More guns please

  1. Yeah, but in falling down, d-fens only killed people who actually deserved it. He was quite polite in the whammy burger, all things considered. It was just a sensitive trigger.

  2. My favorite thing about that movie is that the villain protagonist was treated by a lot of critics as a "tragic, victimized hero" when it was released. God Bless America was another dark comedy trying to provide a social commentary against victim-complex assholes lashing out but as with Falling Down, people took and enjoyed the film literally.

  3. Hahaha spot ON. “ i asked for a LINE of mayo, you gave me TWO LINES, what is it that’s so hard for you people to get simple little tasks through your thick fuckin skulls, * gun comes out*

  4. Every time my SO tells me about another shooting/bombing/mass deliberate injury I ask if there was a specific grievance or if this is a "falling down" sitch.

  5. Yeah… It’s an awful story that just shows how little regard some people have for others lives, but this sub is meant for like…. Inconveniences.

  6. I’ve been noticing a weird trend on this sub over the last few weeks where people post genuine abuse they’re going through or actual hateful violent acts on this sub of all places. Nothing about any of that is mildly infuriating! I’m looking for stuff like ‘the height of this stair always makes me trip’ not stuff like ‘my abusive mom killed my dog’ or ‘worker killed in front of child’

  7. What do you mean? It's mildly infuriating that someone got shot to death. Nothing more than that. Getting shot to death is barely worse than missing your train or breaking the yolk when you crack an egg.

  8. I’ve noticed a lot of posts recently that don’t fit the sub. Mildly infuriating is when one tile is out of place in a tile pattern floor, not when your sister steals your boyfriend and leaves you stranded in Tijuana for a month.

  9. Imagine a lifetime of therapy for that kid and a certain chance that the therapy might not work. Imagine a lifetime of being that kid.

  10. Summarize the state of America in one headline.......fucking death over a much misplaced rage....we're rotting from the inside out

  11. U don't even need bad ppl. That's the issue. Anyone can potentially be a murderer if their handle on their emotions isn't rock solid. That's what makes widely accessible guns an issue, because it's largely unpredictable what a human can and will do.

  12. "BuT tHeY wOuLd KiLl tHeM wItH a KnIfe iF hE dIdNt hAVe gUnS". No offence but it's fascinating how people jump up to defend something that makes it super easy to kill humans. Most people wouldn't dare to pull out a knife and try to murder someone but a gun on the other hand makes things extremely easy for them thus amplifying their mental issues even further.

  13. Unfortunately the bar for reasonable and sane is both extremely low and a persons reason or sanity can change over a person's lifetime. Maybe we should conduct mental health wellness checks yearly for gun owners?

  14. Welcome to fucking Atlanta where like 95% of our population thinks they are super fucking hard and will pull a gun on you for basically anything. People are from like Marietta and will still have this I'm from Georgia so I'm gangster af attitude. I hate this place so fucking much. I'm just counting down the day when I go to a gas station step on someone's shoes and get murdered before I even get a chance to pull my shit out. I'm not for banning guns but something has to change here the culture of ATL is just fucked we all have to walk around pretending we are hood as fuck while you live in a super gentrified area With craft breweries and fucking sundress bitch bars everywhere.

  15. I’m not a violent person but I can relate to the article a bit. Every time I’m at subway I tell them light on the mayo but they give it a generous squirt along the entire sandwich either way. It’s almost always falling off the bread by the time I get to the end, and it’s way too much mayo/mustard.

  16. Honestly, at this point, the U.S. doesn't deserve the right to have guns. Also it pisses me off when people completely ignore the first amendment but adamantly defend the second amendment when the second amendment is what causes things like this. This whole country is a joke.

  17. More mental health please. More background checks please. Harsher gun crime laws please. More logic and understanding that guns dont kill people please. Never have. Never will.

  18. I think it would be good idea if insurance (all of them) were to make a mandatory mental health check once a year, and if you own a gun, to get a check twice a year. If you are deemed mentally unstable, your gun license should be revoked. That's my opinion at least

  19. If they weren’t around, the gun still would’ve been. People act like the black market wouldn’t exist. Every criminal with bad intentions would still have a gun.

  20. this is literally the 20th time ive seen this article on my feed. we get it, its fucked, it doesnt need to be posted on every single subreddit

  21. I used to work at subway, and any ex subway employee I know, have stories of people absolutely losing their shit over a fucking sauce or vegetable it’s insane. The amount of times I got screamed at for olives….fucking olives. Newsflash, there is a formula that those people are supposed to do and if they don’t their owner gives them shit. There is no way to charge for extra shit (except double meat & cheese) that won’t fuck up the food cost numbers. If you want a million olives on your sandwich make it at home. This is insane that someone was this mad about Mayo…fucking Mayo, again if you are this picky make this shit at home.

  22. ah, yes mildly infuriating that someone got killed in front of a kid. i don’t think this was the right sub to post this on?😅

  23. This isn't mildly Infuriating. This is horrible. What's actually mildly infuriating is people like you karmawhoring tragedies in every fucking sub they can even if it doesn't fit the sub.

  24. It’s infuriating because y’all are blaming a gun for the fact that someone is so out of control they will kill over a mayonnaise dispute.

  25. Man I miss the days when this sub was about getting your socks wet, or a tile on the floor that doesn’t match the others. Idk how everybody else feels but it seems like lately there are a lot of serious tragedies and crazy stuff on here that go well beyond “mildly”.

  26. It’s clear to me as a Brit that the guns aren’t going anywhere, so accept it and start addressing the clear mental health epidemic which is leading to all this 😂 if 40% of the population are on some kind of pharmaceutical they shouldn’t have guns.

  27. See, this is clear evidence that gun laws will only make things worse. Every fast food worker in America should be armed, because the only way this atrocity court have been prevented, is by a good guy with a gun. Sending thoughts AND prayers.

  28. Part of me wants to stop reading reddit because I usually end up so angry and feel like this world is hopeless after just 20 or 30 minutes.

  29. But really though, the answer is just more guns, more people should have had guns there and God would have sorted it all out. /S

  30. While this is sad, it's about mental illness rather than guns. People can't just say, "less mayo please" or just reject the sandwich, we have become so entitled as a society people can't seem to accept anything other than exactly how they want it.

  31. I saw this headline and thought it was an Onion article at first. makes me sick to know it's real especially with one of the employees kids being in the building when it happened...

  32. I constantly forget this is reddit abd if leans really far to the left.. Are we not now seeing post about how banning abortions is going to lead to back ally abortions or other deaths because banning abortions won't stop them? The same gose for guns.. you understand that right.. banning something isn't the answer.. I mean drugs are still a major problem right??? Maybe we sould look at why our country us so fucking violent instead of blaming a tool.

  33. Coming from someone who lives there, there’s a 90% chance the gun is illegal. The amount of people I see with illegal firearms is astounding, and no law is going to make them turn those guns in.

  34. In my country there are lots of guns in the hands of criminals. But they're just as quick to cut off you fingers for your jewelry.

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