MidJourney Prompter (spreadsheet to automate and organize prompting)

  1. Hey all. I'm just a geek that enjoys trippy and weird things, hence I fell in love with MJ fast. When I first started using it I had the idea to create a spreadsheet that would automate prompt creation: From subject weights, to images, to things you don't want, then lists of artists of various categories, light, camera types, color, and so on. Basically you quickly type a few ideas, check boxes, select options from drop down menus, then it spits out a prompt to copy. Still in "beta" but is working great.

  2. This is a such a good idea that I am wondering why the devs of MidJourney didn't make something like this. Great job!! Looking forward to using this!

  3. It will be public soon enough! - I have a few more plans and additions, but I totally plan to make it public so people can copy it to their Google Drive for use... I see AI like MidJourney to be all about the collective creative hivemind, so tools like this should be public as well.

  4. This is amazing, thanks for sharing. And just seeing your spreadsheet helps me realize what MidJourney is capable of. I love that you included descriptions with what things do.

  5. This looks amazing! As someone learning the options and boundaries of MidJourney, this would be so helpful to experiment and learn from.

  6. I can't waaaaaaait...I'm torn between waiting for yours or building my own. Which one will take longer? I need this now! :D

  7. This is wonderful! Once I get my hands on this, my first prompt will be to make you into a statue!! Thanks for sharing.

  8. One interesting approach I saw to prompt generating was using GPT-3 to create prompts for text-to-image. You could put together a kind of Mad Libs form and let the AI fill in the blanks. You could also do a little prompt crafting up front to assign some personality traits to the AI which would guide the choices it makes in creating the prompt for Midjourney.

  9. Is there any way to take this prompter and make it remember the prompts? So you can copy and paste into a new prompt. A similar idea i mentioned before is prompt 1 "woman with green eyes". Will the ai remember all data used to generate that woman? How does the ai know what data is used to create the face of that woman? What makes up the dimensions of her eyes, lips, etc.

  10. So the way most AI works is simple, just take in text, and output an image. It can't learn or remember something as you work. You can use the same seed, but that doesn't guarantee the face or background or whatever will be the same. Some AI have a "paint" option, like in Dalle2 you can say "a dog on a skateboard" and get that, then paint over the skateboard and say "in roller-skates" and it will change that but keep the dog. I think that will come to MidJourney soon enough as well.

  11. Hah, you da best. You can get the latest version on this site (button about mid-way down) and if I release a new version your spreadsheet will show a download link at the top!

  12. Find god and pray to them. Lol. MidJourney is not very good with hands, limbs, and animals. I suspect things will get better in time. Dalle2 is better, but still weird. Even StableD I have seen some messed up fingers. These things are complex I guess!

  13. Let me know if I can help or provide feedback. After my trial use of MJ I started a list of key words and subject matters. Your tool is a great idea. This helps save searches and modify them quickly.

  14. Awesome, man! Feel free to reach out. I got a few nice terms and ideas from others emailing me, so it's getting better and better... New prompt design update coming soon too.

  15. Hey thank you. I started a Prompter Visual Notebook that you can check out for any questions. I still have a lot of work, and a lot to add, but it's super helpful!

  16. I am continually getting a "this app is blocked" message. Google removed the ability to enable less secure apps in our Google accounts in May this year. How the hell do we enable the app in our Google account?

  17. Hmm, it really might be just because of the additional script. I applied to get it approved through google so it's a one click process - but until then you have to click a few things to allow it.

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