is how we in Canada speak of the original people of this land. The letter talks of stupid shit like not paying taxes and reservations, so you know exactly who they are talking about.

  12. Usually any notes on Reddit have a good chance of being faked. I mean this is just a typed up letter that anyone could write and take a picture of.

  13. Yup. Obviously fake. It was extremely apparent this is Racist White Woman Fanfiction for Validation and Internet Points when it got to the part about the son thinking her kid is cute. Like c’mon.

  14. I feel like this is fake, I know there's racist Karen's out there and I don't want to discredit the op but cmonn, the paper looks a little too neat and needs more folds...

  15. It’s the current social zeitgeist. The most bold racist people I’ve ever met don’t even say shit like that. I’m sure 99% of redditors have never met a person that exhibits this kind of racism and yet here everybody believes it without question.

  16. Way too many details to be real, lots of red flags and the original OP has a post just before this in her history that also reads a lot like the writing style, including the three dots after also ...

  17. It’s a bit too on the nose. I don’t think any letter like this would start with “I am not racist buttt” lol most people like this don’t care or wouldn’t even realize they are racist

  18. After the first two sentences I was thinking to myself “There can’t actually be people who think like this and have the nerve to communicate it through a poorly written letter”.

  19. Honestly I'm not surprised. Lots of people take issue with interracial relationships, even amongst the black community. It's really sad people can't let others love who they want.

  20. I have a Hispanic friend and her parents were SO ANGRY with her for dating and having a child with a black man...they said she needed to find another Hispanic guy to be with and continue their race and culture. Made me sad for her that her relationship wasn't loved and accepted, and sad for the dude cuz he probably will never feel welcome in her family. And my sister is Native American and lives on a reservation and the elders of her community are super rude to her for not being "native American enough" and not deserving a place in the tribe because of it. Like yeah, white people are horrible racists too, but I really didn't realize situations like these two I listed are actually really common! Goes to show no matter the color of skin, plenty of people still have issues with anything that doesn't match theirs and that's sad!

  21. No it is. I have personally dealt with it cause I'm white and my kids and girl are black. We live in kinda nice area and she has gotten multiple letters on her car saying that she shouldn't be allowed to live with "true God loving people like them, cause all she will bring is drugs and guns"

  22. Probably unpopular opinion but I'm calling BS on this. It has ALL of the lack of awareness racist asshole tropes. This comes off as clickbait, outrage karma farming material.

  23. This was my first interpretation. It's too well thought out and organized. Like someone intentionally was all "Okay, lets start with the classic 'I'm not racist, but...', and then hit racist point 1, paragraph break, racist point 2, paragraph break, racist point 3, etc..

  24. Hate to be devils advocate but this looks fake to me. Any note I've ever seen would be either folded and placed under a windshield wiper, put in an envelope in the mailbox, or taped to the door. Theres no indication of folding and the paper looks untouched.

  25. Exacy this. Yes things like this happen to people, but this particular one screams fake. No folding, and seems specifically written to trigger a response online.

  26. I need more proof to determine whether this is real or not. Wouldn't be the first time a letter like this has been faked for attention and victim points.

  27. Yeah what I was thinking. The nails feel too perfect too. Whole thing feels like a fake over exaggeration

  28. Imagine the sweaty edge lord laughing to themselves as they typed this letter up, trying to hit all the Reddit issues all at once. If they could’ve thrown some gun talk in there too they could’ve had so much more karma from the post!

  29. ong these comments are full of absolute morons. that letter has to be the fakest shit ive seen but oh well these 30 yr old monkeys are beyond naïve.

  30. I think the majority of you are very gullible. This is made up for internet attention points. Complete B.S. 🙄

  31. This needs to pinned to the top.. this kind of shit is what turns stupid people into killing people on 4th of July from seeing this all day on here.

  32. honestly feels like the person posting this wrote this letter for racial clout and upvotes tbh. no "neighbor"would anonymously write that. they'd be all up in the face of this woman and fam.

  33. Honestly? I never believe these things. Half of the time they ended up being typed up by the person themselves. Most people don't type up a thing like that - they write a note. Unless you're hate-crimeing yourself and don't want to incriminate your own handwriting.

  34. Oh that's not just a racist Karen- that's a literal white Christian supremacist. This is the kind of shit that the KKK would tell people of color shortly before burning crosses on their lawns.

  35. Agreed. I’m not buying it. There’s some crazy people like this out there, but there are some red flags pointing to fake.

  36. The internet is such a hot mess that I got upset at the racist Karen and then thought but what if it's fake and for views or to push an agenda? I guess I've become so jaded that I need verifiable proof before I'm gonna let myself get wound up any more. The amount of times I have looked into stories and it's all just been b.s. is sucking the life outta me.

  37. Wtf, that’s straight up a crime! Go report it to the police they are threatening your family

  38. I know people like that exist, especially recently with the tangerine cockwobble as president, but seeing it in writing is mind blowing. Does your HOA CCR say anything about racism or being hateful to your neighbors? If it does, you could start by reaching out to them. Or at your next HOA meeting, read it aloud and with her name. Out her like yesterday garbage

  39. The coward didn't sign it's name. No surprise. In addition, if your hoa is anything like mine don't expect help. They're prob a bunch of old white bitter fucks. Quite frankly, it's prob one of them who wrote it. Install cameras & don't ask for permission. Just do it.

  40. No I swear they really left this letter in my mailbox!!! It’s a perfect caricature of everything the leftist echo chamber spins up about “conservatives” but I swear it’s real!!! Really!!

  41. I call BS to this note.. it appears very full of political agenda. Mentions Mexicans, Native Americans, God, interracial relations.. 🤥🤥🤥

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