why does it struggle to make a normal lokking skull, i tried this so many times but still no good results. prompt in comments

  1. since we're here, do you have any promt i could use to make the skull look smaller, so i can crop it later on to the AR i like, cuz now it covers almost the whole frame and cant crop it without croping a part of the skull

  2. Try words like anatomical, museum, and such hopefully to make MJ draw from references of real skulls instead of fantasy

  3. Try without "human"? Maybe also try with --test and --testp, and as someone mentioned a square aspect ratio is probably best for a skull.

  4. The best i found is to import an already existing URL skull to thé prompt and then adjust --iw strength that is the best..

  5. homo is banned. I was trying to do something with homo sapiens, homo danilsovans, homo erectus..etc recently but didn't work.

  6. MJ doesn't like the term 'homo' which is a shame, because I find the more technical and less used a term is the better generally

  7. Like it’s been said, try shortening the aspect ratio. Or better, google images of skulls and see what is the most common aspect ratio. Because there is a chance that this norm also applies to the pictures of skulls it was trained off of, it may help MJ ‘fit the subject into its space’ if you mimic the AR you find when searching for your subject matter.

  8. you have 2 ways you can go here, both methods you will need to stay close to a square aspect ratio as you can since MJ starts adding extra pieces and elongating things.

  9. my suggestions are 'anatomically correct human skull' (was doing them the other day) and to generate it in testp first. And have you tried scaffolding? if you do a search in the discord you should find a thread about it, it's basically finding things midjourney does well that are similar to what you're looking for, prompting that, then remixing the result with your actual desired prompt. The main way it's described is with letters, so prompting "o signage" for something round and then remixing with your desired prompt. But you can also do it with similar items, you're basically just looking to get the composition vaguely right. For example, today I was trying to get falkor from neverending story, so I first prompted Maremma dog lying down and then remixed it with the prompt falkor from neverending story.

  10. A good tip for finding prompt ideas is to search the community feed for what you are trying to create and see what others have had success with.

  11. Is there a way to confirm what aspect ratio is generated for example I tried 10:16 can’t really tell if it worked. Is there an official list of all the supported Aspect Ratios? Like is 10:10 even a thing

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