Ik its terrible, what do i need?

  1. This person is asking for advice. It was a first time grow and they stuck it out till the end. Just because you can do better doesn't mean you have to shit on them like this.

  2. i had a friend take his ugliest plant and roll it into a QP joint to hotbox the garage for halloween. not sure if we were high or oxygen deprived.

  3. True but they also need to do proper research and not just hope it works out the second time. If they don’t learn or change their results will be the exact same

  4. I’m a serious gardener. 30 years growing “diva” plants like roses and orchids. I’m zone 9b on coast right by ocean. This is my third year growing outdoor for my son. The first year was terrible. Didn’t buy feminized seeds, planted too late and got powdery mildew. Second year, a little better but only ended up with five plants (didn’t harden them off correctly…they’re super touchy) but ended up with .75 pound. This year. Much much better. Ten plants all waist high. Started feminized seeds under grow lights with heat pad, gradually hardened the off over two weeks, feed every two weeks with worm compost tea. Anyhoo…my point is, even the most experienced gardeners struggle with Uber diva pot plants…they’re worse then orchids. Don’t give up.

  5. Man I'm getting a headache just looking at these buds. More time to learn, better equipment, and better genetics. Don't over feed, and don't chop early.

  6. Did the entire plant look this way? Were the top nugs any denser? It would be easier if we saw the whole set up. We call that larf where I'm from.

  7. Looks just fine to me bro. I wouldn’t try smoking it though. This level of cannabis is best enjoyed via the BOOF. Have fun.

  8. You've got your first grow done and thats what matters. Learn from your mistakes and the educated growers(not me lol) on this sub/thread, you'll be there in no time with good genetics, proper nutes and care. Don't listen to the skidmarks that only smoke gold-encrusted moonrocks in a platinum pipe, I would roll up your buds mate👍 Enjoy your harvest.

  9. Wow...that's some bush...reminds me of a time I was in Dominican..and dude at resort days..."hey man...I git some of the best green around" lol

  10. Well it will never get worse. All uphill from here. Dude achieved peak doo doo with amazing accuracy that cannot be topped. I wouldn’t even let my bowl see this stuff it’d ruin its vibe. 100% boofable though

  11. The thing about the internet is that people are quick to post their successes, but rarely post their failures. Some of the replies on this thread are a good illustration why, but this causes things to seem much easier than they actually are. Trust me when I say, that making mistakes is a huge part of learning, and people that act like they don't make them aren't trying, or they are lying. There are plenty of things that could have gone wrong here. My guess would be that the plant didn't have adequate light, and/or was harvested way too early. Other potential issues could be bad genetics, bad feeding schedule or a whole host of other things are are impossible to diagnose at this point. Just chalk this one up as a learning exercise, and go spend some time researching the sidebar, and try again.

  12. You probably need a better light. Spyder farmer on Amazon are good. Inert soil like HP Pro and some nice organic fertilizer. Water ph drops to test ur water then get either UP or DOWN ph stabilizer to get 5.5 ph. Or pee colored water when testing. Water ur plant till water comes out the bottom and then don't water again untill the pot is light. Lighter than you think it should be. These are my rules for success.

  13. I always recommend first timers to use advanced nutrients ph perfect. Yea it's a ton of stuff and not the cheapest. However the end result is always good and most importantly the grower does not have to fight ph swings. Which is usually a first time growers issue that trickles down into a mountain of other problems. This way they get their product don't get discouraged and then can venture out to routes most of us use now. Learning by poor end results is way too frustrating and really no need to suffer that route any longer.

  14. Looks like Industrial hemp flowers. If they are, they can be mildly relaxing in a dry herb vaporiser. Better genetics are needed, I'd say.

  15. If someone tries to buy off you, as I see people trying here sometimes, send it their way, sure they’ll never ask again!

  16. Might want to watch a few grow videos on YouTube. Then coke back in here with the questions that arise from that. Hard to answer this question with just pictures of the end result. We don’t know water habits, light, tent or outdoors, etc. Don’t quit but definitely gather more information and try again.

  17. Try to trim it up, then post another picture so we can see the buds. I'm having trouble seeing what the heck is going on in that heap

  18. It’s all good well not really but anyway bro keep at it obviously this wasn’t the successful grow you wanted but keep at it and one grow some day will be awesome!!

  19. Hmmm a few hours of direct sunlight and a light water/ adds lil dirt sure it’ll perk back up just be prepared for it to do absolutely nothing Cus it’s Allr dead but fr did they have no bud sites or you just getting rid of plants?

  20. This looks like when a branch breaks off on me outdoors and I leave the branch on, imo this looks pretty dead or if it’s supposed to be buds better genetics.

  21. You can get a cheap water automator and bucket. I would still suggest misting, but this gives you more control and introduces automation in your process. Good luck dude

  22. Where did the seeds come from? Was it grown outside? What kind of water did you use? Did you use any nutrient or what soil did you use? Are these seeds from some old stash of someone else, this could just be the genetics of what you grew.

  23. stronger light if indoors, possibly better seed genetics, good nutrients, and also to be patient and give it time when finishing to swell up and get big

  24. What seeds did you use? Perhaps if someone gave you a bag seed, it's a shitty strain. Also did you use any nutrients? What's your set up like?

  25. Looks like it was under water died then dry under the light I've had it happen when I was ment too go away for one night but ended up stuck for 4 days

  26. Make sum edibles with it bro. Use sum coconut oil little bit of soy lecithin. Maybe shit would slapped harder then smokin it js

  27. Should have harvested about a month later than you did. No bud structure or trichs, wasnt near ready for harvest yet.

  28. Try tps one nutrients they are great for beginners to get you through the finish line and go great with fox farm soils. I personally switched to coco loco recently but in ocean forest I started off light (7ml per gallon) and then moved to the full dose (15 ml per gallon) works like a charm. As for how much to water that will take some practice on your part and you will have to learn how to read your plants but if you want it bad enough it will come. Every harvest won’t be perfect to start out but you will learn something new every time and that’s what makes this hobby so great.

  29. It's dead...the stems are dried out. Maybe make hash or use it for edibles? Growing anything involves a lot of trial and error. Learn from mistakes and you’ll get better. I'm still learning after 10 years from growing.

  30. make sure you're using a good soil mix, make sure you have plenty of light, probably water more next time but not too much. Maybe you need better seeds.

  31. We’ll need more details about your grow. Strain Photo or auto Soil Size of container Nutrients used Watering Temperature Etc Describe what happened throughout your grow.

  32. It looks to me like too much nitrogen was used during flower. Some leaf stripping may have helped as well.

  33. More circulation of air in the tent, and get a nice at least 1000w/100w LED light? Larfy looks like my first grow ages ago with CFL lights. My problem was exactly no air flow and poor lights.

  34. Toss anything that looks brown, trim the remaining stuff and then crack open a couple of those buds to see if theres any brown in it. If its green you should be good to store / smoke.

  35. Give us a pic of the roots on this bad lad, almost looks like it got some root rot or similar situation, just hard to tell with the dry plant material…do you have any pictures before it was cut down?

  36. Make some Rick simpson oil or edibles, you won’t want to smoke that. Good try though man the first time sucks for most people and good luck on your next run!

  37. Look into living soil, I find it to be a much better and less stressful approach, and it’s organic and mimicks the way plants grow in the forest. R/notillgrowery

  38. This is kind of what my first grow looked like. I harvested way to early. Not only did I harvest to early, I over watered, over did nutrients as well. This harvest I decided to do an experiment and did flower nutes only when they started to flower, I have one growing outside as well and did not put anything but water on her. The one outside (critical mass) is the best one growing she has no leave discoloration and is she is huge , meanwhile the ones inside have some leave discoloration and are not as big. This is a learning experience and you will get the hang of it. The soils I use to start them with is miracle grow potting soil, then when I switched them into a 5 gallon bucket I use Viagoro all purpose potting mix. You won’t be able to anything with this one , start over and try again. Good Luck

  39. It is amazing how Reddit users not smart enough to recognize trolling. Yesterday some guy put some bad soil from his yard in a bag and called it fox farm and got more attention then his parents gave him his entire life. I guess this is why Reddit is the only place you need to use /s lol.

  40. Dont listen to the haters but if you're really looking for general advice you need to post a picture and description of your setup (light, environmental control, feed, etc). From these pics who knows but I'd guess your not using a proper light among the list of things that could probably be improved

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