Post Game Thread: Cleveland Browns vs. Miami Dolphins

  1. Phenomenal performance. Best all-around by the entire team this year. It genuinely felt like the only times Cleveland could stop us were when we shot ourselves in the foot (foolish trick play w/ Cedrick, bag snap from Williams to Tua).

  2. The Bills post game sub is glorious right now. Comments like Josh always play hero ball, can't read a defense, his head is not right, there goes the division and playoffs. They are taking that loss very badly and I can't stop smiling.

  3. Great game from the Dolphins, but interesting to see this has turned into a Bills Vikings game thread! It is insane … I get it … FTB!!

  4. Could you imagine how much the media would be shitting itself over the 50 year perfect season anniversary if we were still perfect.

  5. Dolphins offense has now put up more points than the Bills and anyone else in the entire NFL except the Chiefs and Seahawks.

  6. You know we all celebrate Tua, Waddle, Hill and others(and for good reason), but we should also celebrate our Oline, we finally have a line that gives the QB enough pocket time to do something. I feel like it’s been a decade since we had a decent oline

  7. i'm really glad to see the defense make real adjustments and play better after getting torched twice. Excellent team win. Sanders should update his resume.

  8. Tua will have to compete with Mahomes and Hurts the rest of the way, but Josh Allen has torched his chances these past two weeks.

  9. If we take care of business, we’ll win our division. Just enjoy this crazy ass Bills-Vikings game folks. Cheers. 🐬⬆️

  10. Lmao Davis clearly didn’t catch that on the replay. Refs not reviewing it gonna cost the Vikings.

  11. Bills don’t tie that game if they correctly review that catch that put them in field goal range. How they don’t stop to review that blew my mind.

  12. Captain's Log - Day 207: Thomas Morstead trots onto the field hoping today is the day he gets to punt. "Surely after 9 straight games I'll get to boot one" he says to himself with excitement.

  13. Once again the NFL is gonna come out with a statement on Monday on how the refs messed up on a another call.

  14. Great all-around performance. Another great offensive showing (huge credit to the run game/OL), the defense looked a lot better, and we didn’t even punt! How about that! 7-3 headed into the bye, and 7-0 in games that Tua starts and finishes is amazing. Fins Up!

  15. Can’t believe we lost to the Vikings… I don’t know that we won the cinci game with Tua but I abso-fucking-lutely believe we beat the vikes and the goddamn jets

  16. This Sunday is the most comfortable fun I’ve had as a Dolphins fan in a very long time. To get to watch the Fins coast to an easy victory that was never in doubt and to have Tua play lights out with an incredible confidence while the Bills and Josh Allen shot themselves in the foot repeatedly was just phenomenal.

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