Week 11: Around the League

  1. saw my uncle (dolphins fan) today and within 10 seconds of dolphins talk he had to say how tua “always” under throws tyreek.. haters gonna hate

  2. A combination of both. The Patriots D has flashed and looked pretty decent and the Jets O kinda stinks. Not sure about the Jets D, but I know the Patriots O is not very good.

  3. Pretty disgusted by the refs this game. Seriously 3 non calls on KC that last drive but the LAC Def Holding is thrown?

  4. That Patrick Mahomes is a great quarterback, but his stats are really padded by having an elite receiver like Kelce who can get tons of YAC and turn short passes into touchdowns. He’s not yet on the same level as Tua Tagovailoa

  5. Mahomes is #1 in YAC. Herbert and Burrow are also at the top. Tua is below all of them yet the narrative is still that Tua’s stats are boosted by YAC! I think Tua could really teach Mahomes a little something about accuracy.

  6. But did you see how hard he threw that pick?! Incredible! What a cannon! Tua can’t even throw a pick with his noodle arm!

  7. sure JHerbs has a cannon, but what is it good for if you keep throwing picks into triple coverage when you need to be clutch?

  8. Someone in this sub called it perfectly. Chargers will be in the lead, mahomes does his thing and comes back, and when it’s time for Herbert to come back to win it, gets picked off.

  9. McDaniel is practicing all his clock bleeding tricks in the regular season to prepare for Mahomes in the playoffs. 4D chess.

  10. I would love to know how Mahomes can barely move his arm but the ball flies out of there at any speed for any distance.

  11. I can’t wait to play in that stadium in a few weeks. Tua vs. Herbert gonna be a fun game.

  12. The 2020 NFL QB draft class may be the greatest of all time when it’s all said and done (no we’re not talking about you, Jordan Love).

  13. I’m gonna beat a dead horse and I don’t care. Herbert underthrew that ball pretty severely and because the receiver had so much separation he caught it and fell into the end zone and

  14. Miami is better then every team they lost to. Tua's absence is the only reason we arent undefeated.

  15. Do we want the chargers to lose too? I mean I know we all would love to be on top of the conference today but isn’t it better if we extend the distance on wildcard competitors or am I just dumb?

  16. Those Jets wins over Miami and Buffalo were fluky/fraudulent. Always tough games when you play in-division tho. Jets remind me of last years Dolphins-Great defense with a Defensive minded HC but also being held back by their offensive inefficiency.

  17. everyone sayign the jets loss was a fluke is lying. Breece hall is a monster and tore us up. As soon as he went down the jets season was over, they are not the same team anymore. Jets beat us straight up. Granted it was QB3, but still, lets not pretend the jets we just watched are the same team that beat us with a healthy hall.

  18. How high does our spread get for Sunday? I think I saw an early line of 10.5, but I bet it gets up to 11 or 12 points.

  19. It feels super trappy. Terrible team after a bye week with a tough road trip coming right after. Both of the west coast games have incredible narratives. Niners are a contender in the NFC and the former team of our head coach and numerous off season pickups. Then Chargers is the Tua vs Herbert face off.

  20. Remember when all the "experts" saif the AFCW was going to be the baddest division in the NFL? Keep your receipts everybody.

  21. Sitting here watching all these teams struggle to move the ball, like the dolphins for the past 20 years. It's surreal that we are now the team that makes it look easy. Never thought I'd see it in a million years

  22. You always need to remember that odds are about making casinos money, not about who is better. Lot more Cowboy bettors than Vikings bettors no matter how good or bad the Cowboys might be at any given moment.

  23. Cause the Vikings are the single most lucky team in the NFL and should probably have several more losses by now

  24. That’s their disgruntled WR who demanded a trade and didn’t get it LOL looks like he knew exactly what he was doing

  25. They’re going to win out their other games. We need to win out and beat them again to win the division or we have no chance.

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