Tried shaking with just an oven mitt and it exploded all over. After minutes of research, I used canning jar lifter and met with the same results. Please share with me your no-nonsense weed butter recipe.

  1. I use oven and stove top .oven decarb 15 to 40 mins at 240 then in the pot with butter and water. Normal 2 oz weed 4 sticks and 1 cup water for 1 to 2 hour well see oil slick on top then ur done . Strain and put in fridge. Then remove water after butter forms

  2. If you're decarbing first it's easier (imo) to use a Bain Marie after it's decarbed to heat the butter and flower, essentially a boiling pot of water with a glass or metal bowl on top with the butter and flower/solid in, doesn't matter how much you heat the water you won't burn the butter , also means you can strain and leave to set with no effort required to separate liquid from the butter afterwards. Has allways worked a treat for me!

  3. Tighten till resistance than back off a quarter turn is the rule I’ve used, and I picked it up somewhere 12-15 years ago, been using it ever since.

  4. I do the lids upside down with aluminum foil over the entire ring. Keeps it almost sealed, but doesn’t explode. I use this method for pressure cooker decarb, not the infusion.

  5. I make mine with an actual double boiler. I keep a digital thermometer in it and remove the lid when the heat gets almost too hot.

  6. Meh these jars are fine and part of the canning process involves throwing them in a boiler, but the key is you put HOT ingredients into the jar and you do the boil while they are hot already. Literally millions of people do it every year with Ball Mason or canning jars.

  7. I’ve done this for cannabutter BUT with a towel on the bottom of crockpot, glass jars fully sealed and no shaking, handled VERY carefully. Also done after an oven dekarb of flower

  8. Extra awesome step, with the butter now separated from the gunk, don't let it totally solidify in the fridge. Whip it up a few times, scrap the solids from the sides and mix until it's smooth again, do this a few times. You get a hella smooth butter after doing this.

  9. -Instant pot- I put just herb in the mason jars, only tighten lid with finger tips(not to tight). Put them on a trivet or basket to keep the jars off the bottom of the instant pot, add 4 cups of water, or halfway up the jar if I remember correctly. Secure the lid, set for 40 min on high pressure. Release the pressure from the cooler, set the jars aside till they are cool. Add your butter or oil, put lids back on finger tip tight, put them back in the cooker. Add water if needed and set cooker to slow cook-LOW mode for 4 hours. You will need a filter, cheese cloth, French press, some way of removing all the solid material. When done, move jars to the side till they are cool enough to handle. Open them and strain/filter out the pulp. Put your oil/butter in a container. If Making butter, there may be some milk solids or fats you may want to drain off, put the container in the fridge till the butter starts to solidify and you should be able to pull the crap off the top. One way around this is to use clarified butter or ghee, you won’t have the crap on top when your done. I store my butte em in the freezer till I need it. Some of the strongest edibles I have made, I think I used 1-2!oz. of bud per lb. of butter. Good luck, strap in!

  10. Easily the easiest and most consistent way without buying a purpose built machine like a magic budder or whatever it's called.

  11. I asked for one for Christmas, lets see if Mrs Claus had her listening ears on. Extra decarb kit worth it or just use oven?

  12. I would add that a Levo is an amazing but more expensive option that can very very cleanly infuse butter and all oils (and even sauces/honey)

  13. Not supposed to have the jars touch the heat source directly. Can see clearly that just water in pot and the bottom crack under thermal shock. Supposed to use a metal rack or rags to keep the bottles bottom safe.

  14. Sous vide for 2 hours at 203f to decarb. Then add better to bag drop temp to 186f for another 6 hours.

  15. Buy a magical butter machine they are only like 200$ and it makes butter, oil, tincture, creams, and cleans itself all this pushes of buttons. Wayyyyy worth it

  16. Counter top induction cooking plate, 6” pot with tight fitting lid set to 180 for 2 hrs after decarbing in oven at 240 for 30-40 minutes

  17. boil water in pot. Turn down to simmer 180 degrees or so. Put mixing bowl over pot. Now I throw in the butter let it melt and add in weed. Stir and let it do its thing for a few hours. Every 30 minutes or so I check the water level usually adding in a cup every now and then. Stir when I do that.

  18. My guess is you filled the jars up too much. I've done it this way a bunch of times and never had a problem. I don't like to fill each jar more than 40%.

  19. Melt butter in pan. Throw weed in butter. Cook on very low heat for a few hours. Strain through cheesecloth. It’s not fancy, it’s not the best, but it is truly the easiest way.

  20. Simmer the weed in a big pot of water, drain the water and repeat until the water is clear. Drain the weed in a strainer. Squeeze the water out with your hands and then spread the resinous pulp on a glass baking pan and dry it at about 200 degrees. Take the dried out remains and simmer them in butter. Strangely, boiling weed does not seem to affect the THC/resin at all, but it will flush away the chlorophyll and most everything else. Makes for smooth tasting butter.

  21. Instead of using a lid for the mask jar, I recommend using foil as the “lid” and then holding it in place with the collar. The foil should explode if there’s too much pressure before the glass.

  22. Man Ive never been crazy into edibles but some friends showed me there super backyard method. Just chuck your shake or whatever into a stocking with water and a stick of salted butter, then you just boil it till it's green and let it cool, the butter solidifies and you pop it out... obviously not the most scientific method but it works.

  23. Put the herb in the oven to decarb, after decarb put the herb in the melted butter straight into the crock pot on high and then turn to low for 12 hours.

  24. Grind up weed on cookie sheet (parchment) 40 min in oven at 240. Fill Mason jar with weed and coconut oil (butter ect.) Put in insta pot. pressure cook high for 1 hr with trivet. Let cool a couple minutes. Strain into cheese cloth. Less than 2 hours, very potent. Edited to make sure you’ve got water half way up the jar in insta pot.

  25. Man my wife would flip lol.. Just cook the weed in the water and butter together at 190 f for like 1-2 hr.. then strain it and put in the fridge to resettle ..

  26. One reason to use the jar method is reducing smell. If smell isn't an issue I would recommend infusing your butter directly. You'll decarb the cannabis in the oven first. Can explain if needed. After that I would set the temperature on the slow cooker to 190 degrees and add butter and cannabis. Cook at that temperature for at least two hours. I cook mine in coconut oil for at least 4 hours!

  27. I use an instant pot to decarb in the jars for 40 min, release pressure, add veg oil (lactose intolerant) to jars, then back in the instant pot for another 40 min. Once depressurized and cooled down I strain out the particulate matter with cheese cloth into fresh jars for the finished product.

  28. Jesus that's a bad sight. Ditch the jars, decarb the weed, put the oil/butter straight into the crockpot, put decarbed weed straight into the crockpot then add water until the liquid covers material. Put it on low and cook for 6-12 hours ( just do it for however long u have free but at least 6 ime). Check every hour and stir / make sure water is still covering material. Then strain the material out once done with cheesecloth or if u don't want to lose oil strain with a fine mesh, put the strained liquid in the fridge and let the fats separate to the top, scoop out the fats that should be hard and green and there you have it. Extremely easy, you pretty much had it if you just didn't use the jars.

  29. I actually do exactly what you do, never explodes. The only exception is that I wait to shake it up till it cools off a bit, and just like curing, I the jar 3/4- 4/5 of the way full. But I mostly open the jars to stir with a small spoon once an hour. If and when I shake, its not like a maraca, but much slower.

  30. I’m sorry this is hilarious I hate that it happened to u but it’s funny to see the pic and read what happened..just take the lids off my man

  31. If you have the funds I would suggest looking into the brands LEVO or ARDENT. They both make a decraboxylating/infusing little oven machines at different price ranges and specs. I have a LEVO C bc I like to use about 28-32~ grams at a time for my infusions. They can also be used for other things besides weed. LEVO has tons of recipes for other herbs and uses.

  32. I have and use that exact same crock pot. Do you still have the little thermometer probe that plugs in to give you an accurate temp reading? I'd have to ask my wife but after she decarbs the weed I think she just puts the jars in sideways with the lids on tight. She uses something heavy to keep them down, throws the lid on and let's them cook for like 4+ hours on 180. Pull them out and let them cool down a bit.

  33. Sous vide weed butter is foolproof, easy, doesn't smell up your house and not that much more expensive than that crockpot. Anova sousvides are solid and affordable for home use, you can still use those Mason jars and it'll prevent them from exploding

  34. I put my mason lids on upside down so they can't seal. Then I tighten slightly so the pressure can still escape and I loosen the kids every hour to prevent pressure build up. Stir every couple hours or so. 8 hours If you don't decarb. 4 hours if you do decarb.

  35. I use my crockpot outside just in case but have never had an issue with fully closed lids. Even for a 6 hour run once on accident.

  36. I decarb my weed, add the butter to the weed, slow cook, drain the plant matter out of the jar with cheesecloth and then put butter into fridge and seperate water from the butter

  37. I do instant pot decarb, then toss it all in my buddy’s magical butter with ghee and lecithin. But the classic butter and thermometer on the stove works just as well with just a little more effort.

  38. I always failed at making edibles the old fashioned way, so I bought a Levo II and it’s been a game changer for sure. A pretty penny but well worth it.

  39. I bought a magic butter machine. Just stick a couple sticks in there and some decarbed green and walk away. Easy butter/tinctures/oil!

  40. Big deal of coconut oil put in pot. Then put grinded up weed in cheese cloth. Also put in the pot. Put on low for 6-8 hours. Squeeze cheese cloth when finished. Then poor oil into jar with more cheese cloth over the lid for filter.

  41. i use 1.5 grams per stick of butter and i just toss everything in together. all together i decarb for four hours on low or medium. adjust cooking temps and recipe for personal preference. good luck!!

  42. What is even going on here? Coconut oil in the pot put desired weed in cook on low for 8 hours strain…can sun coconut oil for butter but the oil yields a more potent extraction

  43. What in gods name are you doing son? Just put some water in the pot, put the butter in the pot, put the decarbed pot in the pot, Low simmer for 4-5 hours. Strain the pot out the butter. pour in another container, let it cool, take butter off the water.

  44. Don’t pull the jars out until they are cool enough to handle with your hands. I’m guessing its the temperature change thats making it shatter. I use an instant pot for mine and I’ve never had an issue with exploding jars. I also put the jars on a metal rack so they aren’t touching the bottom of the pot. That can cause uneven heating of the jar which would increase the risk of breakage when moving the hot jars to much cooler air.

  45. Hi, I've canned real vegetables a bunch of times before, the key to putting them in heat closed is that the contents going into the jars is/was already hot so there isn't to much expansion and you get a good seal, do not EVER put glass jars like this with cold or warm substances in them UNLESS you do so in a pressure cooker AND LET IT COOL BEFORE YOU DROP THE PRESSURE.. You made a bunch of weed butter bombs lol.

  46. I put the weed in a 90um nylon bag then slow boil in melted butter in a crockpot for 6-8 hrs then pour into butter stick mold 🤷🏽‍♂️ works ! I just wish I knew how to tell how much thc I’m putting in these fucks

  47. Oh man it’s been years since I saw a double boil extract. Brings me back!!! Here’s my tip/what I do every time now.

  48. Buy an ardent. Alternatively, a sous vide or similar temp for decarb and infusion should work. I think I use to do 203 degrees at an hour or two for decarb and infuse at 185 for 4 hours. All done in mason jars and I was routinely told how much better my edibles were than everything else.

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