Game Thread: Cleveland Browns vs. Miami Dolphins

  1. I loved this game, but I kept finding myself getting mad every time he went to Wilson. Totally worked against my Fantasy team, but God was that win pretty.

  2. This is the way. Our RBs need to step up when the secondary shuts down our WRs. Need that double threat every game. This was the first real complete game where everyone participated. So proud

  3. Lol they screwed the coming by not giving them that td, then they screwed them By not reviewing a clearly juggled ball. Bills are fucking assholes I don’t get the love they get

  4. Bro if the Vikings win this game…and it helps the Fins go to the #1 spot in the AFC East….Imma start believing this is our fucking year man!

  5. Then we probably don’t draft waddle the following year and probably don’t trade for hill Because we don’t have those extra picks. I’m happy with the outcome.

  6. Thank goodness for the win cause The Dolphins have a bit of history of losing games they should have won but here they got the job done

  7. I was nervous going in to this because remember 2020 when The Dolphins were 6-3 playing the Broncos and shat the bed and missed the playoffs by 1 game but here we won

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