Post Game Thread: Miami Dolphins vs. Chicago Bears

  1. Tindall isn’t ready. There was a play he just got caught behind another defender, so he wasn’t doing anything.

  2. That’s what I’m saying. No question we win at least one of the other three games if Tua plays. We are probably 8-1 if he never got hurt. Damn if we can up our defense just a smidge in the second half of the season this team could go far.

  3. Fuck all you Debbie downers, we’re 6-3 rn. McDaniel needs to work on clock management and some better play calls in late game situations, but overall the offense was great. Now for the defense, Boyer did not gameplan for Fields at all.

  4. Tua in the first 3 quarters looked like a top 5 QB. Tua in the fourth quarter looked okay but had two really bad misses, either one would have iced the game

  5. I guess that jets loss aged really well. They are a good team this year as well. Tua was awsome today besides a few last qtr bust ups. Hopefully he and mike learns from it and do better in icing games and clock management. Got the win and we move on

  6. They added a ton of talent this year. Sauce looks like he's gonna be a pain in our ass for years to come. Getting a rookie CB who's Pro Bowl ready on day one helps a D quite a bit.

  7. One under throw to waddle and that very easy 4th down. Outside of that he was literally perfect. Bears defense struggles against the run, it is not bad against the pass.

  8. Tua and the offense did their job. The D shit the bed and made it a closer game than it should’ve been.

  9. Just leaves a bad taste because of recency bias and the fact either of those two throws ends the game. I don’t think the second throw is an arm strength thing. He casually lofted it because he didn’t want to overthrow an open guy but Tua has to learn that he can’t really overthrow hill and wadfle

  10. So thankful our next 3 games are against Brissett, Mills and Garoppolo. We are getting cooked on QB runs

  11. Brisket just smoked Cincy last week. And San Fran is a good team, I bet we're the underdogs in that game. Houston is the only "easy" remaining game on the schedule.

  12. Good lord man. Never freaking easy. Remember when we said this 5-game slate was gonna be a cupcake? At some times it looks so easy and others I feel like I'm screaming my lungs out. But we're 3-0 during this stretch.

  13. I disagree on Phillips. He did a terrible job setting the edge and routinely let Fields get outside to run wild.

  14. Mostly with you on all of that. Tua was elite through three quarters certainly, but the elite performance missing was being clutch when needed in the fourth. But at the same time coaching didn’t help him with wasted time, and going away from what had been working the rest of the game. We went pretty conservative when a chunk of yardage would have been better than just trying to wear down the clock.. letting the waddle/hill connection go cold then hoping it still works right at the end.

  15. Phillips non ST’s played horrible. He was out of position whole game…Fields kept running right by where he should have been

  16. People will say that the Durham Smythe and Waddle throw are why he won’t cut it. Ignoring that he had an overall good game for majority of the game.

  17. They'll zero in on smythe and waddle throws despite one just a mistimed route and the other was in the breadbasket but the wind got a hand in it

  18. Ugly win but W is a W. Tua 6-0 this season and 20-7 in his career when playing majority of the game.

  19. Our bad drives were the result of terrible scripting. We need one first down to win the game so we go for run run pass ?! And why the hell did we go for it on 4&1 and not take that FG

  20. People act like refs didn’t help Chicago with that weak call on x. Also this tua guy is pretty solid. We missed some opportunities to put it away, our defense needs a lot of work. Can’t have Justin fields looking like the best QB in the league.

  21. The way I see it we had 2 PI calls that were questionable and one no call that all went our way. If any of those go the other way and we could have lost this game.

  22. Well that was incredibly frustrating but a win is a win. Offense carried the team through 3 quarters then defense got it done in the fourth. Thank you refs😘

  23. Id give Tua an A-. He had like 2 or 3 bad throws but ya know what? So does every single good qb lmao. Bum Allen threw 2 pick today and 0 tds. Tua killed it again. Hill and Waddle are unstopable and Jeff WIlson with a good first game.

  24. It seems the league itself is having a bunch of close games, not as many blowouts it seems, but then again maybe I'm wrong and the stats don't show closer games but it sure feels it.

  25. Tua needs to make those throws but he also but us in position in the first place to win. We need to do something against these mobile QB. Fields is a stud. Love the win!!!

  26. Tua was great today and I swear if anyone says otherwise I'll fight them. 1-2 bad throws our of 40 is amazing. Jeff Wilson is also infinitely better than Edmunds.

  27. Anytime 35 points are scored and it's a nail biter you have to be concerned. Def not contending with that kind of D.

  28. Bears fan in peace: just want to say congratulations on the win! My uncle is a Miami fan and so I’ve always had a soft spot for the team. Also wow, Tua and the gang are FIRE. That was one of the funnest games I’ve watched in a long time. GG

  29. With the explosive players we have, I think traditional NFL strategy when trying to protect a 4th quarter lead should get ditched. Tua connects on over 70% of his passes so keep running the base offense and kill the clock by getting first downs.

  30. Where is this hate? Everyone has been praising him. I was a Tua doubter and even I'm talking him up. Chill with this toxic shit.

  31. Defense bad, tua missed 3 or 4 throws... Still elite and still. The best QB we've had since 13. I'll take it

  32. Missed throws or not, that's 35 points. I'm not going to fault that offense. Shit, even the line looked better then decent instead of, you know, historically bad.

  33. 26 starts into a career and Tua looks great. I'm hoping that experience is what fixes the mistakes made by both coach and QB. The defense definitely needs to be rebuilt personnel wise.

  34. Trent Green hates the Dolphins with a passion 😂 it's like listening to the Jets radio team every time he call one of our games.

  35. Bears fan here…I was actually at the game today, and you guys were class. Y’all are definitely a force in the offensive side. Not sure alot of teams can keep up with y’all.

  36. Tua's first 3 quarters were crazy but the 4th was really rough. He needs to practice hitting the track squad in stride. They're super fast but he needs to figure it out with them. Last week's TD to Waddle is what should be happening every time.

  37. Thought Tua played great and we got lucky at the end with the PI no call. Not a fan of this offense when we need to run the clock with the run run pass. I'd rather see us run our regular offense and run out the clock that way. Also not a fan of us wasting timeouts in the second half. All that matters is that we won and we'll improve.

  38. Another strong game offensively, Tua was great again and Tyreek/Waddle continue to be an insane duo, but man the defense needs to figure it out. Missed tackles have been an issue for weeks, and that was exposed today. Good win on the road, great to be 6-3, but that has got to be fixed.

  39. Next week just don't let up on the gas. If it's close bc of defense then just keep passing like we have been. Our receivers are almost always open. Treat Tua like Mahomes and Allen and just put your faith in him to get the first. Shit we were killing it on 3rd down passing almost the whole game.

  40. Game thread was incredibly toxic in the 4th quarter. Bills were down to the damn Jets, win or lose that game the division was wide open. Chill the fuck out Jesus Christ

  41. Missed tackles and bad linebackers are gonna kill us if we make the playoffs. Same with poor clock management. Also tua played great but i wish he couldve hit the throw to waddle at the end man. His biggest flaw is still there. Regardless he shouldnt have to throw 4 touchdowns every game to win

  42. Chicago played the best they possibly could have. Controlled the ground, kept us off the field for long chunks, and didn't make mistakes. We still won. Road wins are hard in this league. It's not a beauty contest. A couple more plays here and there and it wouldn't have been nearly as close. GG fins!!

  43. I'm starting to think Boyer was not in charge of last season's late defensive run. We just made the Bears look like an offensive juggernaut.


  45. He looked like he was being cute with it. It wasn't a great throw, but Tua is still the guy. Not even a doubt

  46. I think the reality is we have to accept where Tua is at the moment. This isn’t particularly bad. He is super good at what he does. But he is never going to be Mahomes/Allen. He is going to be Tua, who is super good at short and intermediate passes.

  47. I really think he was afraid to overthrow the ball there and wound up under throwing it instead. He had the wind at his back and believe it was only a 30 yard pass he could have easily thrown it further but like I said he probably was worried about over throwing it. Not going to say I know what he was thinking, but he can clearly throw deeper than that throw.

  48. Bears bro coming in peace, god damn I haven’t seen an offense as efficient as yours in years! That blocked punt helped seal the game away but I’m honestly surprised our shattered defense was even able to get a few stops against y’all

  49. Bears fan here. You guys absolutely earned the win, bad reffing aside. Don’t let the naysayers get you down, Tua’s an amazing QB. Good luck the rest of the way!

  50. Just a few bad throws from Tua this games but all in all, beautiful game for him once again. The real problem is the fact that this team can’t wrap up a single player. Justin Fields was breaking tackles like he’s Barry Sanders and we couldn’t stop him from rushing EVEN with a QB spy. My biggest concern is Keon Crossen, had the ref called that PI on Crossen we would have lost, but he has already had one PI in the first quarter and missed tackles as well. This secondary needs to tighten up or we are gonna get killed in the playoffs.

  51. Hill having 1100 yards at this point in the season despite playing with Teddy & Skylar for a few games is absolutely insane.

  52. Bittersweet game, confirms for me Tua and the offence is elite, but also confirm we have no chance of a playoff run with this defence, really frustrating the D can’t step up and just be competent.

  53. I understand y’all mad at Boyer but bro we had QB spy’s almost every time and fields just ran around them. The players are to blame for the defense performance. Not sure what else you wanted boyer to do

  54. I saw it. The dude is just an athlete, and the dolphins have ALWAYS had trouble stopping athletic running QBs.

  55. Out defense gets to practice against Tua, Tyreek and Waddle all week. You would think that would help them get better.

  56. Really good from the offense, refs bailed us out at the end I don’t think that’s a controversial opinion lol but Tua just throw harder brotha they will catch it 9/10

  57. ALso huge respect for Fields. He had a fucking game. I hate seeing young guys get so much disrespect like he has, and hes shpwing hey, i can actually play

  58. Nail biter to the end. We left too many points on the field. Our kicker sucks this year. Our D played well when it counted. And Tua and the tandem looks unstoppable......🔥🤘

  59. I don’t even think Tua underthrew Waddle on that crucial 4th down. He has the arm power to make that throw, and we’ve seen farther ones.

  60. Tua balled out for 99% of the game, but those last two throws were 2020 Tua that he’s gotta cut out. Nonetheless a great game from him.

  61. Whole offense felt off in the fourth. Couldn’t run the ball and Tua started looking human again. Bears are going to be nasty soon but this defense needed more than just Chubb.

  62. It’s difficult to be elite and hit every throw all the time. It’s why teams have both offenses and defenses, though you wouldn’t know it watching the Dolphins.

  63. The last 2 games would be L’s at any other point in Dolphins history post-Marino. One day we will find the elusive comfortable win I’ve been dying for. Thank god next week is the last game before the bye, this team needs to get healthy and Chubb has to learn more of the playbook before we can see what this team looks like at full power.

  64. I fully support McDaniel but the playcalling on late 4th quarter drives with a lead continues to be bad. It’s not all on him though, the only throws Tua missed on were crucial ones.

  65. It worked out, but without the crystal ball I hated the play calling on the final drive. We have the best passing offense in the NFL and our D is shit. What do we, run to bleed clock. And its not like the bears didnt have enough time to score. They had plenty...they just didn't get it done. IDGAF, that we got lucky at the end. Doesn't make it any less of a bad decision. Hope McDaniel thinks hard on that one.

  66. Sometimes Tua underestimates the speed of waddle and hill with the underthrows. But he had a great game, no turnovers. Boyer is horrible against QBs with a running ability, and Sanders…. After that big contract has become a bum. He’s gone

  67. One thing will say to preempt the Tua haters is this: When your defense is shitting the bed all game and making a game they should have won easily into a toss up at the end where a penalty flag or dropped ball decides the game, the missed throws are highlighted even more on a day when he balled out. The offense put up 35. They did their part. To demand more is ludicrous but only necessary because of Boyer not figuring it out yet. I think they should blitz more. Maybe not cover 0 but at least give these linebackers the option cuz when they are zone, those guys are not covering the ground necessary. It's not what they are good at. Take dub and move on.

  68. Bills are 0-2 in the AFCE. We're 2-1. If it so happens that we're tied with them at the end of the season it could be a pretty big deal.

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