When your in trim jail and you gotta pee and you look at your hand like

  1. I used to wear gloves all the time while trimming, and yet it's easier and finer to cut without, so now I do. Because I learned that a few drops of olive oil or sunflower oil will take it right off, so now I always have some there, I even bought a bottle and sacrificed it for that, just stick one or two fingers in the bottle and rub them together.... Voila.

  2. I did it making hot sauce with Carolina Reapers. I was even wearing gloves, but it broke through. GF walked in on me pouring milk on my dick, she had... Some questions.

  3. I could have used this information last week before my OCD was triggered and I was out of rubbing alcohol.

  4. Thanks for the tip. The resin is very hard to get off. I don't trim but had to hand pick a 1/4 ounce once. I was scrubbing my finger tips for like an hour.

  5. Nobody here just washes there hands quick with 70 or 99.9 isopropyl?? I use it for my scissors and my hands. Quickest clean out there

  6. Goo gone or gojo are by far the best soaps for cleaning resin off of your hands. But like everyone else, I suggest using a pair of powder less nitrile gloves.

  7. Priceless post bro! I tried latex gloves and they even started sticking to everything. Thought Mother Nature was going to spank me after two pairs so ended up like yours. Thanks for posting!

  8. LOL!! You've got me trying to remember if I've ever needed to pee whilst trimming and I honestly can't remember, always get extra baked when trimming and my memory is shit lol. There must have been occasions as back in the day I would stay up all night trimming

  9. I had to bite the bullet and get a mechanical trimmer drum... Couldn't put up with the hives, allergies, and the exorbitant amount of time it takes. Takes way less time and works really well if you dry your bud properly.

  10. Gloves and ethanol. Wash your finger tips and scissors etc clean in the ethanol. If your wearing gloves all the better. Just dunk in ethanol and paper towel dry.

  11. Trim jail! I’ve never heard it referred to as that. It’s a very apt description haha. Me and my mate do 20-25 at a time, and nowadays that 10-12 hours is pure torture. The novelty wore off a decade ago.

  12. What kind of neanderthal trims without gloves on????! See all that resin on your hands? Imagine all the skin cells, bacteria and hair that you're depositing on your buds while finger-fucking them raw-dog 🤢

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