Two months of microdosing and I am in constant awe that I could feel this way.

  1. Such a lovely story! Keep going strong, the both of you! My girlfriend's depression is bettering step by step and maybe we might each try a full trip while trip sitting each other sometime soon. As you were using shrooms, if you don't mind, what was the dosage for the full trip for each one of you? The other one was trip sitting sober I guess? Did you experience ego death which might have contributed to the fact that you're feeling better? Sorry for so many questions, it's just stories like yours that give so much hope! Much love!

  2. No, I love talking about it! For our full trip I took 2.5grams and my husband took 3.5. He experienced ego death, I did not though I would like to attempt it in the future. But honestly tripsitting him was such a positive experience. I took my trip first, bc I was more worried about my ability to be a good tripsitter (anxiety lol), but when he did his the next night I felt so much love for him. Seeing him lose his “I” was very humbling. He kept saying that there is only one instant, and I am the only thing in the world, and I was made from love. I wrote down almost everything he said bc I was so fascinated.

  3. I've been microdosing for 3 months, and I have had similar experiences myself. Last month I was visiting my mother's grave when I looked at these large trees bordering the path leading to her gravesite. I saw faces and arms in those trees, and suddenly I felt compelled to write a poem. Weird. But I've realized how death is a natural part of life, that Americans spend way too much money and effort avoiding it. It led me to accept death and believe in the afterlife, that our souls persist. I saw those trees as sentinels protecting my mother with their roots, understanding that mushrooms come from the mycelial web underground, and that they were the network between the roots of trees. Nature has intelligence, and I am just a small part of this vast design that I am meant to harmonize with. I have come to be more loving. I have decided that I am going to meet other people, particularly those with whom I have conflict, not just halfway but more than that. I realize life is not about proper bookkeeping and deciding what is "fair" but to start from a place of love. I am here to serve others and be good, not to argue or fight in order to protect my pride. My experience with MDing has truly been life-changing.

  4. Yes, all this! I feel it so much, especially the "fair" thing -- this is a big deal in my husband's family and we have been trying to gently help them understand that "fair" is not really a concept that has any inherent meaning. But those ideas can be very difficult to separate from! I also agree with you about the trees, I did not write it above because I didn't want to sound too esoteric but I feel the goodness of the trees profoundly. I do feel they are protectors. Perhaps it is just their size, they abstractly remind us of looking up at our parents when we were small children, but it feels deeper than that to me. We are lucky enough to have a little forest behind our house, and a beautiful tree in front, and every time I look at them now I feel they are protecting us <3.

  5. This has been my experience too so far with microdosing! How long do you plan on going? I wanted to do 6 months for a full rewiring of my brain but honestly I’ve noticed such STRONG effects after just a month of microdosing. I feel like I’ll be a Buddha 6 months from now 😂

  6. Same haha. After two weeks I said I’d stop after a month bc at that point I was beginning to notice major changes but now, 2 months in, I feel like I’m going to keep going because these changes feel so positive and so much like the “me” I knew was in there. I think I will go until I feel led to stop, I do feel like trusting myself is the way to go with this one! So glad it’s been wonderful for you as well!

  7. Beautiful piece of writing! The end of November marked my first month of microdosing Stamets protocol. I have had almost an identical experience as yours and I am looking forward to December, month two! My theory is since psychedelics cause parts of the brain that normally don't communicate with each other to do so, we make connections in our mind that we're there all along but we couldn't see. I helps me see my life as a continuous whole, and leaves me in awe of how beautiful life really is. It's like I had this knowledge stored in different containers but I couldn't put it all together in a big basket and see it until now.

  8. I (male, mid-30s) haven’t tried microdosing and I’ve only been using cannabis for a year, but what you describe — having new brain connections — is my experience too. I have OCPD and I’ve had a massive, lifechanging experience over the past year (see my comment history if anyone wants more detail).

  9. They are shakti (albino malabar) and I've been taking .1g 2x a week, usually Tuesday and Saturday. For me this seems to be perfect. The only disadvantages are that it makes me have a low appetite, but for some this might be a plus! My husband tried to take slightly more but it makes him anxious (or should I say it reveals his anxiety) and so he is now trying .1g 3x a week.

  10. Awesome story. I came here looking to validate what I’ve been feeling after my first two nights of micro-dosing and you did it! I completely relate to you saying “my mind is changing, but not like something is changing my mind”. It doesn’t feel like the micro-dosing is changing me - I feel as though I’m organically generating new desires and curiosities. What a wild feeling. To actually live in a moment with my child and not have my brain tip toe towards how unproductive (work-wise) I’m being in said moment. If you’re taking 2 doses per week, do you feel any lulls or anxiety flare ups between doses?

  11. This is beautiful. I'm so glad it's helping and you're doing so well. Thank you for sharing your amazing story.

  12. What does ur dosing schedule look like? This sounds like a beautiful way to look at the world and it sounds like whatever you're doing is working brilliantly, just don't want to unknowingly dose too many times or too much in a week

  13. I was reading through your initial paragraphs about the trees, and I was thinking "oh my goodness she writes so beautifully, I love the way she describes this - i can feel it! She should write professionally!" And then next line down you said you did. I do hope you keep it up, you are very talented.

  14. Thank you so much <3 That means a lot to me! Good luck on your journey whenever you decide to begin, it will be beautiful.

  15. When I macrodosed on 3.5 g a few weeks ago, I had the same insight (in a profound way) that everyone is just doing their best in this life. Just as you mentioned you’ve realized with the microdosing. Great story, thank you for sharing!

  16. Beautiful journey! I have only tried them once and I felt so at peace and connected to nature, it was such a fulfilling experience. I am currently on antidepressants and have been on and off for five years and nothing has seemed to work long term, I am trying to explore other alternatives and this seems very promising, hopefully I will be able to start soon :)

  17. Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s very hopeful and obviously very genuine. I’m about to start Mding next week.

  18. Answered above but they are shakti (albino malabar) and I've been taking .1g 2x a week, usually Tuesday and Saturday. For me this seems to be perfect, though for 2 weeks I wasn't really sure if it was doing anything since I didn't "feel" anything. The only disadvantage is that it makes me have a low appetite, but for some this might be a plus! My husband tried to take slightly more but it makes him anxious (or should I say it reveals his anxiety) and so he is now trying .1g 3x a week.

  19. My advice is just to try it if it feels right, it could work for you! You will lead yourself where you need to be. If you are feeling led to this, it's probably worth trying!

  20. I read here and on the psilocybin mushrooms reddit, and also have loved Ram Dass's Be Here Now for several years, which while not exactly about psychedelics is kind of about psychedelics haha. It got me interested in trying psychedelics for therapeutic purposes, but I was nursing then so could not try anything for a couple of years. I also have a best friend who is a psychoanalyst and while she has not tried MDing with her clients she is interested in it and supportive when I talk to her about it.

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