Bubba kush freebie from NASC looking amazing. The budz on her are rock solid and smells unbelievable. Probably the best free seed I've ever received.

  1. Half the time, those freebies outperform my purchases haha. Been considering buying their white labels for that reason. But filling my space with mystery genes gives me the willies.

  2. I don't know how you guys have enough space to pop freebies?! NASC keeps me stocked up on freebies but I have more beans than space at the moment

  3. How are you liking your NASC purchases? I have been using Dr. Greenthumb for a few years and having more and more issues each year. I am thinking about switching up to NASC (mostly because they are local to me).

  4. Not OP, but a NASC customer. Great store, only place I intend to get beans from for the foreseeable future. Fast and discreet shipping with excellent customer service, too.

  5. Like the others have said NASC is great. Their customer service was super helpful when I had some silly questions, and when I had an issue with a bad pack of fastbuds seeds they had no problems getting me replacement seeds. I’ll keep doing business with them exclusively.

  6. NASC has been good to me with my handful of orders. One issue with purchasing came up but it took all of under a minute to get it resolved after messaging them. My last order was also missing the baseline freebies but I also haven't brought it up as the 4th of July and breeder freebies (6ea) were plenty.

  7. I also got this freebie. My friend dropped the pot down the stairs when we were moving them outside and that one died tho

  8. Plant looks great. Going to have to try a kush strain one of these days. Their 'white label' seeds have been hits for me - so much so that I reached out to them for more information regarding the dos-si-dos FAST I received. Did you know they also sell the freebies? I didn't.

  9. Every time I look at bubba kush on Herbies it’s sold out (and I look every week, usually up for a day) you lucky bastad

  10. running the purple punch fem freebie now. super vigorous....after a rediculously slow start...i almost started over it was that bad. now they are the biggest in the tent and drink the most water. just started flower....both are female it seems as they should be. did some research, their purple punch seems like purple valley that has been discontinued from another breeder. also, same description is on the coffeeshopseeds website. so, the beans might be the same or nasc changed the description to math coffeeshopseeds b/c the purple valley (which matches the claimed genetics) has a different description and quite a bit longer flower time. if it flower in under 70 days then it is something else, if it take over 70 it is probably purple valley.

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