Game Thread: Minnesota Vikings vs. Miami Dolphins

  1. you can only fight the refs so long.. that was terribly one sided. if our qb got taken out last week for a concussion and gets flagged for intentional grounding, we should receive the same. as soon as our offense starts moving. bam. holding calls.big someone drops the ball, we only look at where the ball is placed if it’s the vikings. it was stupid and you could tell from the first 10 minutes who the nfl wanted to win.

  2. I just watched McDaniel's presser. Maybe I'm just sad and sentimental from the loss but I really believe in this guy. I think he's truly authentic. Wants to learn from failure and wants to push the team to stop making excuses. He's not fiery, no. But what he says has meaning and I really hope the players keep trying and stand behind him. I really like him and. I hope we are patient with him.

  3. After years of not being able to ever do it for a myriad of reasons, my son, my brother-in-law and I will be going to a game together for the first time.

  4. Gesicki’s griddy or this o line without Armstead, your life on the line, what you choosing?

  5. Cupcake... ok I've been watching this team for nearly 30 Years so the ridiculous that comes from some of these people is toxic. Yeah it's a year with promise. It's a new coach and a new system so calm down with all the negative bs. It sucks I get it. Everybody needs a place to vent. So I do know cupcake what death is. I work in the business of trying to save it

  6. I like McDaniel. But this soft coaching and being everyone’s friend is kind of a reflection of the penalties and mental mistakes.

  7. You're getting down voted but you're 100% right. There's clearly a lack of discipline in the workplace. He's gotta tighten it up.

  8. There better be no defense slander here they played lights out and gave the offense opportunity after opportunity and they didn't capitalise

  9. Pisses me off the most that even with all the idiocy our defense played lights out and our offense (Teddy) finally woke up only for Waddle to blue ball us and then get injured on top of it....

  10. Y’all who are upset over the last 3 weeks are funny bro. Wtf is the team supposed to do when there’s key injuries at almost every major position?

  11. We gotta stop using excuses and feeling sorry for ourselves. Every team has injuries and still finds a way to win. Look at the Patriots, they’re using a qb most ppl have never heard of and are killing it.

  12. I mean I’m pissed at these losses, but at the same time. We lost by only 8 today when we had no business keeping it that close. When we’re healthy we actually are a good team. And all the idiots saying McDaniel is trash are the same clowns who said Skylar and teddy should start. Rough start sure but dam these hot takes have to stop

  13. Injuries was not the reason we lost this game or the last. It’s undisciplined penalties and constant mistakes. We had this game in reach for a while. We should have scored twice in the beginning with Skylar before 4 penalties for 40 yards taking us out of FG range twice.

  14. There’s nothing wrong with self deprecation, but there comes a point in which there’s literally no point in watching a team if you’re just going to expect them to lose. Like not joking it defeats the purpose of sports.

  15. Hopefully this is the last time we finish a game with a different quarterback than who started it or I don’t know what I’m going to do

  16. My main issue with this game is that it fucking happened again. The playbook was changed to just try and get yards in the 4th. Why are we not always doing crossing routes or screens with hill and waddle. The same shit happened in the 4th of the Baltimore game. The playbook was changed and it worked. Why does it take so long to adapt?

  17. Because it’s garbage time with Teddy. The last interception is why they don’t do it all game. Skylar was doing it and moving the ball just fine.

  18. I feel like win was within the grasp.. but all the mistakes, penalties, sacks, INTs and fumble added up in the end. Gotta get better than this

  19. “Hey friends and dolphinsbros, my team just beat you but I’m coming in peace for those updooterinos!”

  20. We sort of surprised ourselves starting 3-0. 3-3 is about where we should be, just didn’t expect it to have sorted out as it did. Really just needed to get healthy this week. Looks like we caught a few more injuries. Needham going down is a problem. Skyler getting hurt is a problem. Hopefully Waddle is okay (just because he went back in means nothing, the guy would play with a broken arm). Otherwise, it’s about as expected this week.

  21. Still need to work on penalties; that hurt a lot of our momentum today. And OL as their usual selves unable to protect the QB long enough to do anything.

  22. Hopefully Armstead and Jackson will be back next week along with Tua. And I can't believe I'm hoping for Austin Jackson to get back on the field but even if he just takes Liam's spot at guard I will be happy

  23. Crazy that this game was close with this injured secondary. This team will be fine with Tua back.

  24. It baffles me how so many people don’t get the mathematical advantage of going for 2 when down 8 after a TD score

  25. We were down 14… BUT, you do go for two bc you basically get two chances to convert at least of them. We didn’t get the first one, but if we did score again you get another chance to still tie the game. If you get the first one, then you only need a field goal XP

  26. So, most teams succeed on two point conversions 50% of the time. That’s the key to the belief that going for it down two scores is the right call. You expect to make one out of two.

  27. Except it’s a 50% chance each time you do it. If I flip a coin twice it’s not a guarantee one will be heads and one will land tails. Not necessarily arguing with the decision to go for two, but there is still a lot of risk involved. Ultimately it didn’t matter anyways.

  28. And just like that 3-3. Disappointing game but such is life. Hopefully Tua can come back healthy and have some kind of protection so we don’t lose him again.

  29. If the Vikings were coached by Mike McDaniel right now they would be forward passing to their double covered guy with their back up quarterback.

  30. that makes 0 sense to go for 2. it’s a hypothetical win scenario. i get going for it to actually win (although would disagree with it).

  31. How did we lose this game. Like they practiced all week to do this or something. The things they’ve done to shoot them selves in the foot is just so infuriating

  32. You are joking right? Our starting QB is out, Our 3rd String got knocked out and Teddy B sucks ass. Penalty after Penalty so on and so forth and a combination of injuries and bad luck.

  33. That was a good call actually. Cause if we got the conversion and the inside kick and scored, we win. Kicking an extra point wouldn’t have mattered

  34. When you're missing QB1, today's starting QB, both starting tackles, starting defensive end leaves game, CB2, CB3 leaves injured and probably another one or two I'm missing, what did you think would happen? It's not a coincidence we played well with our starters.

  35. Would be fitting if we somehow get the inside kick, score a TD then lose cuz we went for two and didn't need to

  36. Thats a dumb fucking call. If youre playing to win save it for the 2nd td. Not the first. Now team is less likely to believe they have a chance

  37. Because if you don’t get it it’s still technically a 1 possession game. If you do get it then you win the game with a TD and a PAT instead of just a tie game. Odds are that you’ll get 1 of 2 2pt attempts so it’s just playing the numbers.

  38. If you get it, 7 wins. If you don't, you get another chance to tie. The proposition of scoring again is so low you might as well take the chance.

  39. He was being aggressive. An onside recovery is low % anyway. If we get the 2 point and the onside we win with a TD

  40. I’d argue 6-0. I don’t see us losing the bengals game. We were by far the better team. Jets is divisional, but I think we beat them. And today we’d have scored 40 with Tua. I’m certain.

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