Post Game Thread: Houston Texans vs. Miami Dolphins

  1. I’m still in awe that Tua quietly threw for nearly 300 yards in half a game lol. This is so insane.

  2. No one was happy when Armstead went out and Tua got sacked 3 times in a row. We were all kinda like WTF? Lol. I have faith McDaniel will do his best to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

  3. You all have got to learn to chill out sometimes in the threads lol. Cant be getting so dam emotional and start spewing idiotic hot takes just because the Texans scored 15 points on us. You all asked for tua to be benched to rest early, and then you all wanted him back in and call McDaniel stupid for that? There's a reason why 98% of you all cant work for a NFL team lol

  4. And then ripping Skylar for getting pounded behind the same oline that allowed repeat 3-and-outs with Tua under center to open the half. If you went just by memory and attention span, our fan base would be the Miami Gold Fish.

  5. Embarrassing behavior in the game thread today. Jesus Christ you can tell that we’ve been a sorry ass franchise for years by the way people act in those

  6. I think that was pretty predictable they would give some up. Wasn’t cause for panic. Only natural to slack a bit when you have a buffer like that

  7. 1st place in the AFCE after 12 weeks and Tua is still in the MVP conversation. Feels good. Hopefully they can figure out something for the OL going into next week. Suddenly we could use another bye lol

  8. O line is our achilles despite so much attention to it. Tua doesn’t need much time but my goodness he didn’t have a chance on those 4.

  9. Mahomes has the MVP wrapped up but Tua would make for a great distant 2nd. AFCE 1st place is great news and hopefully the team continues to march into this final stretch getting better on the OL/DL.

  10. We did what we were supposed to do. The only thing that matters before next week is Armstead’s status. It’s a win. On to a season defining road trip.

  11. Such a weird game. I never felt a second beforehand we would lose and didn't even view it as a trap game. We completely annihilated them int he 1st half. The D out-played the O for the first time since the Pittsburgh game basically gifting 14pts (X fumble recovery TD & AVG INT off the gift from Allen to put us on their own 5 yard line). But man.. talk about some unusually negative stuff.

  12. It's crazy how poor the OL performed once Armstead went out. He seems to anchor everyone else's play on the line. The fact that it is a pec injury scares me... that is never good.

  13. Everyone’s all bummed out but we went into the half 30-0 and (unnecessarily but understandably) got lazy in the second half. Shit happens all the time in blowout games.

  14. I’d disagree. Depending on the injury to Terron it could sink a potential Super Bowl run and turn a 4-2 finish into a 2-4 finish. McDaniels play calling was horrific in the second half. Should have been running the ball every down and playing defense. Made a blowout a lot closer than it should have been. And leaving Tua out there as long as he did was ridiculous. Especially as he continued to get pounded after Armsteads injury. I get guys can get hurt on any play but when the games over no reason to keep trotting him back out. I get we weren’t the sharpest and he wanted to knock the rust off before playing a top team in the league but he tried to be too cute.

  15. Im curious about how serious the injuries are. I feel like we were taking guys out with cramps and strains. Everybody walking off under there own power etc

  16. It would be nice but I think we have the toughest schedule ROS - our only game against a team with a losing record still has Aaron Rodgers on the other sideline

  17. I have started to prep myself for self-surgery. I'm cutting my pectoral muscle and sending it to TA.... Where do i start cutting?

  18. Happy to be out of that game. Seems worse than it is because our offense was anemic after tua benched and Armstead got hurt. Fact is we covered a monstrous spread against a bad team like we should have. All things considered I am still really happy Tua was benched there, we can’t risk him in pointless situations. Only thing I am super concerned about is Armstead’s health

  19. The most concerning thing to me is that the and you have shouldn’t be there as to when the offense looked anemic. It wasn’t a Tua out AND armstead out. It fully turned that way as soon as Armstead went out. That is really scary. Hopefully he is ok and if not we have to figure something out to make due.

  20. Wow Tua and Armstead are so important to the offense. I’m glad they rested Tua and I hope Armsteads injury is something that can heal within the week!!!

  21. A player like TA is hard to replace mid-game. If he has to miss time, I don't expect next week to look quite as bad as today, even though the SF defense is better. They'll have a week to prepare.

  22. We did what we needed to do during this 5 game stretch. We got way above .500 to give us some wiggle room should we lose 1 or 2 road games coming up. I hope we can continue this winning streak but this final gauntlet is going to be extremely difficult. Here's hoping our guys can endure it.

  23. Anyone have Tuas stats once armstead went out? Felt like he was sacked at least four times as soon as he went out.

  24. That second half was ugly and I started getting PTSD from years past. But the defense stepped up when they needed to.

  25. This was the first game i have been to since 08, you fans in the stadium were fucking awesome and the team was also fucking awesome

  26. Dude is ridiculous. He hit like 47 consecutive FGs in the 4th quarter and the first Miss is by a yard on a 67 yarder. He's the goat

  27. I think being bad for so long has given a lot of Dolphin fans PTSD. Sure we took our foot off the gas in the second half and there are some things we need to clean up but this was an easy win that the Phins were in control of the whole way. Only real concern for me is Armstead, line looked noticeably worse after he went out.

  28. Any AFC loss benefits the dolphins. Many people believe the bills will win the division, so Miami will compete for a wildcard seeding which the ravens could possibly be competing for as well.

  29. Aside from the tie breaker which we have over them. they had the same record as us going into this week. Also fuck the Ravens is why.

  30. First half was pure ecstacy. 2nd half was so frustrating. I'm not too scared. Only scared for Terron. Sure Tua had one of his worst games in terms of completion but still was really good. ID still give him like an A-. He surprised me with his pocket presence again. I love it

  31. I mean Tua had like 5 drops and 3 throwaways, who cares about his statline, it doesnt tell you the whole picture

  32. Armstead just looked at the scoreboard and said shit i think my toe hurts again, I think a burger will help, ayo COACH

  33. So did anyone notice how much worse our offense got once Teron Armstead left the game? The night and day difference (even with Tua still in there) has me genuinely concerned. I hope he is able to come back next week.

  34. This was the running narrative during game thread - but let's put into context that once Armstead went down - a couple of players (forgot who) had to switch out of their positions instantly. We can't expect them to suddenly know what their new assignments are for each play call. So yeah it's gonna suck - but things did stabilize a bit towards later half of fourth. If worst should happen and Armstead is out next week, then at least OLine has time to prep.

  35. Not the feel good ending we hoped for but have to keep in mind that the game dynamics often change when one team is up so much and so dominant. It becomes awkward and the losing team is playing more open and care free and the winning team struggles to keep the pressure and know when to push and when to back off. Personnel often changes as well. No concern there at all.

  36. The Dolphins have a difficult schedule to end the year. This 3 game road trip coming up is key. Ideally, if they can go 2-1 I'd be happy. 3-0 I'd be ecstatic. Going 1-2 isn't great, but you can't go 0-3 that'd be awful.

  37. People need to stop with the “win is a win” rhetoric. We dominated and took some starters out, which made the game look closer than it was. Thanks goodness for taking Tua out b/c we sustained injuries on the OL b/c they were left in. Hope they are ok, but this game was not as close as people make it seem

  38. I’m not a bad person, but the idea of Tom Brady coming back for one final season, getting divorced, having a losing record and missing the playoffs to end his career does bring me joy. Maybe I’m a bad person.

  39. Sorry to break it to you: their season is pretty much over (Stafford and Kupp are out). KC vs. LA is equivalent to MIA vs HOU.

  40. Lost of Rust coming from the Bye, Dolphins are gonna clean up next time out. It’s just a matter of hoping Terron and Jackson, as well as the other injuries are okay.

  41. does anyone know if there’s a clip of waddle talking about jeff wilson? the broadcaster today was saying he said hes “scared of him” because he talks to himself lmao i’d love to hear that quote

  42. Its the game thread, dont generalize the fan base, Every teams game thread is mostly idiots that want to provide horrible opinions and emotional reactions

  43. Man we have the most pathetic fanbase and toxic GDT for a game that was over at half .Texans were never going to comeback , they were going to do what professional athletes who get paid millions to play a game do try and not get embarrassed and at least get some points on the board and leave with some dignity .

  44. We can beat SF, but we have to play out of our minds. The Chargers are wishy-washy, they are 'good' then they can suck, so who knows. The @ Buffalo game is almost certainly a loss, but hopefully it's close. A blowout would be devastating to our morale. I'm terrified of the Green Bay game. Rogers is currently playing like the 39 year old has been that he is, but he still has the chops to explode.

  45. Rodgers is playing with a broken thumb and he hasn't been in sync with his receivers all season. Buffalo and SF are highly competitive games and I see 50/50 IF Tua stays healthy.

  46. Bills fan lurking. I appreciate your mindset but I don't believe that the Buffalo-Miami game is almost certainly a loss for the Dolphins. Our defense has gotten much worse since we last played and Tua has ascended. It's gonna be a dog fight.

  47. Not sure how you can be so confident in saying @ Buffalo is certainly a loss? They aren’t as good as last year and Josh Allen is playing injured. I expect that game to be very close. The only game I think we get smoked in is the 49ers game. Their D line will molest Tua if we can’t run the ball or they can’t protect him. But we definitely shouldn’t not be in confident for the Buffalo game.

  48. Not sure why you’re getting downvoted for this. Everyone on this sub seems so downvote-happy. I don’t get it.

  49. Biggest question now is Armstead's injury as we're about to head into the toughest stretch of the second half of season.

  50. On at least two of the Tua sacks, there were no blitz beaters and Houston brought 6. Tua and MM both said that the play calling was at fault and not the line, and I believe it. The sky's not falling. At least not yet..

  51. Not being a doomer at all but I really did think McDaniel would bring more to the offense when Tua wasn't playing.

  52. The armstead injury changed everything. Even with Tua in once armstead was out the offense went nowhere

  53. Thompson is just not an NFL backup. He's really bad. He had plays where he had the time and just couldnt make the throws. Bridgewater could have and for sure Tua would have.

  54. Biggest disappointment is that Tua and Tyreek are prob out of MVP running. Incompletions (due to rust) and being out of second half will drop their numbers.

  55. Bub, I think McDaniel said easy on the gas when we were up by 30. No sense in playing your guys hard if you don't have to, let them rest more if you can. Harder games are coming up. Be grateful we got to let tua sit

  56. I'm glad we still continue to throw the ball the way we did in the second half. Hill had cramps, the offensive line with garbage but Thompson needed these reps badly in case we need him in the future. People wanted us to just run the ball but that's not our offense.

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