When do you smoke that first nug? 10 day dry, 13 days into cure

  1. I sample a small amount each week- when the curing begins. It's fun and interesting to see how the buds change in taste, smell and affects. I compare it to wine- the longer you cure- IMO- the better the weed will be.

  2. I don’t touch it for a minimum of 6 weeks after the chop. I can’t stand having any kind of bitter chlorophyll taste in my bud so I dry 2 weeks then cure at least a month before I test.

  3. I smoke the little nugs all thru drying process. I like the taste of freshly dried bud when it’s dried slowly at low temps.

  4. I slow dry for 14-18 days and nugs smoke amazing right off the dry line....smooth, flavourful and fine white ash. A few weeks to cure always improves things, but with a proper controlled slow dry flowers are ready to smoke right away

  5. After dry before cure, then periodically as you cure. This will ensure the best cure for you taste palate. Everyone likes it a little different.

  6. I’ve smoked freshly picked bud not even dried ya need a torch lighter and ya gotta take bowls but it works haha it tastes so bad but I like the high fresh off the plant

  7. I try to burn a bit along the way...experience the development thru dry/cure. And always take a good dry hit or 2 b4 sparking, you can taste it getting better each time x

  8. Everybody in here lying. Y’all chop a piece off a week before you chop the whole thing and throw it in the oven like a civilized man.

  9. Usually roll up a 1 Oz hooter with the cuzns after 8-10 day dry on medium plant and 12-16 day on larger 15 ft plants. All at 60/60 environmentals in darkness, will proceed to store and cure it until its all gone.

  10. I like to wait until it’s cured a few weeks before trying so since your at day 13 I’d say she is ready to smoke. Just know she will keep getting better smell as she still is curing.

  11. The First one...about 22 days ago! First bud goes on top of the light for 24 hrs and then sampled. I'm not spending a week in trim jail if it's only good enough for edibles or going in the hash bucket, lol

  12. My gf starts smoking it as soon as it’s dry enough to burn lol you do get tired of the same weed after awhile so we are usually just excited for new stuff

  13. When I go to trim and jar it I smoke a joint of it right then and there. Usually hits like a truck being so fresh

  14. Instantly after drying, curing actually is just for the taste and smell of the flower. As mich as i know curing doesn't even effect the potency of you flower

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