Post Game Thread: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Miami Dolphins

  1. I said it in the game thread. The Steelers D is legit. They have dudes all over. We need to take the win, make adjustments and move on

  2. Yeah, I think McDaniel got outcoached today but we were the more talented team. I'll take the W tho, and hopefully he learns something from this

  3. Igbo had a great play at the end but was getting burned the rest of the game. He redeemed himself for this game because we got the W, but we’re hurting bad.

  4. He’d be 5-0 if he finished the Bengals game. Let’s be real. However, the Dolphins are lacking juice right now, especially on the D-line.

  5. Defensive line never gets home. Our sacks have to be close to last in the league. Had maybe 4-5 pressures on Pickett. That takes a lot of pressure off the DBs if we can figure that out.

  6. Whenever Brian Flores is in the fucking building, our game plan is go up early, get stupid, have the defense bail us out.

  7. Yeah, hopefully it was! Seemed similar to the Pats game and at least it gets us back in the win column and gives us some momentum and hopefully confidence

  8. He was above average and sealed the win. Finally looking like there’s a future for him as a Dolphin

  9. Difference in the game was our defense held on to our int opportunities and theirs didn’t. Was ugly but a win is a win. Happy to have it

  10. That was an ugly W, but a win is a win. Watched it from my flight and definitely had to hold back a few yells.

  11. Ha I had to watch the Jets game a couple weeks ago, while on a flight. Terrible to be in a public setting for that one...

  12. I didn’t even mind going for it, but a run to our clearly worse back was horrendous. Idk if Tua optioned to that or what but it was bad.

  13. The FG would've been the best move but what stung the most about that decision was that it was a run. Like, seriously? They stopped your run dead on 3rd down and you try it again?

  14. I sort of agree. Some of the biggest plays the team has had this season have come on 4th down. McDaniel is the anti-soprano which is both a gift and a curse.

  15. On top of that, his time management this season has been questionable. Taking way too much time on two minute drives. Huddling up on that 2 minute drive. Done that a few times this season.

  16. Yeah that was totally a garbage win, but we made it through with a W and Tua stayed alive. Back over .500 baby! I'm hopeful that Tua will figure things out.

  17. Happy with the win. Happy Tua isn’t injured, I expected him to not be 100%, it’s his first game back after 2 monster hits in a row. I’ll take this as a win! Good job guys! 🖤👏🏻

  18. Wasn’t pretty but got the win. Tua and the offense came out hot, but it felt like they went away from what was working.

  19. Also, Mike has to take the points to go up two scores. What the fuck was he thinking there. Curious to hear his thought process.

  20. Steelers adjusted quickly and started dropping more back to take those intermediate/deep routes out which opened up the running game. They had a hard time adjusting after that.

  21. Yo I was at the game last week and our fans were weak. I was the only one making noise on defense and I had to feel bad about standing up and cheering because everyone was being so quiet.

  22. I mean he still wasn’t great but I love that he kept it together like this when we needed it. I hope he keeps trying to get better because I love him right now

  23. I just think he got taken to the woodshed by a future Hall of Fame coach. There’s no shame in having that happen in your 7th game. He’ll get better.

  24. That's the sign of a guy who cares. I'd rather have that than a Jay Cutler type of dude who couldn't give a shit if he won or lost.

  25. McDaniel with some questionable Nathaniel Hackett shit in the 2nd half of this game. Hope he learns from that. Steelers defense did pick Burrow 5 times so they're a decent unit unless they're playing Josh Allen. In a week where Brady and Rodgers lose to PJ Walker and Heinecke, I'm just grateful to get back in the W column.

  26. Chase Edmonds has no business being on a football field. Not only did he drop a perfectly thrown touchdown in thr Bengals game, tonight he had two horrendous drops on perfectly catcheable balls and 7 for 17 yards on rushing attempts. Just so bad. I thought he was gonna be shifty and get some yac. He can't get the c

  27. The defense kept us in the Jets game. They do not deserve the “jets put up 40” talk. The Jets offense put up 31 and a lot of that was at the end off of good field position

  28. You can hate how ugly that win was tonight but there are a lot of great QBs who have lost to a lot of bad teams so far this season and some crazy things have happened at the end of games. The fact that Iggy was a hero and this defense continued to be the backbone of this team and pick up the offense tonight even though they’re so injury depleted was very encouraging.

  29. This is a game we lose 70-80% of the time in the past. The fact that we held on to win and made the big plays when we needed to says a lot.

  30. Tua was definitely hit or miss tonight. Some great drives, some pretty bad throws, some bad playcalling, but one thing you have to agree with, is this team feels different with him under center

  31. I'll take the win, but this game and the past few just show me McDaniel may have an issue with a change in plans.

  32. I disagree, the offense put up nearly 500yds vs the Vikings. My only gripe is he needs to turn yards into points.

  33. Offense looked so bad after the first half. They took away those seam throws we eat on. I’m scared the rest of the year if other teams do this

  34. Another week of our defence getting shit on (mostly by our fans) but stepping up when we really needed it. Which was a lot this week. Great stuff and hope they rest up.

  35. Ugliest win you’ll ever see, but if I’m huffing the copium it’s that Pitt just does this to everyone outside of Buffalo.

  36. Mcdaniel's play calling after the holland int was terrible. He needs to scheme up some better plays to get the first down and kill the game with offense

  37. I really feel like those drops, bad routes, and bad play calls killed so much momentum. Tua reacted badly and started to force it late. He's got to calm down there.

  38. The good: 1) Our starting QB made it through the game for the first time since W3, 2) W, 3) great 1st drive, 4) defense preserved the win, 5) no sacks allowed.

  39. Not kicking a field goal to up 2 scores was monumentally dumb. The analytics are "Rookie QB on the road; down by two scores"

  40. One of the most frustrating games in recent memory. We desperately needed the W. On to Detroit, would say it should be easy but you never know with us anymore

  41. Some terrible gametime decisions by the coaching staff. Going for it on 4th & 3 when we could've taken a two-score lead with a FG is inexcusible.

  42. Holland and Igbo put this game away for us, with the crucial end game interceptions with which the offense have done sweet f all...

  43. McDaniel got outcoached but are we surprised? Mike Tomlin is one of the best coaches in the league. He’s taken multiple mediocre teams to winning records that had no business being .500+

  44. I’m actually glad the offense played like trash. They’re going to come out even hungrier against the Lions next week.

  45. That 6 point lead, instead of a 9 point lead for most of the second half, almost did my 63 year old heart in. Can just one of my South Florida teams give me a stress free game once in a while….????

  46. mcdaniel had a bad game and we were really lucky steelers dropped 4 potential interceptions. glad we walked away with the win tho. thank you noah

  47. This was definitely the worst I've seen from McDaniel. He needs to stop over thinking. Outside zone is working great so we stop and start every series in the 2nd half with a run in the A gap. Have an easy field goal to make it a 2-score game and instead call another A-gap run, with Edmonds to add insult to injury. And then calling a pass on that 3rd down before the 2-minute warning. I won't even get into the fact that we didn't have any designed end-arounds or screens for Tyreek. I expected Tua to be rusty; you can't mimic game play in practice and he's only been back for a week. But he has to be better going forward, and I think he will be. With all that said, our secondary is so, SO beat up that if we don't make a move before the trade deadline then I have to question whether we want to be a playoff team this season. All in all, a win is a win and we'll take it. FinsUp!!!

  48. For a guy who’s problem has always been ball awareness, probably more than anything else, Igbo finding the ball and then having the body control to get two feet down in bounds was something.

  49. I just wanted to mention again that that post game interview presser thing was the first time I remember him mentioning his wife.

  50. Bad play calling and a lot of rust from Tua but we got the W, this makes up for some of those games you should win and don’t! Take it and move on, another AFC win too, helps those tie-breakers

  51. the bye week cannot come soon enough for this team. luckily there’s a light stretch of games leading up to it but the offense really needs the time to settle in. defense could also use a rest after the way we’ve been treating them this season.

  52. Field goal decision aside, I’m made nervous by the lack of apparent adjustments in this one. Also - this defensive front gets no pressure and it’s just exacerbated by our secondary depth. I’m worried the Lions are going to carve us up unfortunately. Where were the quick out routes and hitches to the outside? Was just such a weird and frustrating game all around - this is in large part because the first drive looked so good.

  53. Huge sigh of relief… awful second half offensively, but a win is a win. How about Igbo making the game sealing pick, what a moment for him! How fitting is it that his biggest moment by a country mile in the NFL comes against Flores’ new team, just perfect.

  54. Let’s not pretend that Tomlin put on some great coaching clinic. He scored 10 points all game (0 2nd half) when we had almost 0 pass rush and 4th/5th stringers in at corner.

  55. You can tell by the messages in the game thread that we have been traumatized by repeated years of high hopes, let downs and broken dreams. Even longtime Fins fans trash the team when we win.

  56. We were 7 points favourites. This should have been an "easy win". And instead it was a nailbiter because our 2nd half offense was non-existent.

  57. The Noah Igbinoghene 4 trillion IQ master plan was finally activated, he was just PRETENDING to be complete fucking garbage for almost 2 and a half years to lure them into a false sense of security 🧠🧠🧠

  58. damn i dont know how this fanbase will survive in playoffs only way to win a football game is only if you are up by 60 points with 800 yards passing

  59. The biggest win we got tonight was the air time taken by Tirico and Collinsworth about trusting medical professionals. Even if it looks like something to the audience, we aren't doctors. I genuinely appreciated that they took the time to explicitly say that

  60. Offense started hot but cooled down a lot. Going for it on 4th instead of kicking a field goal was an odd decision. Not a perfect win by any stretch. But a win is a win.

  61. What broke our ugly losing streak last year was an ugly win vs the Texans. After that, we got into the groove of things. I'm thinking maybe that's what happens here. Idk just give me something to hang my hat on.

  62. I'm giving Tua the benefit of the doubt. He's been out for 3 weeks. Hopefully this game knocked the rust off. The team will correct their mistakes and move forward to next week.

  63. Ugly win. But, back on track at 4-3. Defense played quite well. Concerned about our DB's dropping like flies. Offense will be better after knocking the rust off. Not taking anything for granted, but next 4 weeks are extremely winnable. Would be important to sit at 8-3 as we go into the tougher home stretch. Think we can/should absolutely be a playoff team still

  64. I know this would’ve been some monkey’s paw shit but I kept almost wishing once of the dropped ints would’ve been caught so Post-Interception Tua™️ would’ve been unleashed. Happy for Igbo though. RIP our secondary

  65. Mcdaniel should not have gone for it but why give it to Edmonds? Why not Mostert or a quick slant or out to our speedsters? Out of everyone, he chose Edmonds!?

  66. We got lucky as shit. And we owe our defense allot. Offense needs to continue to atleast kick fgs but can't go lifeless. Good win but fuck allot to do

  67. 4-14 on 3rd down isn’t going to cut it. McDaniel’s play calling in short yardage situations has been terrible all year. We get a turnover with under 3 minutes left and could not muster one first down. You always take the win but with the injuries, buckle up because it’s not going to be pretty

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