What is this little stupid thing called?

  1. technically he is breaking into his property and stealing his hard work so he is stupid and will especially be when OP kills the fuckers.

  2. So I had aphids a little while back, had tons of ppl telling me to burn my crop all that, what ended up doing it was a neem oil treatment followed by a bug bomb with all my tents open and the room itself sealed. After that day i do a neem spray daily for a few days. That was about a year ago. People will shit on the bug bombs but it takes a potentially weeks long problem and knocks it down to a or 4 day fight that you win with nukes.

  3. I see a lot of suggestions for ladybugs and mantises in the comment section here. If you do go that route, do a bit of research and find out which species are native to your region.

  4. I would scope your roots and see if there's more if there is insecticide soap and ladybugs aren't going to do anything

  5. If you’re not in a tent Make one order 5000 ladybug and unleash the fury might not completely eradicate them but let them do their thing and then do some research into some organic spray the lady bugs will just allow you to use less of whatever Product you decide to use but I assure you you’re gonna have to do something or you’re fucked

  6. Ladybugs DEVOUR these. Might be worth investing. I don't grow weed, I just lurk here everyday and collect data so that one day when I do, I'll know what I'm doing lol but regular gardeners use ladybugs to keep aphids under control. Do people do that with weed?

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