Game Thread: Miami Dolphins vs. San Francisco 49ers

  1. When it was announced that coach Flo was fired at the end of last season, I believed this season (and maybe next) would be a wash, another rebuild year. I wasn’t expecting much and I such as crap never imagined the Dolphins would be 8-4 at week 13, it’s been so much fun to watch. I haven’t been this excited about the team in 20+ years. Sure losing sucks but the season is far from over.

  2. You guys played a good game, had me in my nerves for a bit. No trolling but nothing is getting past the 49er D ;) better luck next week tho, I'll be watching you guys in the playoffs!!

  3. Dolphins fans. I’m glad you got humbled. You needed that, you think you’re the best but you’re not there YET.

  4. We played a great game today besides 3 crucial mistakes and sometimes that's all it takes to lose. We really should not be too concerned as this is arguable the best D-line in the league and it wasn't even close to a blow out. 3 more wins to make 2 or 3 seed, 5 more wins to take the conference.

  5. Tua has one bad game and the haters of the last couple years come out of the wood work. Y’all have no appreciation for the work he has done this season. One bad game and y’all want him gone. It’s sad

  6. Dude thank you! 🙏 Couldn’t agree more! I’m so sick of the toxicity towards this young man who has proved SO much.

  7. Simply put, he panics and makes horrible decisions and off-target passes. Burying your head in the sand and saying he had a 'bad game' will not solve that, and people's fears and doubts because of Tua's lack of improvement in this department are warranted.

  8. No but he sure looked rushed. Thats all I would say. He might learn from this and improve, he might have trouble with these types of defenses. Who knows

  9. I'd probably be more thankful tua had a bad day than talking shit about a guy who spent 5 years with you and was taken out of context

  10. We beat the chargers next week. Who knows what will happen at the bills. Division hopes are not lost and 5 WC spot doesn’t look too bad if the Titans are 4

  11. Disappointed with the outcome but we put up a fight. In the end turnovers killed us. Still been a good season so far.

  12. I think that knock he took before half time last week shook his confidence, lacking waddle made us one dimensional, once we get the guys back on the oline we good to go Take the loss and Phins Up

  13. I've had the same thoughts. The hits he was taking last week might have carried over. Good thing he seemed to get more comfortable in the second half.

  14. Home boy I've been a fan since 1997 not a bandwagon fan. But the real teams we will be facing them from today on. We couldn't win against a third string qb. Offense played like crap. And our defense??? Cmon dude do u even watch football bro? We looked horrible out there

  15. Defense played below average players played good the scheme was really bad Boyer was trash in calling plays. Tua was bad good thing he never has 2 bad games in a row we will be ready for next week.

  16. At least the Jets and Chargers lose, good for our chances in the wild card race (yes, I'm afraid the division is probably out of reach after today).

  17. Naw we still got Buff on the road Jets at home And Patriots on the road we lost a non confernece game which doesn’t hurt as much we win next week and Beat Buff we armstead back we are good.

  18. Sorry about him guys. He got hammered and wandered off. I’ll drag him back to our sub. Can you help me knock him unconscious first?

  19. Does anyone know why we only had 8 total tush attempts? No way we getting through the playoffs running it that many times....

  20. Mike D overthinking schematic again. At times, I feel like he over do it with the pass game. He abandoned the running game so early.

  21. The overreactions are insane. It was an ugly loss, yes. Support your team and know that they have talent and will rebound. 8-4 is a solid record.

  22. I think both can be true. I can support my team and also acknowledge we played like dog shit and lost to a 3rd string QB.

  23. Game was on the offense. Say what you want about Purdy but he was composed and Shannahan put him in the position to succeed. If Tua plays close to how he all year we win that game. We still have a chance at redeeming ourselves by beating the Chargers and Bills

  24. 49ers fan coming in, just want to wanna say GG. That last drive where they continued to go for it on 4th scared me half to death. Good game

  25. I’d like a rematch in the Super Bowl. Both teams healthy. I think tua just had a bad game and it was bound to happen soon. We need to move on. Look at tape, get armstead and waddle back and fix the fucking defense which allows to many big plays. I know the 49ers have a ton of weapons but I feel Boyer is always chasing. Last 7 minutes of this game I’d like to forget

  26. And even in a bad game, he made the right reads and still had some good moments. Refs took the game away ultimately.

  27. Disappointed to actually lose, but that's a hell of a defense and we had key guys out like TA and Waddle for most of the game. Tua missing layups, particularly that throw to Reek was really rough, but he didn't back down and we were moving it with five minutes left.

  28. Going against the #1 D with 3 OL out, waddle hobbled, Tua having an off game and still coulda won if that challenge wasn’t overturned.

  29. Bad loss. So long as Tua doesn't pull a Zach Wilson, we will learn and grow from this game. ftj

  30. Bad game for Tua. Shit happens it’s the fucking NFL, it’s now all about how he and this team respond next week in prime time. On to the next one!

  31. Dolphins just had a bad day stoppin dissin tua it was probably the hardest game to win this season

  32. You’d think we cheer for the Houston Texans by all the overreactions after losing to a good team on the road without our A-game

  33. If you check their post history they are hardly even fair weather. They hate their own QB. It's weird 😕

  34. We got beat by the better team plain and simple, Tua was all over the place and the Defense straight up sucked. I hope this doesn’t continue but I’m not holding my breath.

  35. The season isn't over, so everyone needs to calm down. It was a good game, obviously it didn't go the way we wanted, but it came down to a few plays despite the score line.

  36. The season isn’t over but it sure did just get a lot harder. We got handed an easy one after Jimmy went down and we screwed the pooch. Gotta fix it and redeem ourselves next week.

  37. Time to go hibernate for a week and save myself from overreactions from fans and the media. See you next week!

  38. Losses are now tougher cause I actually expect to win. Before this year it’s was really just hoping.

  39. I think Boyer has to go but that defense today was put into short fields. They had to play 79 plays. Offense didn’t convert a single 3rd down and had the ball half as much as the Niners. Still near the end you were 1 score away from tying it up. Did they get carved up by a QB3? Yes. Did they get any help from their offense? Not really. Hard to shit on the D too much today.

  40. Turnovers killed us. Luckily we don’t have a chronic turnover issue - we’ve been averaging one turnover per game, and that includes 4 combined by Bridgewater and Thompson. We had 4 today. An aberration. Shake it off and bring on the Chargers.

  41. It's hard not to pin today's offensive stuggles on Tua. 49ers defense played well, especially on third down, but o-line held up well for the most part. Tua just made a lot of bad throws.

  42. We lost do a pretty damn good defense in their house. Sucks to lose but not the end of the world. Thought we'd do better after Jimmy G went down though.

  43. One pick the receiver fell down and the other our RT let his guy get a strip sack. Trying to spin it one way much?

  44. He’s responsible for the wr falling down? Hill slapping the ball up in the air? The linemen giving up the block?

  45. I'm a Niners fan but just wanna say, McDaniel is a hell of a coach and one or 2 plays go your way and this game would look completely different.

  46. The Oline did what they could against a solid defense. Armstead is needed for a push last couple of games to get into the playoffs.

  47. Fuck Nick Bosa. I have zero respect for him after this game. Dirty AF the whole time. Late hits, diving at the feet. He clearly had an agenda. I hope someone blows his knee out next week

  48. You can tell that some people in the game thread have been abandoned by everyone in their life due to being toxic all the time, so they come to the game threads to share their personalities with the rest of us.

  49. Not but it was a test to see on how we’re playing against the best. It stings and it’s 1 game It would have been huge to go on the road and get a big win.

  50. Hopefully this is our one stinker the second half of the season. I was kind of hoping we could use the buffalo game as that one. Tua wasn’t great to say the least.

  51. Nah it's over forever now.. Pick a new team.. I pick "NFL" team.. I'll be rocking the NFL cap and shirt from now on 😀

  52. Y’all forget that the Chiefs lost to the Colts but they didn’t suddenly turn into the worst team in the league. It’s one fucking game.

  53. If that ghost hold on Hunt doesn’t get called it’s a completely different game. But we did indeed play bad enough that we deserved the loss here.

  54. If we lost to Jimmy G maybe. This game proves this defense is too injured to be competitive.

  55. Damn y’all mediocre af lmaoo, I been telling people this one of our easiest games on the schedule

  56. I had a troll saying Tua was gonna be throwing up gang signs again after Bosa is done with him. Told them Karma is a bitch hope Jimmy G is out for the season cuz fuck them!

  57. Tua, Boyer, and the Refs fucked us this game. We literally could have had the division and maybe first place in the AFC yet we do this against a horrible fucking QB.

  58. Boyer? What are you smoking? The defense was on the field the whole game…We had a bad game against a great team, relax.

  59. The tackling of this defence needs to improve 10 fold if we want a chance to compete in the playoffs. Dolphins have to be at the top of the league in giving up yds after initial contact

  60. In all honesty, we needed this loss just to take the pressure/media off our asses a bit. I like it better when we fly under the radar.

  61. The defence points per play was actually not that bad. They just had to defend for a really fucking long time.

  62. I remember why I stopped watching the NFL now. I mean, the Dolphins been bad for like twenty years is one huge part but when you don't call holding except for random crucial plays, when you don't call roughing the passer when he gets hit post-fumble and I've seen Brady get the call for legit normal sacks, when it's suddenly not the tuck rule even though he's at the end of his backward arm motion to throw, when a catch can only be two hands on the ball through infinite contact and ten seconds post play out of bounds...

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