Glass pot lid exploded into the pasta

  1. I wasn't hurt that badly. The doctor said all my bleeding was internal. That's where the blood's supposed to be.

  2. So I’m an idiot. I was baking salmon in a Pyrex glass pan and tried to baste it. The pan shattered, dinner was ruined at the last minute and all I had to serve was side dishes and apologies.

  3. Maybe the lid was really cold when they put it on the pot. A rapid change in temperature can cause glass to break.

  4. I had a set where two of the glass lids exploded; one in the dishwasher and one into my food. (I realise that I shouldn’t have used the second one after the first one went, but I assumed it was just a random fault.) It was a cheap set which I bought because the pans were a nice colour that matched my kitchen; turns out that shouldn’t be the primary consideration when investing in cookware.

  5. Happens if the lid is to big for pan, I have had it happen the direct heat on the overhanging edge creates a thermal shock .. and pop simple as that

  6. This is clearly an Italian set that was upset at the inclusion of hot dogs in the red sauce and exploded in pure rage / disgust 🤌

  7. Yeah, this doesn’t resemble pasta sauce. Some flaccid wiener that hasn’t been browned, green peas and crushed tomato. The lid exploding was a sign.

  8. In defense of OP, it may be possible that putting peas in pasta is a trick to get kids to eat some veggies. Feeding picky eaters requires some ingenuity. No one suggested this was haute cuisine. Lay off.

  9. It is, but I survived it. I swallowed a piece of glass by accident several months ago. I panicked and called poison control, they told me to not Google and that this apparently “ happens all the time” and going to the hospital will not help matters because they can’t see it in a scan. Awesome

  10. Judging by the hotdogs peas and what I vaugely hope is marinara sauce it's probably better off with the glass in it because then your spouse has an excuse not to touch it

  11. I see how the glass is an issue here. But the real travesty is the hot dogs, wtf. I hope this doesn't fall under kink shaming...

  12. There are traditional Italian pasta dishes that contain sausage, and ones that contain peas, although I'm not sure about both together.

  13. With price of food going up and being poor, I suggest just picking out the glass! Food is still somewhat edible. Just examine every bite!

  14. Looking at that pasta, it’s probably for the better. On another note, it happened to me too! On curry! My entire family was so disappointed we stood there in silence and just skipped dinner that day.

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