Anybody have experience growing in Mother Earth Coco ? I typically grow in ProMixHP… any advice ? This will be my first Coco grow. Appreciate you all in advance!

  1. I’ve been running it for awhile and never had any problems. It comes buffered but I’d recommend the 70/30 mix and figure out what nutes you’re going to use. Good luck

  2. Awesome, I got myself some larger perlite pieces to mix in there and get a 70/30 mix, also thinking of adding a good chunk of Worm castings.

  3. I’m gonna build a bot that replaces the word “run” with the actual verb by using context clues. Jfc people

  4. Coco absorbs water at a perfect rate for cannabis, so it's pretty difficult to overwater it. I feed nutrients every day, then I flush with ph'd water until drainage about once a week.

  5. This my shit right here! I refuse to use or try anything else. I get the coco + pearlite mix. Been using it for about a year now. I was using ocean forest and happy frog prior.

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