This is how my apartment complex fixes its potholes

  1. In this case it might not be a good idea. One time I put a rock inside of a hole like this and the first car that went over it flipped that big rock out of there and up at their rear bumper .

  2. Yup, but well before that matchbooks were common table & chair levels. Used to be a thing to keep a matchbook from nicer restaurants and collect them. Indoor smoking bans have pretty much seen the end of this, although the occasional steakhouse still has them (probably just haven’t ran out yet in some cases).

  3. They haven't watched one of those 5 minute craft channels. Nothing fixes potholes like the good old Ramen and glue combo.

  4. Trying not to blow their load on cap ex right after tax day. Still Q2. Gotta figure out what else needs fixing before repaving a lot

  5. Whenever I see potholes in the road it makes me wish I was independently wealthy. I would drive around dumping pebbles into these holes for fun.

  6. I am almost positive its another resident who is fed up with it as well, that was their solution as your apartment management isn't doing fuck all to fix it.

  7. I see this and I picture the stepping stones the size of buttons and they’re merely filling in an annoying crack. I had to correct the perspective in my mind.

  8. Is that how your apartment building fixed it or is that how a tenant fixed it because the building wouldn't fix it?

  9. This is still way better than how they fill holes in Michigan where they just use tar covered stones that your car kicks up so the stones stick to the side of your car. Weirdly they seem to stick to cars better than the holes they are trying to fill

  10. At least yours tries to do something. Mine just yells at the pothole, hoping that it will flee in terror. lol.

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