when you let a friend borrow your car and then you find this

  1. Actually similar story on how my ex uncle got arrested. Drugs that were not his found in his car. I think he was driving with his friends. His car his responsibility I guess

  2. The shit we’ve found cleaning out vacated rentals (my family owns a few) is insane. Things like this, and then some. A lot of filth in general (I’m generally a messy person and my mom once told me that I would never take pride in my own home until I OWNED ONE, and she was 10,000% correct, so I’m not really surprised that other people operate on a similar level in a rental) but also the most random and occasionally illegal shit. We’d occasionally laugh about “street value” but always, ALWAYS, flushed it.

  3. Might be wrong but this looks like speed (or really bad coke) and assuming this is in the states or Europe that small amount is hardly worth anything. I'd ransom it for a favour lol

  4. Fucking glad I finally see this. If it's in your car it's yours if no one else cops to it. Even if you had 5 other people in there and it was under one of their feet it would still fall on you. This could absolutely destroy your life and job prospects. I understand most people can appreciate a little free nose candy but God damn id be fucking furious

  5. This actually happened to a friend of mine’s brother. They had a family car which all of the siblings drove, five of them. Well my friend was a pothead and he had left some weed in the glove compartment. Brother got pulled over and arrested for the weed. He was about to join the fire department, he had been in school for years then they wouldn’t take him after this. The brother took a drug test that day to prove that he was clean then my friend went with his brother to court and claimed all responsibility for it. They did believe him and let him go but just being charged messed his life up.

  6. You should be very careful. Your friend may have been doing routes. Civil forfeiture laws in the US are fucking crazy and they’ll seize your shit even if you didn’t know. Don’t let them borrow it again and ask them exactly what they were doing.

  7. Don't let them borrow the car again. I had a friend who let someone else borrow their car, turns out they robbed a liquor store/gas station with it and the first place the cops came looking was at my friends house. It all got sorted but still, risky and if the cops don't want to put too much time into it you might get wrapped up in someones charges

  8. Kind of reminds me of what happened to someone I knew. He was on his way to work, receives a call from his friends that they need a ride. Being the person he was he decided he could be late to work to help a friend out. He picks them up from the park and halfway to dropping them off he gets pulled over. Next thing you know, they’re slapping handcuffs on him and lock him away for being an accomplice to a robbery. His friends apparently had just robbed a liquor store at gunpoint. He spent a year or two in prison and now that he’s out, he has a record and can’t find a decent job.

  9. I had a mini van that I sold to an acquaintance, who then sold it at auction. Somehow the paperwork never got processed for the title. When it was subsequently used in New Mexico for a drug deal and the sherriff's department in Albuquerque called me (in MA) and asked me some very surprising questions, I was confused.

  10. That's still the dumbest thing ever. You can easily be given up by the friend who owns the car. This is why a slightly higher tier of criminal uses stolen cars for robberies. No affiliation between owner and criminal.

  11. Yep. This also applies to not letting your friends borrow anything. Had a good friend of mine ask to borrow a duffel bag. I was fine with it. Gave it to him, and never saw it again. Then me and guy fall out. About a year later I had detectives show up at my door. Turns out that bag was found in a stolen car, I had no clue that there was an old luggage tag on it. Cops thought I was car jacking people.

  12. Your friend is probably searching everywhere for that and more then mildly infuriated with their self right now. But I definitely see why your upset

  13. You jest, but this looks exactly like an old bag of sodium bicarbonate my parents used to have in their fridge, same blue tint in the package and all. I'm not saying that's what it is, but it's straight up identical (and I know for a fact that's how it came from the pharmacy)

  14. I never let anyone borrow my car. In most US states, if someone gets in an accident with your car while borrowing it, the liability is on YOU as the owner, not the driver.

  15. I mean, this story is bad, but something is seriously wrong with the system, if that could ruin your life. In my country you need a permit to drive, and if you make any fatal mistake the responsibility is on you.

  16. That’s a huge news story right now: the guy who got his oil changed and the tech ran over another tech and killed him. Guy who is sitting in the shop reading a book is getting sued for millions.

  17. All jokes aside, this is some disrespectful bullshit. Luckily you found it before it caused you a mountain of bullshit that you didn't deserve. My philosophy is that you can do whatever you want but don't drag me into your shit. I hope your friend got an earful about this

  18. Well, if it’s coke, maybe it’s a gift. If it’s meth, you should ghost that person. If it’s fentanyl, they just tried to kill you.

  19. Don't know so I tossed it. Also it may have been one of her shitty friends in the car, but I made it explicitly clear that this shit would never be allowed in my car. Period. I have always had jobs with a zero tolerance policy even if they see it in your vehicle. Hence why I made it clear to her, but the culture where I live is "everyone does it so who cares." Honestly haven't talked to her for a long time since I have found out how selfish she is. Nothing in her life is ever her fault.

  20. Yeah cocaine is great for you. Definitely recommend trying it for 3months straight without any breaks... Good stuff. Definatley. 100%, amazing. Make such a great gift. Very good for your health.

  21. However you proceed with this friendship, keep in mind that at the end of the day, they were more than happy to put your freedom at risk for a few hours of fun.

  22. don’t let that friend borrow your car again. if a cop pulled you over and found that you’d get arrested fast enough to cause a sonic boom

  23. Can’t afford to loan your car out nowadays…… sad but true…. Now if you get stopped by the local PD and it’s in your car you get to go to jail not the jerk who left it behind.

  24. I gave a very drunk friend a ride home from the bar and she dropped a super strong smelling joint in my car. The next day I had to tear the car apart trying to find it and douse the car with lysol trying to kill the smell because i had a scheduled shift on an airbase. I really did not want to roll up to a military checkpoint smelling like weed.

  25. I'm so glad I got my drug addiction out of my system back in the 90's. This fent shit is scary. But I'm not gonna lie, knowing fent is out there makes it super easy for me not to relapse. I don't want to die, so knowing that I could fuck around and accidentally k*** myself if I relapse even once is one Hell of a motivator to stay clean.

  26. You're 100% right. You really never know unless you're someone that uses street drugs both frequently and responsibly, (i.e. with test kits) and honestly????? What fucking oxymoron with legs does that? Anyone with a decent amount of self respect knows not to snort unidentified powders, ever, but if you're the kind of person that would then that's just darwinism in action.

  27. I never understood the whole “sure, you can borrow my car” thing. A vehicle is one of the most expensive things someone can own! Not to mention whether or not insurance would cover an accident while a guest is driving and policyholder isn’t present. I remember people used to do this in college and I used to think they were crazy lol. Sure, you need a ride? I’ll be a good friend and drive you but I’d never just hand out my car.

  28. This is not mild this is illegal and you might get arrested for this. If I found this I hope I would confront them but knowing myself I probably wouldn't

  29. Had a "friend" leave a similar sized bag of weed in my passenger seat a few years ago. I lived on base and drove through the front gate with it there. That would've landed my ass with a dishonorable discharge and ruined my life. She was mad I threw it away too.

  30. Why do people just let buddies borrow their car? Clearly OP wasn't all that close with the guy if he was surprised to find that in there.

  31. About half are jokes, I reckon. More people have a lax view on the harder drugs than you'd think (since I doubt this is coke but maybe ketamine or something).

  32. Dude, tell me about it. This is not normal for Reddit from my experience. I expected a few people but wow. Can’t believe I had to scroll this far to find anyone else who thought this was weird.

  33. If your "friend" is selling drugs out of your car, thats a good way to #1 get your car impounded when he gets caught by the police, #2 get you shot at by someone else thinking you're him, and selling drugs, and #3 get yourself potentially arrested if or when the police find out he's selling out of your car, and or thinks you are involved.

  34. Fucking childish comment. Get caught with that and it could ruin your life. Going to jail, losing your job, etc.

  35. Give it back to your friend if he says anything in the next 2 weeks. Dicard after 2 weeks. Never let friend anywhere near your belongings they're junkies and WILL steal.

  36. Leave it under his doormat then call in an anonymous tip. He could have ruined your life, now you ruin his before he ruins someone else’s

  37. Here in the u.s., if you let someone use your car, and they get caught with drugs or have an accident, you the car owner, are liable. You can be sued or arrested.

  38. This is… not true at all. If someone is caught with drugs in my car that I’ve let them barrow, I am not even in the slightest bit liable.

  39. That's more than mildly infuriating imo. Frankly, he wouldn't be my friend anymore. If you're gonna do shit like that, keep it the fuck away from me. If you're hellbent on going down, you sure as hell aren't gonna take me with you.

  40. But it seems like you are the type of person to not make friends with people who would do drugs in the first place.

  41. One of the many reasons I would never lend my car to a friend. I would offer them a lift if I could but no way am I taking that sort of risk with something I need.

  42. As a recovering cocaine addict, I would NEVER have left a bag somewhere where I couldn’t see or feel it. This is bizarre lol.

  43. And the American justice system will punish you for loaning the car, as if you knew what was going to happen.

  44. Recovering addict here, that’s a good amount of heroin. Surprising thing to lose, I always kept my sack on my person. Be careful handling it.

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