My school lunch please help me

  1. OP need people to pack him a lunch and mail it to him? If you don’t like what you’re paying for, stop paying and bring your own. Pretty simple solution. Or does posting on here help full your stomach?

  2. Some kids have to be in the free lunch program and don't really have a choice how much food they're given from the school. Or the quality.

  3. Talk to the GOP. they are the ones who said “we don’t want to feed our kids socialist salads” when the Dems tried to reform the lunch program.

  4. There are a lot of schools in America where the majority of students are on the free lunch program. I think 80% of students at the middle school my girlfriend teaches at.

  5. You all realize this meal is free? You can't really complain about something when it's free. The only way to really improve the quality of lunch would be to make kids pay for it. And not every kid can pay for lunch. Kinda sad to see how huge everyone's ego is, someday we may not have all the luxuries we have right now. Food isn't a guarantee by any means. And to the people who disagree and think everyone should be provided necessities, why have you let so many people down? People starve daily. People would kill for a daily tray of what we take for granted.

  6. Why do you think this is free? I’m not saying you’re wrong, but we definitely had paid lunches like this when I was in high school

  7. With the school lunch and how much dose the school has it show that the school doesn't care and for the people who are in a poorer country than me (i live in the United states) and with the U.S having alot of money i dosen't make sense for the poor lunch

  8. If the food is consistently making people sick you need to tell them. It's not the same food every day so if everyone always gets sick every day then there is some sort of contamination or hygiene issue in the actual kitchen or the storage area, probably not the food itself.

  9. Be fucking thankful that you get anything fried at all. 50% of the meals we get in the EU are just a sauce with rice, and 80% of the time we have that, the sauce is disgusting. Fries? Pizza? Chicken nuggets? Forget about that. If we have anything else than rice or pasta with sauces, it's going to be either with potatoes or with "mashed potatoes" that 100% didn't even see actual potatoes.

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