In Flower... Opened tent today and found these all over. I've researched, but can't tell if nanners. I think she's a she....

  1. They are bracts {always improperly referred to as calyx's}. Looks your a good ways into flower so it's probably throwing them out now in a last ditch effort to catch some pollen and reproduce. Your good, unless you have a male plant anywhere around it

  2. I really haven't been counting.. so I don't really know how far into flower I am. I wrong way wrong 2 weeks ago and thought I'd be ready to harvest in four weeks, but honestly I slthink I still have at least 5 weeks.

  3. Come on dude. For one it's had these for a long time and a quick Google search of male vs female will show clear pictures. It has hairs/pistils coming from them just like the rest of your plant does. Hate to be a dick but u need to do better research google is your friend.

  4. I had similar about three weeks ago - seemed like this was a second wave which made me think it was a stress induced thing. These popped up in last 48 hours I didn't check yesterday at all.

  5. Nanners are often seen on the buds that should have been lolipoped off. I always trim all the lowest branches and keep temps in check.

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