Car was egged while it’s -5 F. If this sits for any amount of time or freezes, it can permanently damage the clear coat. I was just working from a local coffee shop, and came outside to this.

  1. Ok, im not genuinely upset or anything. Grammatical errors are some of the most minor shit, but this one specifically is a pet peeve of mine.

  2. Well, it laid another egg on my back door and two more on the Yukon Denali around the corner. So apparently chickens can fly, but only if they’re pregnant.

  3. Gawd damnit I just posted the same thing. Now I gotta erase my joke so yours can do what it needs to do

  4. Luckily I have a heated garage, so I drove straight home immediately, and filled up a few buckets and a spray bottle with hot water. I poured one bucket of hot water across all of it to get a good bit of it off, then sprayed with the spray bottle at close range to start getting it to slide off. Then another bucket of hot water and more spraying. Once the majority was off, I kept spraying hot water while gently removing the remaining residue with several microfiber cloths. Then did that whole cycle again until it was mostly gone. Then took some Chemical Guys spray detailer and sprayed like crazy and continued to wipe until everything appeared to be back to normal. Then, I drove around the city looking for a car wash that wash actually open in below zero temps. Ended up finding one, got their best wash, and then headed home to park the car in the heated garage again. The only indication that it happened is the impact point on the rear door. The egg shell put several small scratches in the paint where it hit. Luckily, the egg on the driver door appears to have hit the glass, not the painted surface, so there’s nothing visible there.

  5. I got egged a few Halloweens ago while driving and was more impressed with their aim and ability to hit the car than I was mad. I went straight to a car wash after using the squeegee to prep as best I could.

  6. 🤨 I didn’t find my own car? I’ll Venmo you $1000 if you find this image posted anywhere before yesterday. Back up your nonsense comment with some evidence…

  7. Kids in downtown section of my city will sometimes steal vehicles and drive around egging vehicles windshield in the middle of winter, - 25 to even - 40 sometimes, you don't have long before vehicle becomes inoperable, fucking pricks

  8. Wrong form of "your" buddy, for example you should've use this one, "you're a massive cunt" see? English is easy😐

  9. If anyone wants to prank someone, the cold is the time to do it. But just use gallons of water. I remember icing xmas decorations to friends cars. We even iced one of the huge hersey kisses to the car. Hilarious, no serious issues just look rediculous.

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